Russian Slaves #88 -Punishment for Hooch – NETTLES

15 Mar

M/f; time: 59 minutes

We have reviewed most of this series, as well as ‘Discipline in Russia,’ from NETTLES. The company’s affiliations lead to a lot more product, emphasis toward the hardcore side, such as ‘Spanking Them,’ ‘Sex in Russia,’ and ‘Gynecology in Russia,’ surely among others, where the prurient fetishes are fulfilled, often with the same actors. We don’t pretend to review this genre.

We’ll play along with these CP farces, on the assumption they couldn’t have been serious. ‘Nadezda  Dozorova,’ ‘Nikita,’ and ‘Gerry Geroshvilli’ play government police who can no longer make their arrest quotas as Russian culture evolves. Even their pay is sporadic and in jeopardy. They survey the rack and trestles in their station (the same ‘ballroom’ set) and bemoan the circumstance that they will no longer be able to punish girls here.

But some daylight–there are still ‘hooch’ makers about, distilling and selling booze on the black market. They decide to trap and punish a hooch girl. Nadia and Nikita disguise themselves as customers, call on a girl (‘Avdotya’), make a booze deal, leave, then return and burst in, in uniform along with Gerry, and arrest her. The girl had actually checked the bills used for the payment to see if they were counterfeit. Russia! And when she escorts them out, the actress actually stumbles over her silly costume dress.

The bend Avdotya over a couch, throw up the silly dress and pull her panties down. They like what they see. They will take her back to the police station and whip her until she gives up her supply sources.

Cut to the station. Avdotya dangles naked from the trestle apparatus, trussed Japanese kinbatu style. Gerry teases her with a flogger. Every intimate spot is available. A silly crown hat the girl wears remains in place.

“After 12 hours of bondage”: Avdotya is now tied down naked on her belly on the platform, bottom soaring. That hat survives. Gerry will now cane her until she talks or dies. He wants to know, where is her ‘apparatus’? A long caning ensues, using swtiches. Some of the stick fray and break. Some strokes are faux. Gerry alternates sides to distribute the punishment on the far buttock and flank. There was surely some cosmetic help. She finally confesses. They will leave her here for three days. Zoom on a bottom where the random damage seems quite credible.

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