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30 Jan

FM/2f; year: 2004; time: 18 minutes

School staffer ‘Miss Morgan,’ in her cap and gown, summons blond student ‘Sam Johnson.’ She is accused of lying and given a cursory spanking, OTK and with a strap.

Headmaster ‘Paul Stone’ arrives and challenges Morgan Taylor’s authority to spank students. Stone takes her OTK very quickly, almost as if this is a little game they play, not the first headmaster we’ve seen pull that off.

He pulls her panties down–“No way!” Handspanking, strap, and such a light caning we didn’t keep track.

Office Discipline – NUWEST

29 Jan

F/f; time: 10 minutes

A short film featuring Kiri (Kyrie) Kelly (actually part of ‘Revenge is Sweet,’ reviewed elsewhere here) and a female domme, made in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s, when Ed Lee was still using his office set with the faux wood wall in the background and before his female cast was fully present.  Even though this scene is self-contained, it may be part of a longer collection, although we have identified the more famous ones Kiri made and reviewed them.

Kiri delivers a cup of coffee to her boss, but she is waylaid, and the employment contract she signed is read to her. She is chronically tardy. She must accept disciplinary spankings or be fired. She quickly accepts a spanking and the OTK event begins.

Kiri goes OTK, the hem of her pink dress comes up, her pantyhose and panties come down, and the handspanking proceeds. We’ve commented that Kiri’s NW spankings were always seemed her toughest, despite the number of films she made elsewhere. This one is hard and convincing.

Despite the age of the film, the camera angles Lee worked were the usual inventive–low from the floor, frontal, from the ceiling, facial, and bottom closeup, all in 10 minutes. Maybe Ms. Kelly overacts a bit here, but her popularity as a CP actress is understood.

School Party Caning – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

25 Jan

M/f; year: 2014; time: 19 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and ‘Agean’ in a fun domestic romp. The couple returns early and in a huff from a costume party, where he was dressed as a headmaster and she as a schoolgirl. But she role-played a bit too far at the party–in a ‘cloakroom,’  she allowed a man to grope her and she did the same. Hands up-skirt and down trousers!

Amelia indignantly argues that such behavior was consistent with the evening’s theme, didn’t they all do that it school, but Agean doesn’t buy it. He grabs her on their couch into the OTK position. Ms. Rutherford wears perfect schoolgirl kit and still pulls it off, at about age 35 here. “Oh no, it’s too late for that now, mister.” Maybe the party was meant to be a spanking party–let’s get some venture capital together to finance such a film.

Amelia’s bottom is mostly full screen; Agean fondles with fingernails. Panties down. “A headmaster would never do that!” Amelia stands and strips naked, facing us–more incomparable scenes from her. She is sent naked to get the slipper. Over the arm of the leather couch for a moderate spanking. Lots of dialogue from these pros.

Amelia kneels on the couch on all fours for the cane–“I’m not sure about this!” A dozen snaps, the strokes make her jerk out of position. After the 12, she checks her bottom. “It’s corrugated!” They decide she should dress and they should go back to the party, and he will bring the cane. Why not a few more minutes at home first?


24 Jan

‘Bottom Burlesque Brothel’ (F/2f; year: 2006; time: 24 minutes) A bit of a trifle, featuring three experienced CP actresses. We figure there must have been a writers’ strike or something in Glasgow.

‘Amy Hunter’ and ‘Zina Stones’ apply at the Bottom Burlesque for jobs. They need the money and heard about the place on the Internet. They are greeted by ‘Madam Dublin’ (‘Dublin O’Brien’). This is the more mature and proportioned Ms. O’Brien in her later years, as a Top.

The girls will have to be auditioned. Dublin wants to be sure: “You will need to enjoy this to do it.” The girls have brought and change into corset-like bdsm dresses. The girls are taken into the ‘Great Room,’ which is just another station off the side of the current scene.

Dublin shows the girls a collection of implements she will experiment with. Amy and Zena are spanked, paddled, cropped, and flogged in various states of bare-bottom. It is all moderate and a bit silly. Being vintage fans, we kept our eye on Ms. O’Brien, but she held back here.

Car Wash’ (M/2f; year: 2007; time: 17 minutes) Jadie Reece’ and ‘Dublin O’Brien,’  out in the bright sunlight in short shorts and halters, are handwashing ‘Michael Stamp’s’ Mercedes. They throw suds at each other and do all the bend-over stuff you’d expect from two scantily-clad pretty girls making a carwash film.

Stamp breaks up the frivolity, and spanks them both over the hood of his car, pulling their shorts and panties down. A strap materializes. Pushing and shoving. And a bigger strap is kept in the car. Ms. O’Brien could have used a better agent and scriptwriter at this point in her career.

‘cat fight’
(MF/2f; time: 14 minutes) A mercifully brief film,  made on a day when writers and directors must have been on holiday. ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ ‘Lucy McLean,’ and a male from the studios. Dublin has found Lucy’s shoes under a bed and tries them on.

Lucy interrupts her and a silly catfight ensues, all shown on a simple bed in an otherwise empty room. The male character interrupts the fight and straps them both bent over the bed. Nothing erotic or unusual going on here.  The struggle is repeated from a different camera. Check it off.

Cheers’ (M/f; year: 2004; time: 15 minutes) ‘Dublin O’Brien,’  a bit improbable in a cheerleader’s outfit, rushes home, to greet her father or guardian, in the person of ‘James Walker.’ She is eager to show him the cheerleader moves she has learned today. But Walker has received a call from her coach. She skipped practice.

She’s been smoking and drinking.  Walker takes her OTK on a couch in an otherwise empty room. Bottle green panties down, a conventional spanking. When Walker goes through her bag, he finds a bottle of gin. That will be the cane.

Dublin kneels up on the couch, panties down. Over 20 strokes are shown, mild enough not to be troubling, but the first stroke shuts her mouth. He has her stand and bend over so that she can hold position. She moans through it, “I don’t feel well.”

Christmas Pantomine’ (Large cast; time: 30 minutes) What were they thinking, our review notes say. ‘Amy Hunter’  as Goldilocks, ‘Dublin O’Brien’ as Cinderella, ‘Michael Stamp’ as Jack (beanstalk), ‘Jadie Reece’ as Little Red Riding Hood, ‘Paul Kennedy’ as Prince Charming, and ‘John Burger’ as Daddy Bear. This root canal is called ‘Goldilocks  and the Three Bare Bottoms.’

We can’t bring ourselves to detailing the story. Suffice to say, there is a silly story merging the fairy tales of the characters, where the girls get very insignificant spankings.

Fancy That’ (MF/f; time: 17 minutes) Silly stuff, and too bad, because ‘Dublin O’Brien’  knew how to make spanking films. We have sought out her work, thus we fidget in front of this one.

Dublin is practicing ballet (she is no Amelia Jane Rutherford, at least on the dance floor).’James Walker’ comes to the door. She owes him 500 pounds for various things. She hasn’t got the money and is quite cavalier about it.

“I will take it out of your hide.” If it were us, we’d quickly arrange installment payments right here. Routine OTK, panties under a tutu down, mild stuff, and Ms. O’Brien has done so much better.

‘Lucy McLean’  brings him a paddle, which doesn’t make much more of an impression. He paddles her around the room. That would have been fun if she had less clothes on.

Hot Cross Bunnies’ (2F/2f; year: 2007; time: 30 minutes) A large cast, and a story filmed on a familiar set. ‘Dublin O’Brien’ and ‘Lucy McLean,’ both buxom in low-cut evening gowns, play Management at a nightclub. They are going to discipline two ‘bunnies’ at the club, ‘Leia Ann Woods’ and ‘Syra Garcia’ (Yasmin). The girls wear sort of bunny costumes, the ears and the tail, but dresses too long to show any effects of a spanking. Odd costume selection.

The girls are summoned to the cinder-block office set and scolded. Dublin joins with an armload of spanking implements.  After a long scolding, the first part of the punishment will consist of OTK, side by side. Dublin and Lucy each spank, panties come down, nothing much so far.

Next, the girls kneel up on the chairs, knickers down, for a variety of implements. Along the way, there is a skin pop on Syra’s right buttock, and a Band-Aid appears.

The final phase is the caning. Both girls lean on the table, and Dublin and Lucy each cane a bottom, not particularly hard. Leia will take another  final caning herself, and she will show why she remains one of the CP queens of this decade. Dublin and Lucy alternate on her bottom, much harder, about 20 strokes, instant marks on top of the storm clouds already there from the above spankings. The two women agree to the classic doctrine, the finale should be the most memorable. Six more very rousing strokes, first class stuff from NORTHERNSPANKING.

‘Honey, I Shrunk Your Clothes’ (M/f; year: 2005; time: 10 minutes) Dublin O’Brien’ and ‘James Walker.’ This is an excellent example of Ms. O’Brien’s portrayal of an Irish temper. Almost too much of it.

She lounges on a couch in a shorty robe. Her husband (Walker) comes home, after having called being out with the boys, and discovers she has shrunk his clothes. They argue, but not all that much, and Walker gets his cane. In spite of Dublin’s temper and salty language, she does not dispute much and soon bends over the couch and lets him take down her red panties.

He lays on over 20 rather mild cane strokes. Her robe is off and her nightie rucked up. Plenty of cussing–she is very good at it. Walker is interrupted by a call and again to go out with the boys again.

We would have ended this film differently, by Walker marching Dublin off to the bedroom to complete the punishment.

It’s Thigh Time You Pulled Your Weight’ (M/f; year: 2005; time: 9 minutes) Dublin O’Brien’ and ‘Paul Kennedy.’ A short spanking story, all in a bedroom. Kennedy is giving Dublin  a scolding. She is a house guest or some kind of relative, but not above the rules of the house.

Kennedy will cane her. Hands on the bed, white panties. Kenned begins to cane her on her thighs, unusual in the CP world. There are always wild ones, and some spillover after a vigorous bottom workout, but rarely so direct an attack. “I want it on my bottom,” whines Dublin. She is perfectly content to be spanked on the bottom. Kennedy is pleased with her discomfort. “See the difference?” He pulls her panties down but keeps going on the thighs.

‘Man in Room 213’ (M/f; time: 21 minutes) Paul Kennedy’ plays a man lying on his bed in his hotel room, not much a room, sort of an attic situation with only a bed. A fully uniformed maid, ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ bursts in to clean, surprising both of them.

After apologies and light banter, Kennedy gets Dublin to sit on the bed while he rubs her feet. He is encouraging her to go further. She admits she is willing to “try anything once.”

Gently, Kennedy encourages Dublin OTK. We hear the first “Oh, gosh” when he rolls up the hem of her uniform to expose loose white lace panties. He begins a mild spanking, and Dublin is immediately his partner. “I will need extra time tomorrow to clean your room.”

The next “Oh, gosh” comes when Kennedy hooks his fingers into her panties and brings them down. “I’m sure that you’ve got girls all over the world, waiting to be spanked.” Kennedy admits that he does and that he is somewhat of an ‘ass man.’

“I’ve got something I carry around with me.” Another ‘Oh, gosh’ when Dublin sees the cane. Panties at her knees, she bends over the foot of the bed and asks Kennedy if the position is satisfactory. And, “I’ve still got my panties down, is that OK?” Yes, Dublin, yes.

Dublin is concerned about privacy. Kennedy locks the door and begins a mild to moderate caning, more or less snaps. “Oh, that stings.” Lots of sexy talk during a long and gentle caning, except for the last 6 strokes, which Kennedy warns Dublin about.

“Ooh, I will remember you, sir.” He calls her ‘Dublin.’ She is eager to do his room tomorrow and to rearrange her schedule. He helps her up with her panties, from the front view. They kiss and she leaves.

He pulls out a notebook; he is a hotel reviewer and will increase his rating on this place despite the room they gave him. He probably does have a bottom in every port, provided by Managements.

‘93 Decibels’ (M/2f; time: 13 minutes)  An older film and of no significance other than for the credited presence of ‘Dublin O’Brien’ and ‘Lucy McLean.’ Ms. McLean is young here, on the ample side, and gets spanked herself. Dublin is her usual feisty, insouciant self.

The two girls sit in a classroom. They will be given a fire safety lecture by ‘John Duncan.’ The girls are immediately rude and inattentive. Duncan seems to have authority, because he will spank both of them.

Lucy is bent over the table first–a big white bottom. We are not completely convinced this is the same actress we’ve seen so frequently at BARSANDSTRIPES, but we are in Glasgow, Scotland. Short cab ride if it is she.

Dublin goes over the table next. Her marvelous squawking always makes her spankings entertaining. We loved her tight full white panties. All modesty preserved–after all, this is a fire department officer.

Pecking Order’ (2F/3f; year:2006; time: 17 minutes) Dublin O’Brien,’ ‘Jadie Reese,’ ‘Lucy McLean,’  and ‘Amy Hunter.’ Goofy schoolgirls. Amy lolls on the floor, making a mess. Dublin enters and gives her a spanking for it. Silly. Bare bottom.

Lucy McLean interrupts and has the authority to spank Dublin, which she does, handspanking and the cane. Mild stuff. As she always does, Dublin takes great care to keep her modesty covered.

Lucy straps both girls, Amy and Jadie, while Dublin is on hands and knees cleaning up.

But the pecking order is still more complicated. A male enters, Lucy is the target, and the film ends at the first woosh of the cane. Nothing much in this film, but three bottoms.

‘Pity the Poor Maid’ (MF/f; year: 2008;time: 38 minutes) ‘Dublin O’Brien’ and ‘Stephen Lewis’ are guests in another hotel room story. ‘Yasmin Garcia,’ in a silly maid’s outfit, enters their room. “Housekeeping!” It’s a sparse little room, a sort of a garret NS has used before.

Yasmin is left to tidy up, she soon starts to explore Dublin’s things, clothes, jewelry, shoes,  etc. The couple returns, Dublin sees her shoes on Yasmin and is furious. Lewis has to hold her back. Ms. O’Brien can play angry. Yasmin begs for forgiveness and her job, and we can see smiles creep across Dublin and Lewis’ faces as they realize their leverage.

Dublin is excited, she assists Yasmin as she gets on Lewis’ lap on the bed. Short little dress and crinolines up, black panties. They are having fun with Yasmin. Dublin discovers that Yasmin has rooted through her bag. “You’ve moved my stuff.” From the bag, Dublin fishes out spanking implements. We guess Dublin and Lewis brought some toys. Lewis paddles her kneeling on the bed. Nice views. Lewis does some fondling.

Dublin does some spanking, using a harmless soft flogger. Yasmin is paddled on a pile of pillows. Then both Dublin and Lewis cane her. The canes could not have fit in the small suitcase. This is the hardest spanking of this rather playful and mild film.

School Reports’ (M/2f; time: 26 minutes) Three experienced Glasgow types  -John Osborne, Dublin O’Brien, and ‘Monica.’ The girls here as dressed as schoolgirls, except that, with their knee socks, they wear spiked high heel shoes.

Osborne has received the mailed school reports for the sisters. Apparently there are deportment problems as well as poor grades. So Osborne is going to spank them. Before Dublin can go OTK, she is already rubbing her bottom. Panties down immediately for the handspanking, she guards that modesty.

Monica next OTK, black lace panties down. She begins to bruise almost immediately.

Osborne leaves the set to get his canes. Monica is caned first–15 strokes, and even more marks for her. She is over a table, hair out of the way, face turned to us. Dublin goes over the table for her 12, but when she jumps up after 10, she gets twelve more. “That was stupid.” (She must get the highest fee.)

Simple Sum’ (3M/2f;  year:2006; time: 28 minutes)  Some of these NORTHERNSPANKING films are trifles; this one was very good; nothing unusual about the plot or concept; good acting, production, and punishment. ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ ‘Zena Stones,’ ‘Michael Stamp,’ and ‘John Bayer.’

Dublin and Zena are in the garret classroom NORTHERNSPANKING liked to use, a bit difficult for some camera angles, but easy to light and record. The girls sit at desks, no more than TV tables, but excellent if you want to open your thighs and flash some panty. The girls fail at simple sums at the blackboard.

The two men are off in this quiet classroom with these two nubile and slightly naughty girls. Why not take advantage of it? Stamp will spank Dublin first, OTK on her white panties. Then brunette Zena; Dublin watches and keeps her skirt down in front. The girls take turns kneeling on a chair for the strap.

In another scene, Stamp returns with another male, wearing academic robes, maybe the headmaster. He screams at the girls and they jump. Any girl would reach for the elastic  of her panties upon hearing this. The men are going to cane the girls.

Dublin first, over a desk, white panties down. About 15 strokes shown, maybe some repeats for all the canings, snappy shots enough to sting. Dublin is great when she twitches and moans.

Then Zena–we have not seen too much of her. She had many appearances at BARSANDSTRIPES. Dublin sits down (gingerly) to watch and makes some hand signals while Zena gets her 15 strokes. The headmaster assumes the gestures are offensive to him, so to punish Dublin more, he first doubles Zena’s dose–another 15 strokes. Dublin is brought back for another 15.

The girls have learned a lesson. No girl at this school should want to take classes in this hidden room. The girls work at the blackboard with their pants down.

Walker Whacks Her’ (M/f; year: 2004; time: 20 minutes) James Walker’  and ‘Dublin O’Brien.’ Ms. O’Brien is called into Walker’s office. She is dressed formally, hair up, eyeglasses, and wearing a two-piece suit. She has done something. He takes her OTK, skirt up, polka dot panties bunched. Ms. O’Brien is one of those models who can chat incessantly while someone is whaling on her bottom. When she goes quiet, it is meaningful.

Walker takes her panties down. “Oh, Mr Walker!” He prefers the lower portion of her cheeks and her thighs. He lets her go.

She returns, a new scene? She bends over a table and Walker begins with a Spencer paddle on her skirt, sort of useless but a start. Moderate paddling, panties down, it is stinging by now. “To finish this off, six hard ones.'”

Incident at Effinton Girls School

24 Jan

M/f; time: 19 minutes

A ritual-like schoolgirl spanking from a producer we could not identify. Much like ROUE. Filmed in an old fashioned style, we could not help hoping for some LUPUS  style action.

A frizzy brunette, ‘Brenda,’ in full schoolgirl kit including blazer, writes lines at a desk. A male teacher sits at his desk grading workbooks.

Brenda is sent to the headmaster, where she fidgets outside in the classic CP film style. The headmaster, a goofy Groucho Marx-like guy, is making her sweat it out. She is called in, hands  on head, then bends over a chair, where she wets herself on the floor–she was so nervous. The Head makes her take off her panties and wipe the floor.

The girl has to strip to just a gymslip. There follows a rather silly caning, and the promise  of a continuation of the story. Lovely ritual we never tire of.

Work Experience – XEROTICS

24 Jan

F/2f; time: time: 76 minutes   8 parts

‘Aunt Katie'(Didit) catches two of her ‘work experience’ girls on Facebook, rather than fielding calls from customers. The phone is found off the hook. The girls, sisters,  wear short little gray smocks, matching. Katie is angry of course. “The spanking you got last night wasn’t enough?”

She begins spanking immediately, first pigtailed light brunette ‘Honey’ gets her bottom smacked while standing. Panties down, bruising right off. Fetching blond ‘Sally’  is next for the same spanking. Two bare bottoms to the wall, rubbing.

A man enters the room–Mr. Fisher, a customer has come directly by to complain about rude service on the phone, then failure to get through on the line. He must see the two young girls with their pants down at the wall, but he doesn’t say anything about it. Both girls deny having been rude, so Katie will go to work on both bottoms in front of the customer until the truth is learned. A dirty old man will have an ultimate fantasy realized.

She has Honey strip off her dress and kneel up on a chair, naked but for her panties down at her thighs. She gets a nice paddling with a little floppy strap before she is sent to the wall and made to face us, panties covering up, just for the moment.

Sally has to take off her dress for the same table paddling. The guy is getting quite an eyeful of these two girls.

Mr. Fisher is still frustrated that he doesn’t know who was the rude one, and surely he has not had his fill of these two cute little naked sisters. Aunt Katie, rather reluctantly, agrees to continue the punishment. Now she will use her “black strap.” Naked Honey climbs on the table and kneels on all fours, a vision of pussy and hanging boobs. A firm and impressive paddling and this most reveling position. Sally puts on the same display, and her pale skin results in even more blotching.

Katie determines now from the girls’  responses and accusations that Honey was the culprit. Sally allowed to dress and leave. Honey remains naked for more.

In the final installment, Fisher will be allowed to finish off Honey, who is now standing naked at the wall, all alone. Katie gives Fisher two canes and  a tawse. Honey bends over for this strap–the strokes are silly from this big guy, but she is a cute little package. The actor seems a little hesitant but must detect some permission, because he increases the intensity.

Honey gets into the ‘thrust’ position for the two canes. Low camera angles, totally revealing, and her head hangs down between her arms so we can see her anguish. 15 strokes, repeats.

Fisher completes the task and calls Katie back in to inspect Honey’s bottom. They shake hands, he leaves, does he need to stop in the men’s room?

Reform Academy Helen Stephens – FIRMHAND

19 Jan

A series from FIRMHAND with the copyright date 2017 , and probably made earlier. Featured are ‘Helen Stephens,’ the splendid ‘Belinda Lawson,’ and ‘Earl Grey.’  The concept of the ‘reform academy’: it seems to be a place government employees are sent for some discipline. The set is the classroom FIRMHAND has used many times. Ms. Lawson herself would have pairs of panties left everywhere  on this set from the past.

(CA)(M/2f; time: 11 minutes) Belinda joins Helen, who is already sitting in the classroom and waiting. Helen is an eye-catching auburn haired, small girl, pageboy hair, and a heavy Scottish or Irish brogue. Helen  explains that this is sort of a “reform academy,” and that “all I have been doing is getting my bottom spanked, for about a week.” Belinda acknowledges that she too has been sent here for a week’s stay.

Earl Grey enters the room and is happy to see that Belinda has arrived. He will begin her first spanking immediately. She sarcastically accepts her fate. She must remove her blazer and drop her slacks. OTK, Grey takes down her panties. Standard spanking.

After Grey finishes the spanking and leaves, the girls examine Belinda’s bottom to assess the damage. “I guess I did antagonize him a little bit.”

(CB)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Helen reports to Grey in the classroom.  She is shocked when she sees the large display of spanking implements. “What’s this? It’s more like a dungeon.” She wears a two-piece suit, pearls and heels–straight from her office, it looks.

With just the slightest protest, Grey grabs her OTK. “I’m going to demonstrate what this academy is all about.” He explains, “This is a program.” After this initial spanking, he has her sit at a school desk–he tosses her panties to her. She is to study the academy manual.

(CD) (M/f; year: 2017; time: 11 minutes) Helen is studying the reform academy manual at a desk. Earl Grey hovers. She mutters, “I did not join the academy to be spanked.” He sends her to the blackboard to observe the words which reflect the values of the academy.

Helen is directed to bend over a desk, and he begins to strap her over her skirt. Skirt up, white lace panties. Partway through, she asks, “How many more, sir?” She has to count out 12 more. She is now left to stay there, bottom up in the classroom, and hope nobody stops by.

(CE) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Helen and Belinda prowl around the classroom. Helen shows Belinda the huge paddle (‘board’) she found in a desk. “Oh, my God,” Belinda wonders what kind of marks that might leave.

Earl Grey interrupts this little confab and sees they have found the paddle. “Ah, that’s very convenient, I was trying to think what to use on your bottom next time.” Belinda bends over a desk and the paddling begins on her jeans. Helen must do the counting, at the risk of being paddled herself.

Partway through, “Jeans down, Lawson…and panties.” Stylish pink panties. “Grab your ankles.”  For the last 6.

Grey leaves her bent over, with the paddle balanced across her back. Helen takes a close look. Zoom on surely one of the most popular bottoms ever at FIRMHAND. The girls hug.

(CF) (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Grey confronts Helen for dressing inappropriately at the academy. This merits a spanking of course. Grey asks Helen to take the martinet from a row of spanking implements hanging ready on a rack. “It looks like something from a dungeon.”

“This will not be used on your jeans.” Grey has Helen pull down her jeans and panties, and her rucks up her top, so that she appears mostly naked. He begins flogging, and Hellen screams out most entertainingly. Lots of realistic red flog marks. Great facials. She marches her red bottom to the blackboard.

(CG) (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) The girls have now changed into full schoolgirl kit, for what they call “Mr. Grey’s power trip.” They are amused about the obvious spanking potential coming up.

Belinda’s turn here. OTK, Grey pulls her panties down. Helen watches. “You’re both guilty of mocking me.” Standard spanking. Grey orders them to strip naked and go to the blackboard, which appears  in the next episode. In a cameo, we see Grey putting salve on his sore palms.

(CH)(M/2f; time: 14 minutes) In this episode, Belinda Lawson joins Stephens for some attention from Grey. The two girls are wearing schoolgirl outfits for some reason, maybe for humiliation purposes.

“Get out of those ridiculous uniforms, now!”  After some dawdling undressing, “Bras too, sir?”  said sarcastically, as if they didn’t know. Two totally naked girls fill the screen, terrific stuff. FH didn’t often film two girls being spanked naked at once. Grey flourishes the embossed leather paddle. “I’m going to use this.”

The girls take a creative posture. They bend at the waist and face in opposite directions, interlocking an elbow. Boobs and bend-overs. Grey will remain stationary and rotate the bottoms. Each girl will get 30 strokes, 10 at a time then rotation. There are frontals provided here. The paddling is repeated from the ‘reaction CAM,’ not all that different.

(CHA) (M/2f; time: 18 minutes) An extended repeat of the two naked girls being paddled in the classroom, including an interview with them, where they describe the nude bend-over elbows-locked paddling better than we did, as a “nude carousel.” It was a ‘first’ with them also.

(CJ/CK)(M/2f) In three parts, Grey with the naked girls. They stand, hands-on-head, before the blackboard where the words for proper behavior are written. They have added “lots of pervy spanking.”

The spankings continue here, through the 3 parts. The girls will alternately ‘horse’ each other for the tawse switch, including ‘reaction CAM’ and slow-motion repeats for each girl.

(CL)(M/2f; year: 2018; time: 12 minutes) Helen and Belinda are in workout clothes, in the classroom on a Saturday. Helen is wearing a cheerleader’s  outfit–she is so clearly into this spanking thing by now.  They gossip, Earl Grey arrives and interrupts. Helen sasses him, clearly provoking. She has ‘grayed’  her hair. She gets a few smacks on her bottom for it, but this sequence will be about Belinda.

Belinda is taken OTK, her spandex shorts come down to display sky blue panties. Belinda is paddled with a jokari bat-ball paddle. In some narration following her spanking, she explains this is her least favorite implement.

Helen would like to try the paddle. “Wow.” Long cameo and narration;  Belinda describes various sensations of being spanked.

(CM)(M/2f; time: 8 minutes) Grey will now turn to Helen Stephens. She is amused that he dislikes the gray highlights in her hair, and she is clearly excited and eager that it is now her turn to be spanked. She lies flat on a small pedestal, so that her top and legs are suspended. Cheerleader uniform flipped up, she is wearing conventional white panties. The jokari paddle pinks her, Grey bunches her panties. She wiggles madly. When Belinda tries to intercede, Helen gets more. Excelent facial, rear, and overhead shots mixed together. Two bottoms displayed to conclude. Some cameo outtake hilarity.

(CN) (M/2f; time:9 minutes) Earl Grey is going to clean up a few details with the girls, which can only mean more spanking for them. Belinda bends over the horse and Grey uses a thick yardstick on her skirt. 6 strokes, repeated face and rear.

Helen takes the position and gets the same. “Both of you, remove your skirts. I have a little surprise for you.” Belinda bends over the horse again. The action continues in the next episode.

(CO)(M/2f; time: 10 minutes) The girls are down to panties and tops now. Belinda bends over the horse first. Helen holds her wrists. Grey continues with the cane, strokes 7 through 12.  Rear and facial views.

Helen’s turn for her six. Belinda is good at wincing as she holds Helen. “Take off your clothes, now.” They play horrified, but they have been here before. The canings will continue.

(CP)(M/2f; year:  2018; time: 8 minutes) Matters are working to a climax. Grey continues caning Helen and Belinda in their undies. “Strip, both of you, completely.” Both girls try to look shocked. Helen, especially, is very reluctant to drop her panties. The girls stand naked at the spanking horse. They cover their fronts.

Belinda bends of the horse first, Helen holds her wrists. Grey lays on 6 more strokes, continuing with her, now naked. Helen is very fetching as she averts her eyes from the punishment. The strokes are shown rear, facial, and slow motion. Helen takes her place for her nude caning.

(CQ) (M/2f; time: 11 minutes)

“Strip, both of you, completely.” Fantastic sight, never tire of it. Helen bends over the horse, naked and heart-stopping. Her caning continues. “Thirteen, sir.” She gets another six. “Last one, extra hard.” Repeated angles, the fabulous face of course, and a camera which must be on the floor.

The naked girls shake hands with Grey and go to the blackboard to read aloud the list of values. There is a nude cameo interview scene where the girls chuckle about the camera angles.

(CT) (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Belinda Lawson will get a long session here. She sits in the classroom, fingering a big tawse. She has reported to Grey for another discipline session, and at this point in this spanking sojourn she has become quite addicted to it all. She has intentionally dressed to provoke–low cut blouse, tight skirt.

Grey has her write the word ‘disrespect’ on the blackboard before the punishment begins. Skirt off, she bends over the vaulting horse, intentionally smirking at Grey to incite him. He straps her. She stands, drops her panties, and bends over again for more. He wants her on her tiptoes.  Slow-motion repeats.

(CU)(M/f; time: 12 minutes) Helen Stephens rushes into the classroom for her appointment with Grey, late. She knows this will cost her. He leads her across the room. She does a nice surprise-and-crestfallen look when she sees a vaulting horse with a meter stick lying on it.

“Bend over, skirt up, bend right over.” Helen is wearing rather naughty little white lace panties, because, after all, she knew what this meeting was all about. “Double punishment, Ms. Stephens, ruler and cane.” He pulls the panties down, they puddle at her ankles. Grey cracks the ruler, loud and hard. Mottled bruises, impressive. “Now take your clothes off, all of them. Helen looks surprised but gets to it.

(CV)(M/f; time: 10 minutes; finale) Helen Stephens continues; her ruler spanking complete. “Clothes off, get undressed.” Doe-eyed, auburn-haired Ms. Stephens is marvelous at looking miserable and helpless. She strips quickly, she isn’t wearing much. Jacket, a top half-slip, skirt, panties, no bra. She is terrific at undressing. Fast frontal, a wispy little landing strip.

Helen bends over the vaulting horse again. As the camera hold her face, Grey announces the sentence–3 sets of six strokes of the cane. She must count them out. This is a very sexy caning, and from a producer who consistently does just that. Helen gasps and counts, jerks on each stroke. Reaction-CAM, repeats, facials, low shots up her legs.

After 12 strokes, she must touch her toes, the most painful of all caning positions. Same repeats, Helen walks naked to the blackboard to contemplate the words. Zoom on her bottom, FIRMHAND knows how important this shot is. Long facials.


Mischievous Maid – MOONGLOW

18 Jan

2M/2f; time: 42 minutes

Another old-style film from MOONGLOW we could not find in their archives. ‘Lady Elizabeth’ brings the maid, ‘Molly,’ to her husband Richard, the master of the house. The Lady accuses Molly of putting laxative in the sugar bowl and felling all the guests.

“I expect you to give her a good thrashing….when I  come back I expect to see a very red bottom.” In other films, and in some JANUS fiction, we recall mistresses having maids spanked so they can reap the benefits later of the master’s ardor. The women get some kick out of a dancing bottom themselves.

The brunette maid has some illicit sexual relationship with her master already. After some faux begging, “Take this skirt off.”  “Do you think that would help?” she actually asks. Down to panties, garters, and blouse;  the master of the house wants the blouse off. A combined hugging and standing spanking. Then OTK, panties down, Molly tries to blame another maid, Sally.

“Do you think Lady Elizabeth will be happy with this bottom?” Sally is sent for–she is an older woman on the household staff. Richard does not discriminate here–Sally is spanked also, handspanking, paddle. She denies the deed also. Lady Elizabeth returns and exclaims,  “Wrong girl!”

Lady Elizabeth will have a go at Molly herself. She wonders why Richard required so many of her clothes off. Panties down again for the strap, then a concluding hug. Richard returns and doesn’t like this female intimacy.

Sally returns and she and Richard try to figure out what is happening. There is a reminiscence of another spanking.  Mr. Cornish, a friend or senior staffer, spanks and canes Molly, over a trestle. In this flashback, Sally is spanked also.

Back to the present, Mr. Cornish is summoned; he has learned that Lady Elizabeth herself was seen buying a large quantity of laxative in town. Cornish and Richard take Elizabeth to the “discipline room.” She is bent over a sort of chopping block and her panties pulled down. Cornish and Richard cane her, 12 strokes in all. Why is her bottom already red?  Lady is loving it. “What didn’t you do that 10 years ago?”


Teacher Student Spanking Lessons

18 Jan

M/4f; time: 1 hour

From an American producer we have not been able to identify so far. We have taken to passing up odd films like this one when we can’t place it, but this one is so edgy it is worth your time if you are a spanko.

Four schoolgirls and a teacher in a classroom–the set is a weak attempt at a schoolroom, the girls don’t look too much like the schoolgirl we covet, and their clothing is haphazard, but what happens to them will catch your attention.

The smarmy young male teacher writes the problem of the Pythagorean Theorem on the blackboard. The girls will be asked to write in the solution.

The first girl called forward is a pigtailed blonde. She can’t solve the theorem, so the teacher begins to flick at her bottom with a pointer. He pulls up her skirt–does he get in the first frig here? The other girls watch, and the blonde is submissive. Very hard handsmacks, surprising. He uses his pointer, a plastic ruler, and a wooden kitchen implement.

The girl seems helpless and possibly used to all this. The teacher unbuttons her blouse and helps himself to her boobs. He pulls down her thong, whips her with a crop, fondles and kisses her bottom. The other girls watch (and wait). Over the desk for a thin cane and the crop. He bends the cane back and releases it, like a rubber band. Ouch. nice. Bare bottom to her desk.

The second girl, a thin brunette, fails also. The teacher checks under her skirt. We didn’t see any panties. She gets the cane and a huge copybook. Early tears. Ruler, crop, kitchen stirrer, boob grope, lots of marks on this pale bottom.

A skinny blonde is third. She is ordered to drop her shorts and panties, if there were any. Same spankings. Here, the teacher uses a huge, thick T-square, more of an item from the school woodworking shop than from school supply. She has to be held in place by another girl.

A brunette is last. Shorts off, no panties. T-square, copybook, cane. Boob check. Screams. OTK for  a big piece of board.

One of the more unusual schoolgirl spankings we’ve seen. Very crude, but the producer swerved into some erotic action.

Female Prison Punishment #3 – WILDAFRICACANINGS

18 Jan

F/f; time: 28 minutes

‘First Time Offender’ The defunct producer, harsh stuff. These guys certainly took notes from LUPUS, but they didn’t have the budget, the imagination, or access to a plethora of young and eager European models.

This is one rough prison if this is what happens to first time offenders. A short-haired brunette stands in front of a uniformed male supervisor and the familiar matron. They wear comical Halloween versions of the uniform. The butch-like girl is somewhat defiant, just for the moment, in leather jacket and heels.

First, she is searched at the wall, then ordered to strip naked, which she does slowly, handing over one piece of clothing at a time. She is cuffed and bent over the crude heavy-lumber trestle, and here attached with chains, which will rattle throughout.

The matron proceeds with the caning, very hard strokes, high full swings, nothing held back. We counted almost 40 strokes, delivered slowly. There are repeats, and alternate angles. The girl does a growling screech. Some facials–for this producer, such shots depend on space on the set. Zoom on welts.

Music appears on the soundtrack while the matron applies oil to the girl’s bottom. The matron must check the camera from time to time.