Spanked and Diapered – DROPSEAT

9 Jan

MF/2f; year: 2003; time: 58 minutes

Somewhat silly, unless diapers are your thing. ‘Carly Daniels’ (Jenny) and ‘Dahlia’ (Sara) are cousins who miss a curfew and don’t get to bed on time, so the father of the house will spank them and treat them as children. (And get his own kicks)

The father helps both girls strip down to the essentials. Jenny is spanked first, Sara must watch. Panties down, Jenny has some deep bruises here and there–thighs and flanks.  Sara is spanked next, kneeling on the couch, The father takes this opportunity to take her temperature rectally.

Sara is put on her back on a coffee table into the diaper position, but not for a spanking this time, but for an actual diaper. (and a pacifier!) Jenny is spanked, then Sara is spanked again–the diaper has to come off.

CUT. “Sara’s Revenge” The girls argue in the bedroom about who was responsible for all that. Sara spanks Jenny OTK, then sets up enema apparatus. A decent scene of the process, not to the quality of LUPUS or NUWEST, but we’ll take it. Talcum powder in the right places and another diaper next, Jenny is put to bed. We never her scramble to the bathroom.

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