Irresponsibility and Its Consequences – NEWRUSSIANWOODSHED

11 Jan

M/2f; time: 47 minutes

We doubt the Russians came up with this title without a big conference. Typical cheap set, just someone’s apartment with the furniture pushed out of the way and the window glare covered.  A brunette and redhead are paging though a magazine together. We can’t tell if it is a spanking magazine, a prop used in plots like this.

There is a long discussion with a guy who enters, then he produces a cane which appears to be made of metal. He places two chairs in the center of the room and the girls begin to strip, pausing at their panties,  in the tradition.

The girls bend over the chairs and he will cane them both, side by side.  Marks emerge on their bottoms and thighs, and quite low in all. Squeals. The girls switch chairs–it would appear the swinging action for the closest girl made the caning worse for her. And then there is the exposed flank. The action is repeated from a facial camera.

Back to the rear view, slightly more oblique. The girls kneel on the couch for more. Intense welts, Russian style.


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