Mirror of Soul – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

13 Apr

M/f; time: 35 minutes

With this film we believe we have completed reviews of all the films from LUPUS. This is a weird one, if you are like us and have come to the party for some spanking. A professor visits his daughter’s grave in a cemetery. The girl had died recently in a sanatorium. As the professor leaves in the gloom, an untuned MG sports care races by him. The soundtrack is Artie Shaw’s ‘Begin the Beguine.”

Back home, the professor (the Orson Wells-like actor) witnesses the departure of the live-in nurse who had cared for his daughter. He spikes her drink and knocks her out. He is going to take revenge for her failure to care for his daughter.

Fade; the girl wakes in her bed in her undies, chained down. She is cold, she won’t eat, and she puts up a good fight to escape. She won’t use a potty the professor gives her and will soon piss on herself. We were hoping the professor might give her an enema, but not here.

There are flashbacks to the care for the daughter–cold, no food, rough treatment, abuse.

The professor chains the nurse into his daughter’s wheelchair and leaves her. The professor moves chessmen on a board to illustrate progress in his plan. When he finds the girl’s wet panties, he cuts them off with scissors. When she won’t take a shower, he puts her under a cold stream of water.

Mostly naked now, the professor forces the nurse to do some exercises. He uses a riding crop for encouragement. He cuts her slip, bares her breasts, and burns them with a cigarette, torturing her the way he thought his daughter Melanie was tormented.

When the nurse hides and tries to attack the professor when he enters, he grabs her and places her over the bed for a real caning, after 28 minutes of film. It is a fast and brutal whipping up to LUPUS’ standards, and since the nurse is not tied down, the stripes are wild and varied, on her bottom, back, and thighs.

He leaves the mostly naked nurse chained to furniture and returns to the cemetery for more grieving. There he decides on mercy and will release the nurse. But on the way out, he is hit and killed by the very same MG. So, in Edgar Allen Poe style, the nurse is left to die.

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