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19 Apr

F/f; time: 16 minutes

We’ve singled out a few films featuring the auburn-haired, fair-skinned ‘Ella Hughes.’ Here she is featured in a little ditty with ‘Aleesha Fox,’ who plays the wife of a boss with whom Ella is apparently traveling and fooling around. Instead of going after her husband, she is going after Ella’s bottom.

She calls Ella “a little strumpet.” “What?” utters a surprised Ella. “What you need is a good spanking to deter you.” When Ella hears the choices, she’ll take the spanking, like they always do.

Ella is quickly OTK, her little skirt rides up, and her tight white panties are on full display. “I can see why they might like you around the office.” Panties down, a moderate and unimportant spanking, except that Ms. Hughes is a memorable subject.

Ella is now directed to bend over a chair, and Aleesha is amused that Ella did not see a paddle waiting for her. Hands on the chair, “this will teach you to keep her hands off things.” It is a small hard leather paddle. There are repeats, because it stings. “This will teach you not to fuck everything in sight.”

Exclusive Education 1 – GIRLSSPANKGIRLS

18 Apr

F/8f; time: 1 hr, 16 minutes

Clare Fonda’s website indicates that this was an early film which has now been remastered. There are a number of these girl-on-girl websites, presumably with some Lesbian marketing interest. For we spankos, two naked girls are better than one, so the market will be larger. Ms. Fonda’s girl-spankings are generally mild to moderate, somewhat playful, not mean, dark, or abusive.

The scene here is a girls’  school. Eight girls in school uniform sit in front of Ms. Fonda. The models are normal, conventional girls, of varying sizes and shapes. Interesting casting. No professional-looking or familiar CP actresses. A certain amount of hesitance and embarrassment creeps into the acting. These normal off-the-street girls having their panties pulled down increases the eroticism.

The girls were out late last night, with fake ID’s, borrowed cars, smoking, etc. Ms. Fonda plays a teacher. She has invited the Principal, Miss Miller, to do the punishment. “There will be handspankings, on the bare bottom, and some hairbrush.”

One by one the girls are called forward and stripped down to panties and camisoles. Miss Miller does the panties herself, requiring each girl to stand facing her and then teasing down the panties, showing more than a casual interest in the young girls’ charms. The bare bottom spankings are moderate. The preceding girl spanked must display her red bottom kneeling on a chair, so that two bottoms are often in the shot.

Alice, Anna, Mira, Heather, Elizabeth, Valerie, Robin, Julie; all plausible schoolgirls. After about a 5 minute session for each, the girls are sitting back at their desks in just their underwear, but panties down. The right way to do it.

Miss Miller and Ms. Fonda together will spank their way through the girls with a hairbrush. Bottoms lined up at the conclusion. A lot of format similarities to LUPUS’ ‘Crime at St. Thomas School,’ except that the girls at LUPUS/RGE got spanked much harder, and by a male custodian.



17 Apr

M/f; time: 5 minutes

A very brief episode filmed in the familiar glass-walled room. A young ‘Peters’ has summoned a blond secretary, who is apparently whoring around the office. She’ll be fired or take a spanking.

She takes off her skirt and bends over Peters’ desk in just thong and halter. We will not see her face. Peters rucks down her thong, completely not necessary, but quite ceremonial. “Spread your legs. Don’t be embarrassed. We’ve seen it all before.”

A hard and brief slippering, then nose to the corner.



Mirror of Soul – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

13 Apr

M/f; time: 35 minutes

With this film we believe we have completed reviews of all the films from LUPUS. This is a weird one, if you are like us and have come to the party for some spanking. A professor visits his daughter’s grave in a cemetery. The girl had died recently in a sanatorium. As the professor leaves in the gloom, an untuned MG sports care races by him. The soundtrack is Artie Shaw’s ‘Begin the Beguine.”

Back home, the professor (the Orson Wells-like actor) witnesses the departure of the live-in nurse who had cared for his daughter. He spikes her drink and knocks her out. He is going to take revenge for her failure to care for his daughter.

Fade; the girl wakes in her bed in her undies, chained down. She is cold, she won’t eat, and she puts up a good fight to escape. She won’t use a potty the professor gives her and will soon piss on herself. We were hoping the professor might give her an enema, but not here.

There are flashbacks to the care for the daughter–cold, no food, rough treatment, abuse.

The professor chains the nurse into his daughter’s wheelchair and leaves her. The professor moves chessmen on a board to illustrate progress in his plan. When he finds the girl’s wet panties, he cuts them off with scissors. When she won’t take a shower, he puts her under a cold stream of water.

Mostly naked now, the professor forces the nurse to do some exercises. He uses a riding crop for encouragement. He cuts her slip, bares her breasts, and burns them with a cigarette, torturing her the way he thought his daughter Melanie was tormented.

When the nurse hides and tries to attack the professor when he enters, he grabs her and places her over the bed for a real caning, after 28 minutes of film. It is a fast and brutal whipping up to LUPUS’ standards, and since the nurse is not tied down, the stripes are wild and varied, on her bottom, back, and thighs.

He leaves the mostly naked nurse chained to furniture and returns to the cemetery for more grieving. There he decides on mercy and will release the nurse. But on the way out, he is hit and killed by the very same MG. So, in Edgar Allen Poe style, the nurse is left to die.

Anna Svensson Collection – FIRMHAND

11 Apr

Early FIRMHHAND, featuring a tall American model who have may not have distinguished herself as one of the beauties in their catalogue, but she was one of  the brave and adventurous ones. And being able to act while someone is whaling on your bottom doesn’t detract.

(A)(F/f; time: 4 minutes) The set is the glass-walled open room used in many films. Anna is a student. She wears a white blouse with a bare midriff, and black slacks. Miss Mansbridge, with a heavy Glasgow accent, confronts her with some infractions.

“Get your clothes off.” “What are you going to do? This is college!” Miss M. helps Anna to get her slacks and panties down. OTK, handspanking. Loud, fast, hard, and instant red marks. They keep talking through the spanking. The film graphic reported 220 smacks.

(B)(F/f; time: 5 minutes) This college practices spankings. Same glass room. ‘Carole Mansbridge’ is the female domme, in the Glasgow casting tradition. Anna is in trouble again, and laughs through her scolding. She wears a blue school blazer, blouse, tie, knee socks, and a pigtail.

The improbability of this outfit is soon  solved. Anna tells Mansbridge she has borrowed it from her sister. Since she is being treated like a child she might as well dress like one. Mansbridge is only too happy to oblige. She grabs Anna OTK, blue regulation knickers down, hard handspanking. Rubbing full screen to conclude.

(C) (F/f; time: 4 minutes) Anna has tried to walk away from Mansbridge, calling her a ‘bitch.’ She may very well be just that, but she is also a very good spanker. Anna is forced over a table, panties down, for the embossed leather paddle. Conventional stuff, except it is harder than most. Rosy red and bruises.

(D) (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Anna wears gym clothes–a sports bra and tights. Mansbridge detects alcohol in her water bottle. “Take your clothes off and lie on the table.” This is a tough college, don’t think even the Jesuits or Dominicans did this.

To protect her modesty, Anna doesn’t pull her sky blue panties down until she is flat on the table. She gets 26 from a big floppy tawse. Facials, overheads, rear shots, nice work. She climbs down. Zoom as she rubs.

(E) (F/f; year: 2005; time: 7 minutes) College girl Anna has been cutting class. The set is the glass-walled open room, which pops up in one vintage CP  video after another. The Glasgow accents are heavy here.

The older woman, a realistic domme: “Lean over the desk, spread your legs, up on your tiptoes.” Miss Mansbridge literally yanks down Anna’s gym tights. She gets a very loud tawsing–her bottom already red. They make reference to how many times she has been spanked today. She curses, which increases the punishment.

(F)(F/f; year: 2005; time: 4 minutes) Mansbridge has caught Anna cheating, and from the look on her face, she is quite smug about it. What’s another spanking from this woman?

She is going to use the “board” this time, a huge wooden fraternity paddle, an implement which had to come through Customs to Scotland. “What’s that?” Anne asks.

She grabs her ankles and takes a most impressive 13-stroke paddling on her slacks. Loud and hard, viewed from below and oblique. Just as well these slacks stayed on if we are making a series of films in one day.

(G) (F/f; year: 2005; time: 3 minutes) Anna is rubbing her bottom, after that paddling. Mansbridge calls to her” “Get your butt back here…pants down, grab those ankles.” She takes 8 strokes of the big ‘board,’ hard enough to compare to some of the classic RIGIDEAST paddlings so admired. It is a short spanking, it had to be, and Anna shows some puss here, well disguised through most of the series.

(H) (F/f; time: 3 minutes) Another girl, ‘Lucy,’ has already been caned for smoking and stands hands-on-head, pants down in the background. It is Anna’s turn.

The first two cane strokes are on Anna’s slacks. “Get those trousers down…and your panties.” 10 more, very hard, no faking. Second bottom to the wall.

(J)(F/f; year: 2006; time: 4 minutes) From the copyright dates, this series must have been released over time. Anna is caught cheating again; this time she will get the meter stick. She wears her flower print blouse. Over the table, teal-colored panties down. 16 whacks with the stick, harder and harder. She is amassing varied bruises at this point in the shoot.

(K) (F/f; time: 3 minutes) We move toward a climax, the cane appears. Anna wears a tight knit-like dress, and very well. Another offense, now the choice is dismissal or the cane. Easy.

“Lift that skirt, drop those panties.” 12 rapid strokes of the cane, and not easy ones. Anna can’t resist: “Are you finished now, you bitch?” That doubles the punishment.

(L)(F/f; year: 2007; time: 3 minutes) Anna is already bent over in the glass room, her pants down, pulled tight at her thighs. She has called Mansbridge  a bitch, which doesn’t help matters. 12 more cane strokes. Mottled bruising.

Bench of Pain-Caned for Cash – KOOBOO

6 Apr

2F/4f; time: 29 minutes

Wiki reports on this ‘Caned For Cash’ series claim only four films made. We have found and think reviewed now all of them. Although there is no connection reported with MOODPRODUCTIONS, the style seems similar, the equipment familiar, the intensity matching, and here the dominant actress ‘Kira’ seems the same.

Girls are punished on-camera and paid per stroke, that’s the pretext. Four girls sit on a couch in front of a metal rack/trestle we have seen before. The first girl, a pretty blonde, steps forward and strips naked. She steps up onto the platform, lies across it, and is strapped down at the waist. Two women cane her, each gives 10 strokes, and from different sides. Marks and gasps from the beginning.

A small brunette goes second, gets naked. These are hard canings, memorable.

Third, a dark blonde.

And fourth another dark blonde, a real screamer, who is quivering early.

After this first 20 stroke session, time for the second round. The blonde climbs onto the platform, but in the diaper position, one woman canes while the second woman holds her feet. Wicked position. The caning doesn’t need to be harder than this.

The next three girls the same, the brunette, and the blondes. The screamer can’t last much longer.

For the third round, the positions vary. The blonde stands at the footpad of the platform for her 20; the next three girls lie across the platform on their stomachs, head hanging low, so that their bottoms are foremost and in the sweet spot for a cane swing. The screamer can hardly return to the couch.

For the fourth round, the light blonde and the screamer quit, the brunette takes her 20, some lighter strokes; and the fourth girl struggles through 20 in that terrible diaper posture.

The girls are excused, there is no ‘winner per-se in this format.