Russian Slaves #65b -Beria and the Schoolgirl – NETTLES

2 May

M/f; time: 15 minutes

Another ‘Beria’  fragment, about a legendary KGB figure who picked girls off the street for torment for his own pleasure. ‘Vladimir’ plays Beria in his typically corny way. He summons guard ‘Gerry Geroshvilli’ and wants to see the prisoner ‘Gavrilova,’ a schoolgirl they seem to have plucked from somewhere.

The little brunette cowers in front of the two men in the office set. She wears one of those black dresses with a white apron, a cheap version for a schoolgirl or a maid. The costume doesn’t matter much of course, because it won’t last long. For the fun of it, Beria wants Gerry to whip the girl, there in the office. There is a long table waiting. The girl is ordered to strip–the scene is cut and she is naked. Too bad, we enjoy these stripping scenes from embarrassed girls. Hands-on-head naked, she is called an “enemy of the people.”

Gavrilova climbs up on the table and is tied down Russian style, facing Beria as he sits at his desk. Gerry uses a heavy cane, there are immediate red stripes, quivering, and some struggling. The camera  films the caning from one end of the table, a fortuitous and effect angle, showing the girl’s bottom, Gerry in  action, and the delight of Beria.

The girl rolls around between strokes and she much be encouraged to reposition herself, lest Gerry cane her kidneys. At the conclusion she is taken to her cell naked, Gerry escorting.

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