Corruption of Two Cousins – STRICTENGLISH.COM

15 Feb

F/f; time: 7 minutes

Apparently ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ made three or four films for this producer. This one is a simple one-set affair, of no imagination whatsoever.

Amelia and her cousin ‘Amanda, ‘ dressed in stylish party clothes, are prowling in Amanda’s parents’ bedroom, a simple, sparsely furnished set. As they explore, they find an umbrella stand full of canes, crops, and whips. Amelia: “Why would they have that here in the bedroom? That’s weird.”

The girls rummage through a chest of drawers, so small that it wouldn’t hold all the panties Ms. Rutherford has lost in her films. They find first, some spanking implements, and then an outmoded video camera, where they are able to watch Amanda’s mother being spanked by her father.

Next they find a spanking magazine and decide to try some of the games themselves. This first installment ends with Amelia’s pretty bottom bent over the bed for a playful spanking from Amanda.

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