Incident at Effinton Girls School

24 Jan

M/f; time: 19 minutes

A ritual-like schoolgirl spanking from a producer we could not identify. Much like ROUE. Filmed in an old fashioned style, we could not help hoping for some LUPUS  style action.

A frizzy brunette, ‘Brenda,’ in full schoolgirl kit including blazer, writes lines at a desk. A male teacher sits at his desk grading workbooks.

Brenda is sent to the headmaster, where she fidgets outside in the classic CP film style. The headmaster, a goofy Groucho Marx-like guy, is making her sweat it out. She is called in, hands  on head, then bends over a chair, where she wets herself on the floor–she was so nervous. The Head makes her take off her panties and wipe the floor.

The girl has to strip to just a gymslip. There follows a rather silly caning, and the promise  of a continuation of the story. Lovely ritual we never tire of.

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