Discipline in Russia #10- Spanking in the Bath House – NETTLES

2 May

2M/2f; time: 41 minutes

More naughtiness in a rented bath house, where no mothers tell honest girls never to go. ‘Gerry Geroshvilli’ and a male friend and two girls have rented a bath house, over which they are quite impressed. The four undress and head for the elevated indoor pool. Gerry himself shows some frontal nudity here, reminding us there are more graphic pornographic versions of some of these films elsewhere. This one is for the CP market.

While the couples are in the pool, someone lifts Gerry’s wallet. When he calls the front desk, two female employees show up, and one girl is dumb enough to be caught with Gerry’s money in her blouse. The boys’  female companions want to see the employee girls whipped, and so do we.

The girls are made to strip and marched to the showers, where one of those perfect Russian benches has been placed. Gerry comes up with a cane somewhere and the first naked girl lies on the bench. She is a sophisticated looking brunette, not a floozy type, and her hair is pinned up to solve that problem. Gerry delivers 25 characteristic strokes, moving from side to side. There appears to be some cosmetic intervention, but this hurts. Tears and quivering.

The second employee has been held captive watching and now she goes over the bench and is tied down. Same caning, not quite as long, but more serious welts. Maybe they stopped. A lot of flash camera still shot action, so someone liked her bottom. Two striped bottoms to the tiled wall. The boys should be ramped up for their girls now.

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