19 Apr

Time: 50 minutes

A collection of 10 short episodes, mostly about hypodermic injections, in the buttocks of course, which is what they do at STONEFOX, any which way. There were no titles here, none necessary. STONEFOX has always been fun for us; awful acting, stiff production techniques often with poor angles on the big moments, but always pretty girls and  very naughty stories about young ladies who get what they deserve from the demonic doctor.

In some of these stories, the girls seem to be in some disciplinary status where spankings are connected to the various antibiotic injections. In others, student nurses practice on each other, an abundant theme in amateur fetish and bdsm fiction. ‘Doctor Fish’  prowls, his surgical mask helping to muffle his acting.

In the first segment, a pretty brunette in just surgical gown and panties will get an injection, and then an enema. The hypodermic needles used in all these episodes are wicked–big, long, with a large fluid vial which requires a plunger. Hot stuff. The girl squeals. “It stings.” We won’t see an enema. Too bad.

In the second story, a girl has been caught in an Eastern country in possession of pornography. She must strip (“It’s cold in here.”) and wait naked for a nurse, who is going to give her an antibiotic injection. She must put on a prison dress and appear before a magistrate tomorrow. Each of these stories refers to more action not shown. Fodder for story writers.

A naughty and insouciant daughter gets an injection from Dr. Fish. “And you’re going to have your bottom spanked.” An OTK scene. STONEFOX was never  good at developing any excitement in these scenes. Fish may have been good with the needle and speculum, but not as a spanker. The injection is very good.

Another injection scene, then two episodes among student nurses, practicing the anal thing, some hilarity. In one, the nurse jabs the needle from maybe 12″ away, as if she is testing baked bread or throwing darts. “Ouch. Yeow.”

An anal examination, closeup of the insertion of a speculum. The pretty brunette gasps, with good reason, from our vantage point, a good one. This is some kind of punishment. “Stand fully naked at the wall. When I return, I’m going to give you a strapping with the belt.” Another nurse does the injection.

Dr. Fish is instructing a novice nurse, and the young girl whose bottom is on the gurney is none too happy about this training. “That’s a pretty huge needle.” “It has to be.” This is a school admittance physical, so the young thing must take it all. She gets two shots here.

Another girl will take the needle rather than have her husband called. A strapping is scheduled. We can imagine what could happen to her at home. Calling Ed Lee at NUWEST.

And last, and older girl, naked on the gurney, screams the loudest when she gets the needle. The nurse then orders her nose to the wall to wait for the doctor. “How long is that going to be?”

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