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Female Prison Punishment #3 – WILDAFRICACANINGS

18 Jan

F/f; time: 28 minutes

‘First Time Offender’ The defunct producer, harsh stuff. These guys certainly took notes from LUPUS, but they didn’t have the budget, the imagination, or access to a plethora of young and eager European models.

This is one rough prison if this is what happens to first time offenders. A short-haired brunette stands in front of a uniformed male supervisor and the familiar matron. They wear comical Halloween versions of the uniform. The butch-like girl is somewhat defiant, just for the moment, in leather jacket and heels.

First, she is searched at the wall, then ordered to strip naked, which she does slowly, handing over one piece of clothing at a time. She is cuffed and bent over the crude heavy-lumber trestle, and here attached with chains, which will rattle throughout.

The matron proceeds with the caning, very hard strokes, high full swings, nothing held back. We counted almost 40 strokes, delivered slowly. There are repeats, and alternate angles. The girl does a growling screech. Some facials–for this producer, such shots depend on space on the set. Zoom on welts.

Music appears on the soundtrack while the matron applies oil to the girl’s bottom. The matron must check the camera from time to time.


Female Prison Punishment #2 – WILDAFRICACANINGS

18 Jan

F/f; time: 29 minutes

Some stark and crude stuff, ;part of a series,  from this short-lived producer. Every bit as intense as anything from LUPUS, but lacking the theater, erotic anticipation, and production values.

A girl is having her mug shot taken, the number is 6969/69. This should spell some extra trouble for her, you might think. The female guard/matron, ever her corny self, takes some fingerprints.

The girl’s punishment begins. She bends over a chair, first pulling down her shorts and thong. The matron does a cavity check and uses a retractable scope to do it. The girl is taken to the punishment room,

We see the same trestle–made of heavy lumber. One end is in the shape of a sawhorse. There are two long planks stretching out, which will allow the victim to be manacled and pulled tight, like a medieval rack. The girl is stripped naked and tied over the trestle, here with loose rope.

A long caning is shown. There are certainly repeats, and some varied camera angles to facilitate it. We counted almost 55 strokes. Marks all over the place, some wild strokes, and both thighs and flanks get attention. The girl kicks loose her ties, but stays in place, although she struggles. The strokes are delivered slowly–the matron allows her to settle back into position after each.

The female guard puts on a strap-on dildo, a rather odd one which looks almost home-made. She fucks the girl on the trestle. She is not very good at it (neither is the camera), it takes some work.

Prison One Hundred – MOONGLOW

15 Jan

M/f; year: 2009;time: 42 minutes

An old MOONGLOW film—it feels older than the 2009 date we saw on our copy. We can’t find any record of the film in the MOONGLOW catalogue.

‘Flavia’ is reading ‘Prisoner of Zenda.’ She falls asleep and dreams of being taken and spanked by a man. He will keep caning her until she confesses who her confederates were in a robbery she was driver for. “One hundred strokes, in groups of 10.” Flavia is strapped down over a trestle and the caning begins.

The first part of this film features her bottom-she is wearing just an inconsequential thong. There are indeed 10 sets of 10, strokes counted aloud by Flavia with some confusion. There are breaks, “to think,” bruises come along after 60 strokes or so, and the faceless considerate caner switches sides at one point. “We don’t want this (other) cheek to be undercaned.”

The guy says he is going to post photos of her bottom on prison walls as a caution to other prisoners, and that he is very much considering returning to the magistrate for permission for a second 100 strokes.

The second half of this film repeats the caning from the facial view, and we are able to discern much more dialogue, a lot of saucy talk, and some cussing.


15 Jan

Leia Ann Woods, in her day, and now Michael Stamp, are admirers of this pale-skinned redhead, who made a number of CP films as well as a full adult porn career. Redheads  make wonderful spanking subjects. Ms. Hughes’ hair color varies a bit in the films we have seen, but she is worth your attention.

‘Ella Hughes Intake #1 (M/f; year: 2015. time: 9 minutes) Warden Michael Stamp will be somewhat lenient here. Some of the girls are given a pretty rough time at their Intakes–we have reviewed a number of them.

Ella is brought to Stamp by guard ‘Zoe Page.’ Ella is a small auburn-haired girl, very attractive. She wears a plain brown dress here. After some instruction and scolding, Stamp begins her spanking, taking her OTK while he sits on his desk. Dress up, black mesh panties. Stamp has her slide off to drop her panties herself. Usual lovely stuff from this continuously inventive producer.

‘Ella Hughes Intake #2’ (M/f; year: 2015; time: 10 minutes) The spanking continues, Ella bent over the desk for the strap. The last half of this segment has Ella undressing to her undies and putting on the orange smock. Unfortunately for us, she is spared the procedure of stripping naked in front of the warden.

‘Ella Hughes Solitary Day One’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Ella sits on the floor of a simple room, not much of  a depiction of solitary confinement from BARSANDSTRIPES. Stamp enters and gives her a panties-down spanking. Once again, she is lucky. Some girls get tough visitors in Solitary.

‘Ella Hughes Solitary Day Two’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Guard Zoe Page enters the cell this time, and she too is on the gentle side. A mild bend-over spanking with a long-handled slapper.

‘Ella Hughes on the X-Cross’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Ella is naked, already strapped down to the arched X-Cross, her bottom elevated by folded blankets, and her red hair pushed off her face so we can see. Her bottom is already red, from the previous filmings, we assume.

Stamp canes her, harder than any of the spankings described above. And of course this trestle provides great shots between her legs, together with an expanse of pale Irish-like skin.

‘Ella Hughes Midnight Visit’ (MF/f; year: 2015; time: 18 minutes) One of our favorite redheads, very much the colleen. At this prison, girls occasionally receive late night visits from guards and staff. The prisoners here fare better than they do in LUPUS detention  houses or MISS MARCHMONT jails.

Guard Zoe Page and staffer Dave Dodgy enter Ella’s cell and pull back her blanket. She is sleeping in just bikini panties. Zoe and Dave will share spanking and paddling, in various positions–OTK, standing, and kneeling on the bed. Camera angles inhibit the facials Ms. Hughes can do so well. At one point we see her nipples are raised to the max. She must like this. Not that common in CP films.



Headmaster – THEGATE

11 Jan

M/f; time: 22 minutes

Standard stuff. A woman is berating schoolgirl ‘Bekki’ when headmaster ‘Keith’  enters. He will do the punishment. He begins spanking her, when she gets away from him and crawls into a hall closet.

He could have left her there, or the producer could have suggested a time lapse, but she crawls out and down the hall for another OTK spanking, handspanking, small paddle, thong down.

She lies on a table, thighs spread, for the tawse and crop. More than just punishment between these two.

Irresponsibility and Its Consequences – NEWRUSSIANWOODSHED

11 Jan

M/2f; time: 47 minutes

We doubt the Russians came up with this title without a big conference. Typical cheap set, just someone’s apartment with the furniture pushed out of the way and the window glare covered.  A brunette and redhead are paging though a magazine together. We can’t tell if it is a spanking magazine, a prop used in plots like this.

There is a long discussion with a guy who enters, then he produces a cane which appears to be made of metal. He places two chairs in the center of the room and the girls begin to strip, pausing at their panties,  in the tradition.

The girls bend over the chairs and he will cane them both, side by side.  Marks emerge on their bottoms and thighs, and quite low in all. Squeals. The girls switch chairs–it would appear the swinging action for the closest girl made the caning worse for her. And then there is the exposed flank. The action is repeated from a facial camera.

Back to the rear view, slightly more oblique. The girls kneel on the couch for more. Intense welts, Russian style.


Annabelle Pain Slut No Longer

11 Jan

M/f; time: 50 minutes

A film done in the POV style. We thought at first it might  be an amateur production, but Annabelle is certainly one of the more entertaining model/actresses we have seen in the genre. And this is a highly erotic film for us.

Annabelle is a young, short-haired brunette, on the order of Sami Gayle, the ‘Nicky’ character on the TV series ‘Blue Bloods.’ We’ve always thought Nicky’s righteousness there could have been curtailed on that show by a sharp spanking from someone.

Annabelle will be naked most of the film. She  begins with an interview with the faceless POV male disciplinarian. She says she is a “pain slut,” is not only turned on by these spankings but is “multi-orgasmic,” and her favorite bdsm tool is the Wartenberg Wheel. We’ll learn the paddle is her least favorite implement.

Annabelle begins by stripping off a bdsm outfit. She goes OTK, her beautiful face full-screen. With this be “uninterrupted”? “Yes.” The first spanking is very hard, and she sets up quite a fuss, including “fucking A.” at one point.  She is supposed to count, but the smacks come too fast for her. She gets to 50, having missed about half the strokes. The action is repeated with her bottom now full screen, and in this segment the counting session is preceded by a little bottom warmup. We see here the spanker is using two hands, spanking with one, and probing, poking, frigging with the other. He keeps urging her thighs open.

Bruising and blotching begin at about 30 smacks. The action next shifts to a chair, where Annabelle is bent over one arm, so that the camera can again catch switch to both ends of the action. The disciplinarian will use a cane and a flogger here, and doesn’t hesitate to snap at her pussy  now and then.

In the middle of her screaming and erotic moaning, between sessions of the flogger and cane, in a perfectly calm voice, to the guy: “Have you ever been whipped with the cane?” He: “Yes, I have. Have, you?”  “Uh, yes, obviously.”

A nasty small-headed thick wood paddle becomes the implement she likes least. There are sniffles now and she will blow her nose (we think a first for us). One of the sharper paddlings we’ve seen, reminiscent of a LUPUS detention house scene.

A big fraternity paddle comes, then a tawse. There is some involuntary quivering now. Varied bruises on her thighs and bottom, and maybe some orgasms from all that specific attention. She jumps around the room, nicely shaved.


11 Jan

M/f; year: 2010; time: 45 minutes

A long film from DSH, made to be marketed in segments. Zoey is a tall, thin brunette, somewhat of a Sandra Bullock derivation. The pretext here to get at her bottom–in an exterior scene, Dallas catches her walking his property, inspecting it like a realtor. She doesn’t know it apparently, but she is casing the place for a client who is actually a burglar. This is good enough for a trip into the house to the punishment room.

Dallas explains that he is a professional disciplinarian, and that, in lieu of a possible 4-year prison sentence, he will spank her, “here, today.” She agrees and is shown the table of implements.

There follow a series of separated spanking scenes, with Zoey bare-bottom OTK over Dallas’s padded ottoman, and occasional trips to the corner. First comes a treatment with aloe gel. This may increase the sting, and it is reputed to have healing qualities. Both will help in this long film.

She will hand the implements back to Dallas one at a time and set a one-minute timer. The implements are identified in the segment titles–paddle, paddle strap, small bath brush, small razor strap, large razor strap, wooden paddle, and plexi glass paddle.

Zoey squeals through some of the segments, maybe a bit too melodramatically. Watch your volume control. Over the sessions, her bottom takes on a mottled glow, showing the bruises of the various implements.

She is interviewed while she lies bare bottom on the ottoman. She was brave and entertaining.

Swimsuit Spankings – MOMMASPANKINGS

9 Jan

F/2f; time: 38 minutes

A rather simple exercise, filmed in a hotel room. ‘Dana Specht’ has caught her daughter and her cousin, or some such relations, swimming in a closed pool at night after hours. The girls are ‘Sarah Gregory’ and ‘Pandora Blake,’ and they will be in their bikini’s, or less, for the entire film. Beautiful all the way.

A lot of talk and delay in the story. Dana will spank both girls–handspanking and hairbrush, and get the bikini bottoms down in due course. Conventional stuff, but the three actresses are some of the consummate professionals in the business.


9 Jan

M/6f; time: 22 minutes

A large cast for GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL; we have not seen too many of these multi-bottom episodes from them.

Headmaster ‘Tom’  will deal with Claire, Eve, Jenny, Laura, Sophie, and Linda, all quite young cast ‘schoolgirls,’  dressed in blue blouses, neckties, kilts, white panties, and knee socks.

The six girls march slowly into an empty room and fidget, waiting for Tom. We love these scenes, where the girls know their pants will be coming down. As always, LUPUS does the best at squirmy anticipation.

Tom arrives and inspects this delicious gathering. The girls spread out and begin PT exercises–knee bends, toe touches, jogging, knee lifts, more, done fully dressed, not nude, where we have advocated NETTLES as our favorite. To begin the spanking, Tom paddles two of the girls with his big Spencer.

“Late that Afternoon” The girls line up, bend over, then pull their panties down. Tom will walk  the line and cane each bottom 5 times–twice he makes the walk. Some of this caning is filmed from an alternate angle, but we can’t catch all the faces.

To the wall, bottoms on parade. Not the best of large-cast spankings, but very good.