5 Jan

M/f; year: 2005; time: 51 minutes

Another older SHADOWLANE, two experienced and familiar CP actors, and full sex scenes. This was always SL’s niche, CP play often followed by consummated sex.

‘Angela Faith’ undulates naked in a bubble bath. Her husband ‘Mike Robbins’ comes home and speaks to her from off-set. He is unhappy with her unpaid bills for attending a sex clinic. As she cavorts in the tub, a lot  of bottom, you wonder if she is the instructor or a student.

Robbins will spank her. Into the bedroom they go; Angela has gotten her bra and panties back on. Robbins shows her a plastic butt plug and an absolutely huge rubber dong, which we dare him to use. He begins working the butt plug while she kneels; he frigs her, competing with her fingers for the same space.

CUT. Both are naked now on the bed. Another dildo is at work. Some 69-position; Robbins has an impressive hard-on–the SL men always do. A series of position changes, full sex, but no consummation here.


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