Teacher Student Spanking Lessons

18 Jan

M/4f; time: 1 hour

From an American producer we have not been able to identify so far. We have taken to passing up odd films like this one when we can’t place it, but this one is so edgy it is worth your time if you are a spanko.

Four schoolgirls and a teacher in a classroom–the set is a weak attempt at a schoolroom, the girls don’t look too much like the schoolgirl we covet, and their clothing is haphazard, but what happens to them will catch your attention.

The smarmy young male teacher writes the problem of the Pythagorean Theorem on the blackboard. The girls will be asked to write in the solution.

The first girl called forward is a pigtailed blonde. She can’t solve the theorem, so the teacher begins to flick at her bottom with a pointer. He pulls up her skirt–does he get in the first frig here? The other girls watch, and the blonde is submissive. Very hard handsmacks, surprising. He uses his pointer, a plastic ruler, and a wooden kitchen implement.

The girl seems helpless and possibly used to all this. The teacher unbuttons her blouse and helps himself to her boobs. He pulls down her thong, whips her with a crop, fondles and kisses her bottom. The other girls watch (and wait). Over the desk for a thin cane and the crop. He bends the cane back and releases it, like a rubber band. Ouch. nice. Bare bottom to her desk.

The second girl, a thin brunette, fails also. The teacher checks under her skirt. We didn’t see any panties. She gets the cane and a huge copybook. Early tears. Ruler, crop, kitchen stirrer, boob grope, lots of marks on this pale bottom.

A skinny blonde is third. She is ordered to drop her shorts and panties, if there were any. Same spankings. Here, the teacher uses a huge, thick T-square, more of an item from the school woodworking shop than from school supply. She has to be held in place by another girl.

A brunette is last. Shorts off, no panties. T-square, copybook, cane. Boob check. Screams. OTK for  a big piece of board.

One of the more unusual schoolgirl spankings we’ve seen. Very crude, but the producer swerved into some erotic action.

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