22 Jan

M/4f; year: 2003; time: 20 minutes

SOL is affiliated in some way with XEROTICS in Denmark. The cast characters are similar, as is the technique.

‘Kara Jane Dempsey’ plays a Head Girl and brings three delicious blond students to headmaster ‘Agean,’ younger and thinner here. The girls were caught off school grounds. The girls giggle at the corny dialogue.

As Kara looks on, he takes the gorgeous girls OTK one at a time, disposing of their panties,  for a moderate spanking. Lots of frontals as the girls shuffle about with their panties at their shoes. No shaving going on yet, so this film is years older than 2003.

Next, he will cane the girls as they bend over a table. Rather gentle stuff, no marks appear. Six strokes each.

You would expect–the Head Girl was seen in town also, so she loses her knickers and goes over the table also, for a handspanking and 5 strokes of the cane, a little harder.

Now there are 4 bottoms and four muffs lined up.

Cut to an attractive rural exterior scene. One of the girls grabs and spanks Dempsey for revenge. Silly. The wind ripples on the microphone. When Agean comes outside and catches Dempsey rubbing her bare bottom, he goes back inside, summons the other student, and spanks her over the table again–handspanking and strap.

Mild stuff but great cast.

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