Spanking Melodies – CALSTAR

1 Mar

M/2f; time: 56 minutes

An American film, another piano lesson, and largely awful, except for a very ‘pervy’ piano teacher.

A cute brunette reports for her lesson, she is terrible, not practicing. The male teacher steps out to call her mother. He gets the permission he needs.

The girl kneels on the piano bench and is smacked as she plays. Next, she gets palm slaps, at a piano lesson no less. Gradually, she is required to strip naked, doing the panties-up/down routine, which would have no effect on playing the scales. The teacher uses a metronome to time the spankings.

A second girl, a brassy blonde, arrives. Even though the dialogue suggests she has never played the piano before, her clothes are soon coming off and she is spanked.

The first girl returns–her angry mother sent her back. Two naked girls at the piano. Weird guy, but he needs spanking lessons.

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