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Driving the Lesson Home – ENGLISHSPANKERS

16 May

F/f; time: 14 minutes)

Not sure of the storyline here. Amelia Jane Rutherford plays some associate of ‘Sarah Stern.’ Sarah is angry for the way Amelia has treated some lesbian couple at her dinner party, homophobic things. It is enough for Sarah to give Amelia a caning, and for Amelia to have no grounds to object.

Amelia rucks up her tight leather skirt and pulls her panties down for the caning to start immediately. 12 moderate strokes. Sarah is very much enjoying this, Amelia not so much. “I do like the little whimpers you make.” And she teases Amelia into flinching at swooshes of one variety or another. These girls are more than just friends. Sarah wants Amelia’s bottom kept on display for a little while.

Reformatory – NUWEST

16 May

F/3m; time: 29 minutes

We have not found the title to this film. but will amend when we do. An oldie; three guys are tied down bare-ass over  one form of chair or another. A woman we don’t recognize, from the early years before the NW cast was solidified, will do the punishment. She will move from guy to guy and cane each very hard. The scene is the empty studio, with its normal harsh light and hum.

Presumably Ed Lee knew the market for F/m CP and got some jolt out of it himself. The stark institutional feel here is helpful. We won’t see the boys’ faces. After 20 minutes of moving from butt to butt, there are welts, wheals, and some blood. The lady canes very hard. There is no effort to fake or soften the punishment.

Discipline Mid-West Style – NUWEST

16 May

3F/3m; time: 28 minutes

Three women are on the large empty set with three men, who are being punished, this being a reformatory. One is ‘David,’ naked, kneeling erect and facing us, a presentation a specialty of his. Two other men are tied down. “Ed Lee’ himself is strapped down over the parabola-shaped spanking bench;  the third guy is fastened in a kneeling position over a box.

Two girls will watch. “Brenda Scott’ plays the matron and lurks with a strap. “As soon as the doctor gets here, we’ll start.” The woman will move among the men for the rest of the film, using the strap on Lee and a cane on the other guy, in short, increasingly severe sessions. For David, he must crawl up OTK and be handspanked, then kneel again. He does not develop the 90  degree boner he can frequently produce, but there are stirrings.

The girls are quite amused, watching the whipping of male inmates, especially one with a rising cock. After six sessions, the boys are nicely marked.

Desperate Measures – SHADOWLANE

8 May

MF/2f Time: 46 minutes

Clare Fonda and Kailee, the latter in her introductory appearance. Domestic frivolity in 5 vignettes.

In an opening scene in a kitchen, Kailee and stepmother Clare argue, and Kailee will be spanked, learning the ways of the house. OTK just two minutes into the film. Clare takes Kailee’s pajama pants down and then her thong. There’s the bottom that will grace so many appearances, here at SHADOWLANE and many other places. Smoky looks, perfect bottom, high pain threshold, a switcher, and adventurous. Clare works the bottom and the thighs. When Kailee is sent for the hairbrush, we get the intended frontal flash. Clare is a relentless spanker.

In the second scene, ‘River Wild,’ as Jake the plumber, arrives in the kitchen and Clare immediately intends to seduce him. Lots of plumbers have spanked their clients in CP  films. Kailee interrupts. Jake will spank Clare, taking her OTK, for a standard bare bottom affair, although it is always fun to see Ms. Fonda bottoms-up. After some argument, Jake concludes with a lengthy, steady, and rapid handspanking, a primer for any couple watching these films. As she roils, Clare glares angrily at Kailee, who is going to get it later. After this rousing spanking: “Can you at least check the bathroom toilet?” “Certainly.”

‘Danny Crighton,’ playing Clare’s husband and either Kailee’s father or stepfather, calls for the two girls. Kailee spills the incident with the plumber where Clare showed her boobs. Danny goes with Clare’s version that she was set and he will now spank Kailee.

Another conventional OTK spanking, breezy white dress up, panties down. Danny spanks very hard, including on the thighs down almost to the knees. Kailee kneels on the hassock. Danny whips her with his belt.

In the next scene, Danny will now turn to his wife Clare. “But he was a fake plumber.” “But those are real boobs.” Another hard OTK spanking, notable for Ms. Fonda, whose later career has been as a Top and producer. She fetches the hairbrush for Danny, but she is cautious not to flash. Hard smacking. She has been complaining that they never do anything. But this works, she calls him to bed.

Jake has arrived at the house to pick up Kailee, who has forgotten their date. He WAS  a fake plumber. So Jake will spank her. OTK, her bottom and thighs are now bruised and mottled after the above scenes. “Didn’t you get enough this morning?” She moans. Spanking. Hugs.

Discipline in Russia #10- Spanking in the Bath House – NETTLES

2 May

2M/2f; time: 41 minutes

More naughtiness in a rented bath house, where no mothers tell honest girls never to go. ‘Gerry Geroshvilli’ and a male friend and two girls have rented a bath house, over which they are quite impressed. The four undress and head for the elevated indoor pool. Gerry himself shows some frontal nudity here, reminding us there are more graphic pornographic versions of some of these films elsewhere. This one is for the CP market.

While the couples are in the pool, someone lifts Gerry’s wallet. When he calls the front desk, two female employees show up, and one girl is dumb enough to be caught with Gerry’s money in her blouse. The boys’  female companions want to see the employee girls whipped, and so do we.

The girls are made to strip and marched to the showers, where one of those perfect Russian benches has been placed. Gerry comes up with a cane somewhere and the first naked girl lies on the bench. She is a sophisticated looking brunette, not a floozy type, and her hair is pinned up to solve that problem. Gerry delivers 25 characteristic strokes, moving from side to side. There appears to be some cosmetic intervention, but this hurts. Tears and quivering.

The second employee has been held captive watching and now she goes over the bench and is tied down. Same caning, not quite as long, but more serious welts. Maybe they stopped. A lot of flash camera still shot action, so someone liked her bottom. Two striped bottoms to the tiled wall. The boys should be ramped up for their girls now.

Russian Slaves #65b -Beria and the Schoolgirl – NETTLES

2 May

M/f; time: 15 minutes

Another ‘Beria’  fragment, about a legendary KGB figure who picked girls off the street for torment for his own pleasure. ‘Vladimir’ plays Beria in his typically corny way. He summons guard ‘Gerry Geroshvilli’ and wants to see the prisoner ‘Gavrilova,’ a schoolgirl they seem to have plucked from somewhere.

The little brunette cowers in front of the two men in the office set. She wears one of those black dresses with a white apron, a cheap version for a schoolgirl or a maid. The costume doesn’t matter much of course, because it won’t last long. For the fun of it, Beria wants Gerry to whip the girl, there in the office. There is a long table waiting. The girl is ordered to strip–the scene is cut and she is naked. Too bad, we enjoy these stripping scenes from embarrassed girls. Hands-on-head naked, she is called an “enemy of the people.”

Gavrilova climbs up on the table and is tied down Russian style, facing Beria as he sits at his desk. Gerry uses a heavy cane, there are immediate red stripes, quivering, and some struggling. The camera  films the caning from one end of the table, a fortuitous and effect angle, showing the girl’s bottom, Gerry in  action, and the delight of Beria.

The girl rolls around between strokes and she much be encouraged to reposition herself, lest Gerry cane her kidneys. At the conclusion she is taken to her cell naked, Gerry escorting.