Discipline Mid-West Style – NUWEST

16 May

3F/3m; time: 28 minutes

Three women are on the large empty set with three men, who are being punished, this being a reformatory. One is ‘David,’ naked, kneeling erect and facing us, a presentation a specialty of his. Two other men are tied down. “Ed Lee’ himself is strapped down over the parabola-shaped spanking bench;  the third guy is fastened in a kneeling position over a box.

Two girls will watch. “Brenda Scott’ plays the matron and lurks with a strap. “As soon as the doctor gets here, we’ll start.” The women will move among the men for the rest of the film, using the strap on Lee and a cane on the other guy, in short, increasingly severe sessions. For David, he must crawl up OTK and be handspanked, then kneel again. He does not develop the 90  degree boner he can frequently produce, but there are stirrings.

The girls are quite amused, watching the whipping of male inmates, especially one with a rising cock. After six sessions, the boys are nicely marked.

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