Discipline in Russia #21 Funny Games #1 – NETTLES

5 Jan

MF/2f; time: 40 minutes

The first in this three-part series; some randy housebreakers/home invaders talk their way into an apartment shared by two girls. The set is the large decoratively trimmed ballroom-like space, nice apartment!

A guy at the girls’ door claims his electricity is out and needs to make the phone call report on their phone. The girl goes off to find her phone, and she is gone a long time;  apparently, like us, she occasionally misplaces it. The guy finds her panties and is fascinated with them. He is joined by his invasion partner ‘Sveta,’ who quickly unpacks a large satchel of spanking implements and dildos.

Another girl, the flatmate, enters the room and is shocked to see these two interlopers. She’s a cute one–we don’t ask too many questions about this goofy plot, just get on with the spankings, please. She is grabbed, tied up, and threatened with a knife. The second flatmate, the blonde,  returns from the phone search, and she is jumped. Both are restrained with plasticuffs and the abuse begins.

The couple cut off the blonde’s panties and begin with an electric dildo, which seems to quiet her. The brunette flatmate is spanked. The blonde’s torment continues–she kneels on the couch for a horsetail butt plug and the rest of her clothes come off. The brunette must dance and remove her bra and panties, quite nice.

This part 1 features the blonde’s spanking- fifty strokes  with paddle and strap counted awkwardly in the subtitles. NETTLES-style marks and bruises.

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