Amy-Punishment Profile REALSPANKING

27 Mar

F/f; year: 2003; time: 7 minutes

Another entertaining interview/spanking format, featuring ‘Miss Dee’ and the return of ‘Amy,’ a small and well-put together brunette, with a round young face and demeanor. Dee seems quite excited that Amy is paying another visit to the Institute for her to get another crack at that bottom.

“Get your clothes on off,” Dee says in her Coloradian tongue. Amy strips quickly and is a typically great sight. Dee spanks her OTK, the scene repeated from the front and bottom views. When Amy is interviewed and dresses, she shows that her bottom is burning, an emotion not always seen.

Amy school swats‘ (December 2003; 8 minutes): An RSI staff actress; normal, conventional ponytailed brunette, all the more fun to contemplate getting paddled. After the brief prologue, 3 strokes on her jeans, a painful sit-down, then 3 in the ‘frisk’  position, where Masterson again splits one of his decidedly thin paddles;  grab-ankles for three more, which Amy admits are the worst.

She was spanked earlier in the day. Pants down, bruises, closeups. Long day for Amy.

One Response to “Amy-Punishment Profile REALSPANKING”

  1. naughtynora March 28, 2018 at 4:34 pm #

    Sounds sexy!

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