11 Jan

M/f; year: 2010; time: 45 minutes

A long film from DSH, made to be marketed in segments. Zoey is a tall, thin brunette, somewhat of a Sandra Bullock derivation. The pretext here to get at her bottom–in an exterior scene, Dallas catches her walking his property, inspecting it like a realtor. She doesn’t know it apparently, but she is casing the place for a client who is actually a burglar. This is good enough for a trip into the house to the punishment room.

Dallas explains that he is a professional disciplinarian, and that, in lieu of a possible 4-year prison sentence, he will spank her, “here, today.” She agrees and is shown the table of implements.

There follow a series of separated spanking scenes, with Zoey bare-bottom OTK over Dallas’s padded ottoman, and occasional trips to the corner. First comes a treatment with aloe gel. This may increase the sting, and it is reputed to have healing qualities. Both will help in this long film.

She will hand the implements back to Dallas one at a time and set a one-minute timer. The implements are identified in the segment titles–paddle, paddle strap, small bath brush, small razor strap, large razor strap, wooden paddle, and plexi glass paddle.

Zoey squeals through some of the segments, maybe a bit too melodramatically. Watch your volume control. Over the sessions, her bottom takes on a mottled glow, showing the bruises of the various implements.

She is interviewed while she lies bare bottom on the ottoman. She was brave and entertaining.

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