Amelia Jane’s Hardest – DALLASSPANKSHARD

11 Dec

M/f; year: 2017; time: 1 hr 30 minutes

An historic document; Amelia Jane Rutherford returns to Dallas’ studios in 2017, this time in Florida, after having made a series of films with him 10 years ago, all of which we think we caught and reviewed here. More specific references to place and the passage of time are found here than usual in CP films. If the dialogue is accurate, Amelia must be 40  years old here. Dallas himself has entered a Gray Fox phase.

The film opens with Amelia completing her makeup for the shoot in what looks like a conventional hotel suite. An overdub: “Oh, God, here I am again, getting spanked by Dallas.” She wears a red sweater and a short beige skirt. They greet and chat. The scenario here is that Amelia has come here to be punished/spanked for a series of accrued personal failings.

For Amelia’s first punishable fault, she admits to not having been good at vetting her film disciplinarians, causing her some extra pain in the past. She has figured she is “too large” to attract kidnappers, too much to handle. Fetishist Dallas would like to try. How she earns a spanking for this weakness we don’t figure, but we’re good with it. For this first phase, she goes OTK. She confesses she hasn’t been spanked “for months,” because spanking film production has stopped for legal reasons in the U.K., and because her husband (Hywel Phillips) is injured. Skirt up, white lace panties down soon. Amelia does her nice little gasps. Standard spanking, perfect sound, lighting, camera angles. Dallas and Amelia will finish these sessions with a “fast and furious” flurry. She is good with the wide-eyed shock. “That’s one down–the vetting.” He demands to be called “Sir.” “I hate saying that.”

The second phase, “Trained to Strength Train” Dallas will spank her into being more willing to do her strength training. She will be taken OTK again, her panties are gone for the balance of the film. She and Dallas will alternate choosing from a selection of spanking implements. If she goes soft, Dallas will compensate by being more severe. We learn here that Amelia does not want to be spanked with a hairbrush ever again. “This is where I wish I was a switch,” which would have given her the disciplinarian’s viewpoint on these implements.

She selects a hard wood paddle. Why? Better now than later, we assume. After one smack from Dallas, “Oh, God, Fuck, ow!” Dallas’ choice is a ruler-like stick with Spencer holes.

#3, ‘No Book Blistering’ Apparently both Dallas and Amelia are working on memoirs, but not very hard. She lies bare bottom on the hotel bed, pillows elevating her bottom. He straps her with a doubled belt. Bruises have begun. Meet those deadlines!

#4, Amelia should avoid ‘Twitter wars.” Tempting and narcotic for her, but she knows she is only “feeding the trolls.” Back on the bed, for a paddle this time. She is struggling by now, and the concluding flurries might be bringing tears.

#5, ‘Bad Girl to Friends’ Amelia tends to forsake attention to her friends of work comes along. For this spanking, she is on all-fours on the bed for a tawsing, which leaves her gasping and crawling around.

There will be an unscheduled Phase 6, a “personal paddling,” a “private one for you and me.” Dallas has wanted first-refusal on her American appearances and is angry she came to Florida in 2016 without seeing him.

We see her, now stark-naked, through the bedroom door. After all these years of production, and hundreds of films. this may be our screen-saver. We remember her shivering naked at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL a memorable nude spanking from John Osborne on a brass bed, from AAASPANKING, and so many more, so carefully crafted, but this may be the best. We’re happy to keep the research going. Dallas has led the way with several of the best models. In addition to Amelia, there is Abi Whittaker and Samantha Woodley, to name two whose stripes we follow.

Amelia stands, bends over the bed, legs locked, naked. Dallas enters the room and lays a paddle across the small of her back. “It’s the giant wooden paddle, isn’t it?” Yes, the Spencer model. A beautiful paddling, filmed through the doorway. Tears.

The individual spankings were not harsh, but there were six of them, with telltale bruises, and the usual far buttock problem.

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