My Fantasies #4 – Heading for Trouble – MISSMARCHMONT

2 Jan

M2F/mf; time: 48 minutes

Another in the ‘Nina Birch’  series of this title, here by Purple Passions Productions. Ms. Birch goes both ways. Headboy ‘Peter Clark’ and headgirl Nina report to the headmistress ‘Eve Harper.’ Clark looks incredibly silly in schoolboy kit, including shorts. The actor must be 40. We’ll never see whether spanking films are his thing. Eve checks Nina’s panties and Peter’s jockeys.

To begin, Eve directs Nina to spank Peter. He is shocked, she is excited. They are left alone with a large collection of implements. OTK, jockeys down, Nina is loving it. Ms. Birch is fun with her F/m scenes. Over the desk for several straps and a machine-made birch bundle which could be nasty if used right. Nina is about to use the cane before Eve returns, but Peter and Nina agree to not use it and say they did.

Now Peter may spank Nina. OTK she goes. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Maybe she can detect it, but we can’t. Bare bottom, Peter has adventurous fingers. Spencer paddle over the desk. The deal about the cane is reciprocal.

Eve returns, and she saw those fingers of Peter’s. He earns palm slaps with a ruler, as does Nina. Both ‘students’ over the desk. Eve’s inquiring fingers can’t find any cane marks. So she gives each bottom 6 strokes, quite hard. “You’re going to wish you had caned each other.”

Harmless stuff, no frontals, no nudity except above.


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