9 Jan

M/6f; time: 22 minutes

A large cast for GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL; we have not seen too many of these multi-bottom episodes from them.

Headmaster ‘Tom’  will deal with Claire, Eve, Jenny, Laura, Sophie, and Linda, all quite young cast ‘schoolgirls,’  dressed in blue blouses, neckties, kilts, white panties, and knee socks.

The six girls march slowly into an empty room and fidget, waiting for Tom. We love these scenes, where the girls know their pants will be coming down. As always, LUPUS does the best at squirmy anticipation.

Tom arrives and inspects this delicious gathering. The girls spread out and begin PT exercises–knee bends, toe touches, jogging, knee lifts, more, done fully dressed, not nude, where we have advocated NETTLES as our favorite. To begin the spanking, Tom paddles two of the girls with his big Spencer.

“Late that Afternoon” The girls line up, bend over, then pull their panties down. Tom will walk  the line and cane each bottom 5 times–twice he makes the walk. Some of this caning is filmed from an alternate angle, but we can’t catch all the faces.

To the wall, bottoms on parade. Not the best of large-cast spankings, but very good.

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