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Naughty Boy – NUWEST

27 Jun

3F/m; time: 27 minutes

We don’t have the title for this oldie yet. We’ve said, F/m spankings are not preferred by us, but here again, as usual, NUWEST used the nudity of the female dommes to attract both sides of the market audience.

The set is the large, high-ceiling tile-walled room somewhere on Ed Lee’s property. A naked male is tied down over the tilted box. We will never see his face and hear only muttered grunts and phrases from him.  He is being attended by ‘Jacque,’ ‘Julia Jameson,’ and a third model.

The action is repetitive, although colorful. First, the girls, fully clothed in conventional dresses, will take turns strapping him. One girl straps, a second sits with his head held between her legs, and the third girl stands with her back to us, closest to the camera. There are several angles shot of this action, rather good from NUWEST. The girls admire his developing red butt.

The girls strap impressively hard. The guy wriggles and gasps. The girls use the silly taunting talk which made NUWEST comically unique in this era. Of course the girls are becoming overheated. “Let’s take our dresses off.” They strip to bras, panties, garter belts, and stockings, the usual NW foundation display.

The rotating strappings continue, the girls are careful to keep switching sides to distribute the pressure on both buttocks. The female pantied bottom is kept in the shots. And for the final strapping round, the girls strip naked. Lots of pubic hair in this era.

Jacque picks up a cane and goes to work, while Julia and the third girl masturbate themselves off to the side. A bit silly but fun. Jacque: “Next time, you cane and I get to cum.”



27 Jun

2MF/5f; time: 1 hr 18 minutes

A familiar line,  full of potential, but again OOHTEEKAY cannot (for us, at least) develop it. 5 girls are being auditioned (apparently) work at a spanking club. They will be tested by three staff members, Cecil B. and 2 others. Nothing much ever seems to happen in these films, we acknowledge that we have been spoiled by the British and European producers. And there’s that ‘institute’ in the Rocky Mountains.

There are about 15 short scenes of the girls being spanked over one lap or another, their clothes gradually disappear, as do the girls. Presumably some are not hired. We didn’t find a single sequence worth special attention.

Reformatory Caning 1 – WILDAFRICACANING

27 Jun

F/f; time: 33 minutes

The producer’s weird incongruities continue. Darlene’ again plays a domme or matron. She wears a sort of naval uniform. This is some sort of reformatory school for girls. ‘Roxy’ is a sort of incarcerated schoolgirl. She will kneel on a special punishment chair to be caned. Again, an annoying soundtrack, a tolling bell. She is fastened at the wrists, thighs, and ankles. Thong down, just six strokes here.

The matron puts on a strap-on dildo, a rather mild one for the CP genre, not like some of the monsters at NUWEST and other places. This one is about the length and thickness of a cigar. She lubes the girl and fucks her. The girl is lucky.

The girl is  released and the matron helps her get naked. Frisk position at the wall, play with her boobs, and then over a polished 55 gallon barrel, NUWEST style. A dozen cane strokes here, and some frigging with the cane tip. Another session with the dong, we could see its flopping shadow.

The matron switches to a very thick cane, almost a broomstick. The girl screams at this. About 10 strokes. More strap-on, the girl is getting off on it this time. IT’s better than that stick.

Schoolgirl and Her Director

26 Jun

M/f; time: 59 minutes

A German film. The feel of an early CALSTAR, zero budget, no scene changes, floozy models willing to be spanked for very little money. The scene is an exterior, windswept clearing, light brush. A guy, sort of a Trump lookalike, wearing a full suit and carrying a briefcase, setting up the ageplay and authoritarian relationship, marches a blonde along. She has curly hair and two ponytails and should have dropped the schoolgirl roles some time ago. He is going to give her a full workout, right here in the sunlight, and presumably in privacy.

Most of the punishment will be silly here, however lengthy. After some palm slapping, he sits on his briefcase and takes her OTK. He works at her loose white panties and soon they come down. He uses her school ruler on her, to little effect. She steps away to gather some branches he can use for switches. She must break them off with her hands. These switchings are also ineffectual.

The girl  begins doing exercises–bend-overs, touch toes, jogging in place, knee bends, much of it with her panties stretched at her thighs. More spanking, now in the diaper position. The nearly naked girl is rolling around in the gorse and fescue. No one concerned about ticks?

The Director eventually gets her completely naked. The sun has changed the light to afternoon shadows, nice for her white body. Strapping, belting, crawling around, all kind of silly, and suggesting very early CP films.

Diary of Discipline – WILDAFRICACANINGS

19 Jun

‘Female Prison Punishment #5’ F/f; time: 30 minutes

These crude productions often surprise; this one starts fast, with the title listed as ‘Dairy of Discipline.’ We are in a sparse and silly classroom setting. ‘Livia’ going to be spanked by a dour teacher. OTK, white panties, standard so far.

Over the desk for the cane. Panties down, the model instinctively reaches back and tries to help pull them down. 12 hard strokes, typical of WAF. The teacher stops to check the stripes developing so far, because they are ripening before our eyes. “One too high, one too low.” Small gasps. As the caning progresses, “You’re already purple.” (at 9 strokes) She screams. Some lotion after the 12.

FADE. An unrelated scene. A redhead in a cell is being made to put on an orange jumpsuit. She is manacled ad marched to a punishment room, which amounts to a platform in a cell, with a wedge in the center of it. Off comes the jumpsuit and she is naked, The redhead climbs up onto the platform and drapes herself efficiently over the wedge, bottom very high and tight. She is fastened  down in detail at the wrists, thighs, and feet, which takes a while, and we are ready to begin.  They must be expecting a big struggle.

A long caning ensues–over thirty strokes, accompanied by an annoying soundtrack. Part of this action is shot through the bars. The matron stops to admire the lines she is creating, and for fun, she alters her rhythm to torment the prisoner’s anticipation. The matron makes some effort to fill the white spaces between the lines but her aim is erratic.

At the conclusion, when the girl is released, because she fails to thank the matron, she gets 10 more strokes, bent over, the hardest yet. The matron reminds her, in this prison there will be no “fuck you’s” and “no hands” trying to cover up.

Rebellious Teenagers – AAASPANKING

19 Jun


A simple exercise. Inveterate producer ‘John Osborne’ interrupts two girls gossiping in a bedroom; they wear matching outfits of blue tops and short shorts. Blond ‘Sophie’ has heisted a bottle of wine from Osborne’s collection.

Osborne has brought his hairbrush. He will spank both girls on the bed. Sophie’s bottom is still faint pink from another occasion. Both girls drop their shorts and panties and arrange themselves over pillows. They kneel up a bit, elevating both bottoms.

We have reviewed ‘Jasmine’  in a number of XEROTICS films. She has jet black hair, flashing eyes, and just enough flesh to plump out a perfect feminine bottom. She is pure clear white here, and breathtaking. Two great bottoms, who celebration is most of what happens here.

Sternwood Academy

18 Jun

A clunky American attempt at the schoolgirl theme from 2012; blouses, kilts, knee socks, etc. Teachers and students. A lot of detention.

‘Two girls after class’ (F/2f; time: 14 minutes). Two girls after class with a female teacher. She will spank them both, the redhead first. “Lift that skirt, pull those panties down.” The redhead must hang her panties on a hook, a certain touch of fateful resignation we love.

The lefthanded teacher spanks her OTK, using a small hard wood paddle like the business end of a hairbrush. Bruising immediately.

The redhead bends over the desk and the teacher takes some excruciating time pinning her kilt up out of the way. After this spanking, the girl has to go to the whiteboard and begin to write lines, in the most tiny print, suggesting she will have a lot of work to do. Her blond friend escapes in this video.

‘Heather texting in class’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A pretty brunette sits alone with a male teacher in detention. The acting is atrocious. “Take your panties off and hang them on the first hook.” She bends over a desk and he flips up the kilt. She gets a mild whipping with a doubled strap, one of those wicked prison varieties. She counts out 50 strokes and keeps her hair off her face.

She has to sit at her desk, bare bottom. This producer missed a good chance the British don’t let pass in their schoolies. We wanted to see her bottom peeking out. And, so far, this male teacher is being a good boy. In any number of detention films, a desperate girl will find a way to distract the male teacher.

‘Late for detention’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Two girls in detention, a third girl, a blonde, is dragged in, late. There are two male teachers presiding here. The blonde’s bottom is first for the griddle. “I will give you 100 reasons not to be late.”

She bends over a desk, her white panties come down. A small Spencer paddle is used, mild, but this will accrue if in fact 100 is to be the count. The typical white paddle bruises begin, especially on that far buttock.

Several camera angles are used, but the sound varies from each. The blonde hangs up her panties and sits, but again we  are deprived of the peek.

‘More detention’ (F/2f; time: 13 minutes) Two girls report to what looks like detention. They wear red gym tops and red panties. Don’t know where they are coming from dressed like this. One of the models is Christie Cutey. Two women attend. After the girls do some writing, one of the women pulls both their panties down, plenty of frontals. 

One at a time the girls are taken OTK for the hand and the hairbrush. Despite their fussing, this was just a moderate session. 

’Ring leaders spanked’ (F/2f; time: 13 minutes)Two girls are marched into a classroom. They wear detention  uniforms, red T-shirts and red panties. One of the models is ‘Christy Cutie,’ a well travelled bottom. The girls are already whimpering, a bit much.

Two teachers supervise. One will do the spanking. Both girls’ panties are pulled down,  lest there be any doubt about what this is all about.

Each girl is then spanked OTK, by hand and a hairbrush. Too much whimpering. Each girl must read aloud an apology she has written. Back to their desk bare bottom. This seems to have been a Punishment off the books, no record kept.

Unprepared for Class‘ (F/2f; time: 5 minutes) A female teacher has ‘Alex’ and ‘Katerina’ after class. She is going to spank both of the girls. Over their desks, kilts up, white panties down. Fast, loud strapping. Conventional

‘Passing notes’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) The American try at the schoolgirl thing. The female teacher intercepts notes being passed in her class. She makes the five pretty schoolgirls stand, face the wall, and drop their white panties. The girls are fully decked out in blazers and kilts. They giggle, even with their pants down. The pretty teacher uses a Spencer paddle and spanks the row of girls. The girls sit bare bottom.

Spanking Shame – Collection #9

18 Jun

More from this naughty defunct French website;  we think we’ve  gotten  them all. ‘Doctor Tom’ took Ed Lee of NUWEST to the next level.

1.’Gymnast spanked and fucked’ (M/f; time: 26 minutes) ‘Doctor Tom’ has a frizzy light brunette under his control here, and this may be the most ‘humiliating’ and intrusive of the series we have seen. These films are difficult to find, because they were not titled in most cases and the website is gone.  Tom speaks English here, not French, and not so badly.

The gym setup; Tom begins spanking the thin little brunette immediately, OTK, pantyhose down. “You don’t have any knickers.” She wears a pink sweater top and a short white skirt. He assists her to strip down to just pantyhose, and he begins to tease at the waistline of those, lest she think they will survive.

On a rug, the girl struggles to do pushups. As she works, Tom pulls her pantyhose down and begins to probe between her buttocks. Tom drops his sweatpants. He has one of his huge erections, with a condom already in place. Just 12 minutes in, he begins fucking her from behind as she lies flat. They adjust somewhat, but this position really doesn’t work. He can’t penetrate properly, not to mention it films poorly.

He continues to pump as the girl tries pushups and offers her hips. They move to a wall, where she can bend over. This is much better. She is almost totally silent.

The next humiliation–the mostly naked girl does a handstand, Tom supports her, and pulls her pantyhose off–up. He plays with her pussy, right there for him.

Another cut–the naked girl stands in the center of the set, cowering and covering. Tom fondles and twirls her. She sits on his lap where they try another screwing, which also has its mechanical problems. The girl shifts to the wheelbarrow position, which Tom exploits.

To the gyno table, onto her back, feet in stirrups, thighs wide. Now here Tom can complete his task. He fucks her again, stepping off-screen to put on a new condom. Closeups, moans, squeaky latex noises, the most explicit and lengthy sex we recall in this series and close to an orgasm also.

2. ‘Dr. Tom, nude PT, bad hula’ (M/f; time: 30 minutes) A tall thin brunette undresses behind a screen, open to the camera. Down to panties and garters/stockings, she cover her boobs for Tom. Why? Doesn’t she know what’s coming? Stethoscope exam, Tom fondles and probes.

Stockings and garters off, down to panties. Spanking OTK over a stool, panties down. Alternate camera shot of her facial, very unusual in this series.

Cut-the girl wears just gray gym shorts. Tom will urge her through some PT with a heavy cane. Jog, pushups, shorts down to the thighs. With her shorts at her knees, she tries the hula hoop but can’t do it. Nice to watch her bottom as she tries. Next, naked, the swimming motion on a bench. full puss. Leg lifts and splits on her back–this girl is showing it all. Onto the gyno table for more spanking and probing.

3. ‘Dr. Tom, red top, nude PT, limbo’ (M/f; time: 48 minutes) Conventional stuff; this girl must have had an agreement with Tom not to do sex, but she certainly deserved it. Tall cute brunette, in red halter and matching handbag, reports to Tom.

After a long conversation, she drops her jeans to expose full white panties–faster, the jeans go up and down. OTK on a workout bench. She pulls down her panties, very prominent feminine bottom, not that common in this series.

OTK again, Tom gets her jeans and panties completely off. He spreads her thighs during the spanking. When she stands, she wants to cover her front, so hands on head. Red halter off, naked, twirl. Hand smacks.

Naked PT on a mat–pushups, back arch, leg splits, handspanking in the diaper position. Bend-over, touch toes for the ruler, stand and reach for the ceiling. Bend over again, legs 3′ wide, spank, puss. And finally, a long crawl back and forth naked under the limbo bar.

4. ‘Spanking in the apartment’ (M/f; time: 21 minutes) One of the lucky alternate cast members has a date with a young girl on the apartment set. He sits on an orange couch, whose only use could be in a porn film. At the door arrives a curly brunette, dressed mostly in denim. After some discussion (in French), she must have been convinced, because she begins to undress, top and jeans off, down to black undies.

They guy takes her OTK and begins spanking. In this film, the action is limited to spanking, although more embarrassing and intrusive. She removes her bikini panties and twirls sweetly to prove to us how she got hired.

More spanking on the couch, lots of the usual probing and prying. To the wall in the frisk position for the martinet–nothing is ever too severe in this series, but it is very embarrassing.

5. ‘2 girls scheduled, limbo, shave’ (M/2f; time: 50 minutes) Doctor Tom at work here, and this film is in English. He wears his medical smock. Two girls have been inadvertently scheduled for the same hour, so the doctor will make the best of it and do both the ‘medical evaluation’ planned for ‘Valerie,’ and ‘physical training’ for the second girl.

Tall blondish Valerie is invited to strip behind a screen, which privacy is irrelevant, given what the doctor is probably going to do. While she undresses slowly, Tom takes the little brunette OTK, jeans and panties down. Behind the screen (we have full view), Valerie stops at bra and panties. Valerie steps forth, both girls’ bras come off and Tom fondles two sets of boobs. Tom spanks Valerie next, panties down.

When Tom pokes both girls with a cane, they do the panties-up/down drill for him. They face us and away for this little exercise.

Tom sets up a limbo bar. The two girls crawl back and forth under it, not the conventional crab-walk, but by slithering on the floor. We’ve said before, this is the most delightful exercise for a naked girl, and S&S exploited it as well as any producer.

Then one of the more novel shaving scenes we have seen. The brunette lies on her back on Tom’s lap, where he lathers and shaves her pussy, very carefully, then turns her over, spreads her cheeks and dry-shaves around her anus. More spanking. Some of the better ‘humiliation’  in this film.

6. ‘brunette in red kilt’ (M/f; time: 42 minutes) Doctor Tom speaks English again here; the girl know what’s coming (as it were), in any case. He scolds her for bad schoolwork, and this punishment will be an unusual treatment for that.

He begins spanking her OTK on a stool. Kilt up, panties down. Soon, she stands in front of him and he coaxes her clothes off, helping her out. Onto her back on a gyno table for a long fondling, on her stomach for a spanking from a ruler. Next he shaves her pubic hair–remember, all this just for lazy schoolwork.

Jump rope and exercises in just panties. More probing on the table, with rubber gloves.

And the reward–the girl kneels naked on her hands and knees, quite docile throughout, Tom drops his pants, and fucks her slowly from behind. The condom was already in place.

7. “Medical Examination” (M/f; time: 48 minutes;) A small and pretty mulatto girl reports to ‘Doctor Tom’ and is soon undressing behind the rattan screen, hidden from nobody of course. Tom waits in his white smock. The girl steps out in black bra and panties. Tom fondles her on the red rug, takes off her bra, and helps himself to her boobs, one of his specialties.

OTK over a stool, she is suspended. Panties and garter belt down, legs spread, pussy play. She likes it all. Some flogging.

8. ‘Limbo girl, sex workout’ (M/f; time: 60 minutes) Perhaps the most aggressive sexual episode we have seen inside ‘Doctor Tom’s’ lair. A thin and shy brunette reports to him in his office. Tom wears his white medical smock, which must make a girl’s heart sink when she sees it. The girl strips down to white bra and panties while Tom does paperwork. She steps out to face Tom.

He soon has her bra off and massages her boobs, as he likes to do. And quickly the panties are down. For such a diminutive girl, she has a sensational round and full feminine bottom, maybe why she (and it) is about to get so much attention. She tries to cover–Tom pinches her rather furry pubic bush.

The girl moves to open space and her panties are back in place. He has her stand on a stool–cute. She performs the panties-down-up drill, while we watch from front and back. That must be all Tom needs, because she kneels hands-and-knees and he pulls out his huge erection. He fucks her slowly, doggy style, she quite willing.

We continue. She will crawl under a limbo bar, first in panties, then panties hobbling at her knees, then naked. She doesn’t do it frat party-style, but slithers struggling on the floor. Not good for you when you have lost your pants. After some more spanking in the diaper position, some time at the wall, out comes the big cock again for a standing fuck, from the rear. She abides.

She lies on  a low bench and Tom shaves her pubic hair in various poses, including turning her over to get into her buttocks crack and around her anus. This may be the best shaving scene we have seen in the CP genre, maybe not as cute as ‘Katie’s’ acting   in NUWEST, but wonderful.

More spanking, and Tom is ready to go again! The brunette is fucked once more, hands-and-knees and standing. Tom wears a condom as always.

9. ‘Willing brunette’ (M/f; time: 1:07) An attractive French brunette, reminding us somewhat of Sandra Bullock, enters Doctor Tom’s medical setup and examines his gynecological implements.

Trouble–Tom enters in his white smock, they shake hands. He is soon helping her off with her clothes–jersey over her head, bra off, down to just slacks. He plays with her boobs–one would imagine this is supposed to be an examination.

He sits on a stool, she drops her slacks, her panties match the discarded bra. He twirls her and examines, panties come down. Probing, frigging, hands on head, legs spread, tight white bottom, Tom likes her thatch of fluffy pubic hair. A third of the way through, Tom takes out his cock, rampant as always.

He rubs his cock on her; she turns and begins a handjob, quite fascinated, for good reason. More penile rubbing and twirling. OTK naked, a long spanking and probing. Handjob again.

The brunette goes onto the gyno table for a thorough probing and frigging. Onto her hands and kneels for a rectal thermometer. Tom drops his pants and climbs onto the gurney with her–it is sturdy!

He rubs with his cock, puts on a condom, then fucks her doggy-style. She is very good about it, quite willing and helpful, head down, bottom high. She turns onto her back and holds herself in the diaper position while Tom completes the hard and thorough screwing.

10. ‘Couples at dinner’ (2M/2f; time: 28 minutes) Two couples chat over dinner. This being the spanking genre, we can imagine where this evening is headed, even though we don’t understand French. Sure enough, the first girl, a thin little brunette, is grabbed and taken OTK right there at the table while the other couple watches. Her male spanker gradually works off all her clothes. She tries to cover up but is delightfully poor at it.

It is the other girl’s turn to get the same spanking. She struggles more, so the first couple holds her still. This blonde is soon naked also. Both girls stand naked, the two guys switch places and keep spanking and fondling. Somewhat mild for this site, but very exploitative, not bad for a dinner party.

11. ‘Light brunette, green couch’ (M/f; time: 28 minutes) One of the Spanking&Shame regulars is tormenting a thin light brunette at the green couch. Spanking and struggling, the guy picks at her clothes until she is finally naked. Not much happens here. The girl does an excellent job of looking very unhappy about all this.

12. ‘Girl masturbating’ (M/f; time: 26 minutes) A guy peeks in the window on the apartment set and sees a girl masturbating as she reads a porn magazine. She is very pretty light brunette. The guy comes in, and after some pleasantries, grabs the magazine and shows her the dildo she tucked out of sight. He has the leverage he needs.

He begins spanking her over the couch. Jersey up, black lace panties are soon worked down. Standard spanking and struggling, as this site does. He spits on her pussy. The girl strips naked and poses for him. She had a delightful white bottom and bikini tan.

More spanking and a fly swatter paddle. She goes and gets her dildo for him and puts a lubricated condom on it. Both the guy and the girl work the dildo.

Cut, a blowjob would appear to be near completion. The guy is wearing a condom, rather odd, maybe French law. But he is getting a jolly treatment.

13. ‘Exercises and limbo’ (M/f; time: 35 minutes) One of the S&S staffers will exercise a thin little brunette in the gym set, pick at her clothes until he has them all off, flog and torment her. Like many of the good models in these films, she struggles and resists.

A lot of her exercises are in just panties, very nice. When the guy sets up the limbo bar, she struggles with it like all the girls do.

14. (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Dr Tom has one of the cutest girls we have seen in this series in the gym setup. She reminds us of early Kyrie Kelly from NUWEST. And he will make the most of her in this short film. She is wearing a top and jeans; Tom picks at her and she surrenders hers clothes slowly.

Down to white bra and thong, fondling, twirling, standing spanking. Gym mat onto the floor she does some star jumps. Bra off, she can’t cover for long. Film cut–she is on her back on the floor, legs up and being spread by Tom. He pulls her thong aside for a lot of vagina.

Tom uses her foot to rub his penis, then drops his pants to show one of his erections pointing to the ceiling. Over onto hands and knees into the doggy position, Tom strokes his cock. Another cut–the condom is on, and Tom reams from behind. Nicely filmed from above.

15. ‘Stop the SMS’ (M/f; time: 34 minutes) A brunette lies on a bed, texting and masturbating, a form of interactive phone sex, we imagine. She is caught by an older guy, a bald-headed grey fox type from the SS cast. He begins spanking her on the bed on  her pajama pants. He drags her to a couch, gets her pj’s and her panties down, for a long and conventional spanking. He rucks down her T-shirt top to squeeze some boob, but no one can quite shame a girl like Dr. Tom does. Into the kitchen for more spanking and a mild flogging. We see maybe the dirtiest pair of feet from a studio floor in our collection .

16. ‘Apartment, girl in purple’ (M/f;  time:19 minutes) Not much happens here. a blond guy spanks a brunette in a purple top on the apartment set. She does struggle nicely as he gets her clothes off. Some frigging and a spanking with a violin bow. Where is Dr. Tom when you need him?

17. ‘guys at bar’ (2M/f; time: 35 minutes) Two guys sit at a shabby little bar setup, like in someone’s basement or an Elk’s Club in decline. A floozy brunette, in keeping with the décor, joins them. She has  a drink with them and a smoke. The men begin smacking her bottom–what did she expect would happen in this environment?

We recall some of the early Harrison Marks/Kane spanking films, where slightly traveled girls toyed with horny men in similar bare scenes, early male-domination fantasies.

The guys get her slacks and then her thong out of the way. Plenty of tattoos. She is spanked and frigged. The girl is taken into an adjoining room, where there is a B&D setup. She takes off the rest of her clothes and is apparently amused by it all. The guys attach her to a standing pillory, her head and wrists through holes. Naked here, she gets a gentle flogging. She is next put on a St. Andrew’s cross and flogged.

Back to the bar. She is naked and warmed up, and presumably the guys are also. She lies over a high bar stool and a final spanking, probing, and frigging. They have her remain bottom-up as decoration while they continue to drink. This girl was lucky.

18. M/f; time: 22 minutes. This film is in English. The older male cast character with a short haired brunette. She is lucky, this guy likes his pussy but he won’t go further. Handspanking on a bed, a stuggle to get her panties down. .He gets her legs spread, and will cane her in a standing position. He gets her top off so that she is naked. More action on the couch, legs open.

Reform Academy – FIRMHAND

14 Jun

Another edition of this abundant theme, where a parade of nubile bottoms has been marched into the well-appointed FIRMHAND classroom  for all sorts of rousing spankings. Belinda Lawson again, Helen Stephens in short blond hair, and a different male–Philip Johnson. We think Earl Grey must be out for Tommy John surgery to repair his arm after all his spanking. 2018 copyright dates. Johnson is going to absolutely salivate over these two morsels in his grasp.

(DA)(M/f; time: 11 minutes) Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens report to Philip Johnson in his office. They introduce themselves. Johnson  is ready. “These names have turned up.” He goes on to explain that he has “a few issues” with his colleague Earl Grey, suggesting insufficient discipline. “Is it your intention to spank us?”

Belinda is asked to position a chair. She prepares to go OTK and begins to drop her slacks before Johnson can utter the line. “Yes,” encourages Johnson. White lace panties. Johnson  immediately takes them down, explaining that discipline at the Academy is more official when bare bottom.

Conventional spanking, except Belinda is distressed to note Johnson spanks harder than Grey. Belinda is positioned to the side and Helen is called forward. slow motion repeats.

(DB)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Philip Johnson has just completed spanking Belinda; she climbs off and goes to the wall bare-bottom. Helen will be spanked immediately. She drops her shorts and goes OTK. Johnson gets the little blue lace panties down very quickly. He wants her to fix her gaze on Belinda’s bottom at the wall, because that is what he intends to duplicate.

Helen’s bottom is still white and clear, this being an early part of this shooting series. He whales. “Mr. Grey didn’t spank this hard.” Standard stuff, gorgeous girl. When Johnson  finishes: “Jiggle over there.” He wants to see the bottoms compared.

(DC)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) After Helen jiggles into place, Belinda is called back, because she was peeking without authority. More standard spanking on an already bare and red bottom.

Johnson catches Stephens rubbing, also not permitted. So she too will receive another spanking. Cute and brief fuzzy frontals as  she moves back OTK.

(DD) (M/2f; time: 9 minutes) Two bottoms on the screen; Helen’s white bottom OTK for another round.

(DE) (M/2f; time: 11 minutes) Belinda and Helen wait for director Philip Johnson in his office. They look at a big tawse and laugh, because it is “the property of” Earl Grey and they have some familiarity with it. Johnson arrives and announces the girls need more discipline, compliance, obedience.

“Take those clothes off, now.” Belinda strips first, another terrific scene. The actress  has a few rivals, but she’s up there near the top. Naked, she bends over the desk. Johnson goes to work with the big tawse. She whispers to the camera: “Not as bad as Earl Grey .”  Johnson hears and increases the severity.

“Miss Stephens, get those clothes off.” She bends over, bottom to us. Two nudes in the shot.

(DF) (M/f; time 10 minutes) Belinda’s nude tawsing now completed, eyes turn to Helen. “Get those clothes off, now.” Helen strips, she is lily white, pale and clear, terrific. She will bend over Johnson’s desk for the tawse. Belinda stands naked in the shot. Excellent side and rear shots.

Belinda returns and lies flat on the table for her next round.

(DG) (M/2f; time: 8 minutes) Both Helen and Belinda are naked, filling the screen. Johnson has finished strapping Helen. Belinda takes her place on her belly on the pool table. Johnson is quite proud of himself. This has gone far beyond simple discipline and the girls have begun to be amused and cooperate in his fetish. He observes of Belinda: “A perfectly prepared bottom, ready for the strap.” Indeed.

(DH) (M/f; time: 14 minutes)  Both girls nude, difficult to remember a more entertaining sight from FIRMHAND. Helen gets more from the strap–also facial, rear, and overhead. Johnson delays, pauses and torments, the only way these models could take such extended spankings, presumably in one shooting day. Despite her experience, Ms. Stephens can’t resist glances at the camera.

Now both naked girls to the blackboard. When Johnson allows that his message has been delivered, the girls mutter some snarky cracks, earning a few more swipes of the tawse. The better part of the second half of this film is a slow-motion repeat of Helen under the tawse.

(DJ) (M/f; time: 10 minutes)  Helen and  Belinda go for a jog on the school grounds. FH goes to the trouble of a brief exterior shot. When they report back to Philip Johnson, he is very angry and orders “Strip.” The girls get right to it, keeping their backs to us and bottoms foremost. Two lovely naked girls fill the screen.

Some classic British stuff here–Belinda will ‘horse’ Helen for her to be caned by Johnson. ’12 strokes, you (Belinda) can count them out.” The girls sag a little during the caning. “Come on, lift your colleague up.” Helen’s toes just brush the floor. The 12 strokes are repeated from a facial angle. No question, the horsing posture is enhanced when the girls are naked.

“I want you to swap around.” But first, some slow-motion of Helen’s caning.

(DK)) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) The exterior jogging scene and the girls’ stripping are repeated. It was Belinda’s turn,  but Johnson decides Helen needs six more strokes of the cane, so she is horsed again. Johnson is very pleased with her discomfort. “The cane is king.”

(DL)(M/f; time: 4 minutes) Belinda is horsed here for Johnson’s cane. She really squeals, and FIRMHAND quotes her that this is one of the rare times that she cried during a shoot. She is not so easy to ‘horse.’ There is a lot more of Belinda than there is of Helen, and she is taller.

(DM)(M/2f; year: 2018; time:10 minutes) Belinda and Helen are seen jogging on the grounds. Then they report to Johnson. He is disturbed they have been running around. “Strip!” he demands. As the girls oblige without dispute, he swooshes the cane. The girls are going to get six more cane strokes today.

Helen horses Belinda, which is quite a sight, given there is so much more of Belinda. The screen fills with pink skin. Belinda squeals through her six. After this caning, the girls must share holding the cane in their outstretched palms, a chance for two sets of boobs in closeup.

(DN)(M/2f; time: 14 minutes) Belinda is still whimpering after those six cane strokes. Johnson decides he is going to give each of them nine more, because he can. He has the two naked girls hold the “rod” in their out-stretched palms. “It did a lot of good work today.” The girls will get alternate strokes, bend down/up, back and forth, silly but lots of bottoms. Helen is the only one who permits a frontal, random soft fuzz. Belinda keeps covering.

(DO) (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) The nine strokes continue. Zoom in on welts.

(DP)(M/2f; time: 9 minutes) The girls have come to Johnson’s classroom wearing kilts and blouses, their old schoolgirl stuff, just to taunt and tease Johnson. FIRMHAND is so very good at playing sardonically with the ‘schoolie’ thing. They smirk and tease him, giving  him the chance to call them “disrespectful.” Belinda hands Johnson the leather embossed paddle. Helen is spanked first OTK.

(DQ)(M/2f; time: 6 minutes) Johnson wants to know why Belinda is so fascinated with the paddle. She says, “We thought it was something Earl Grey used on us before.” Helen’s paddling comes here, 25 strokes. Everybody is addicted to spanking at this point.

(DR)(M/2f; time: 7 minutes) The girls remain in school uniforms. Belinda will be paddled here. “It’s your turn. Fortunately we have the paddle here.” Belinda bends over a spanking bench. Johnson has Helen pull Belinda’s panties down, a nice little deviation. He notes her accruing pattern of marks. Helen will count the paddle smacks -25. Reaction CAM and slow-motion replay.

(DS)(M/2f; time: 10 minutes) After Belinda’s paddling, because she is still salty and argumentative, Johnson will continue with a long handspanking. Helen holds her in place. Finally Belinda is let up and sent to the blackboard. She keeps her bottom on display without being told. Helen joins her, and Johnson wants to see her bottom too. The girls are left alone to rub, whisper, and wait.

(DT) (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Johnson announces that this will be the girls’ final spanking for this series. The girls have reported in gym bras and shorts and they wonder why. Johnson arrives with the huge fraternity paddle/’board.’ An authentic weapon. “I’ve decided to bring out the big guns.”

The girls will be paddled, one stroke for each, bending over, touch toes, up and down, very hard strokes from this huge implement, which covers both cheeks and then some. the girls will keep their shorts on for this section of the Finale. Facials mixed in.

(DU) (M/2f; time: 11 minutes) In this part of the final segment, Phillips announces it is time for the girls’ shorts to come down. Belinda, then Helen, pull their shorts and panties down, one at a time and slowly. The audio is so good that the sound of cloth over flesh is clearly heard. Both bottoms are mottled and welted by now. Great closeups.

Philips continues the huge whacks. The paddle covers both cheeks. He spanks them in sequence, as before, and they squeal. Terrific.

(DV) (M/2f; time: 11 minutes) This series seems to keep bumping along and restarting, maybe because FIRMHAND was experiencing good sales. They must have had these episodes on file. Professor Johnson  keeps on paddling the girls. He wants their shorts and panties down. Belinda is the most marked up after these 21 episodes. Belinda and Helen have to bend over, step forward and back, and take alternating paddle (‘board’) strokes. A bit tedious. Facial and side repeats and a very long slow-motion  concluder.

(DW) (M/2f; time: 14 minutes) More of the exact same, taking the paddle strokes to 24; amounting to 12 each for Helen and Belinda. This DOES appear to be the conclusion of Johnson’s punishment process. The girls have been referring to him and ‘Mr. Metcalf.’ The girls are left, bent double, bare bottom, with the huge paddle resting across the smalls of their backs. You’d have to be in the Bolshoi or an MLB catcher to sustain this posture. A moment later, there is an out-take narrative between the girls–Belinda doesn’t mind the cane so much, its sting is brief. The paddle lasts. Helen doesn’t like the cane or the crop. And they are sure Grey is more turned on by spanking them than Metcalf. They identify what we have come to know–that these series are shot in one single day. They think ‘Metcalf’ is more ‘severe’ than Grey. We’ll study.

(DX) (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) The series seems to revive; Earl Grey is suddenly back from elbow surgery and the girls have now reported to him, in a different Academy classroom. They seem to wonder why the Metcalf sessions weren’t enough, why this must go on. So there is some plot continuity here. The girls return to the blackboard to write the key lesson words: HONESTY, LYING, THEFT, ATTITUDE. Grey’s thing.

The girls know they are going to be spanked again. Helen goes OTK first, panties down. Grey is impressed with her marks. “Ah, Mr. Metcalf’s work.” All Helen in this segment.

(M/2f; time: 9 minutes) Belinda is spanked next. We are learning that the girls have been sent back to the Reform Academy for stealing from their company. “Trousers off.” Grey takes her OTK and takes her white panties down immediately. Helen stands at the wall, bare bottom, then she turns to face us–fuzzy front. Grey encourages Helen to lay on a few smacks, because Belinda was the cause of all this. Bottoms to the wall, hands on head. Slow motion replay.

(DZ) (M/2f; time: 17 minutes) The girls are giggling over their observation that Grey seems to be enjoying this “a bit too much,” when Grey interrupts. So he will keep on spanking. Belinda bends over the table for the embossed leather paddle. Helen is directed to raise Belinda’s skirt and pull down her panties. Helen holds her wrists and the girls count out the smacks. Reaction CAM. Helen is next.

(DZA) (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Helen will bend over the same table for the paddle. “Shall I take off my jacket, Mr. Grey?” Belinda does the unveiling and holds her for her paddling. Helen squawks the loudest here. Low camera angles of the spanking. Bare bottoms to the wall.

(DZB) (M/2f; time: 5 minutes) Grey has discovered that Helen has reported him to HR. “You enjoy this too much,” Grey is holding a cane. To  Helen: “We’ll deal with you first.” “Not the cane,” she says. Belinda horses Helen on her back. The first six strokes of the cane are hard and loud on her little denim shorts.

“Take your silly shorts down.” Horsed again, the next six on the bare. After this, “Six, sir. Is that all you’ve got?” Belinda is shocked Helen had the nerve to say this.

(DZC)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Helen’s caning continues. When her shorts are off, there are only faint marks. The six on the bare are shown here. After this caning, an indignant Helen says she is going to file another complaint. This infuriates and energizes Grey. He orders both girls to strip naked.

(DZD) (m/f; time: 9 minutes) Helen is horsed naked for six crackers. When Grey grabs and massages her cheeks, she yelps.

(DZE) ( M/f; time: 6 minutes) The two naked girls are scolded. “Put your hands behind your back when I’m talking to you.” Grey never misses a chance. Belinda is horsed again over Helen. Again, she is such

a big girl she has to keep tiptoes on the floor Sosa not to collapse Helen. Six with the cane here, Grey gets in a grope and  feel.

(DZF)(M/2f; time: 7 minutes) The horsing of the naked girls continues. Helen horses Belinda, and we’ve said above, she really can’t do it. Belinda is just too big–that bottom and those boobs are parts of it, so she takes some pressure off with tiptoes on the floor.

Six more strokes of the cane for Belinda, and hard enough we must be closing in on the end of the day’s shoot. Repeats–bottom and side views and slow-motion.

(DZG) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Belind’a caning continued,horsed over Helen, strokes 13 through 18. Reaction CAM repeats. The naked girls must study the keywords on the blackboard. Lots of slow motion and repeats in this episode.

(DZH) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Helen is alone with Earl Grey  here. She wears black tights and a print top, bare midriff. He has her kneel on the floor and bend over a square padded bench. He straps her on her tights.

He wants her up on the table;  a nice look of surprise on her face when he wants her tights down first. She pulls them down slowly, full screen. She lies flat on the table for more strapping, face and bottom views mixed together. It is hard enough she doesn’t have to act much to show she doesn’t like it. When he is finished, he strokes and kneads his work.

(DZJ)(M/f; time:13 minutes) Helen alone again with Grey. She reports  late,  breathless, wearing a sports bra and shorts . She must stand at a blackboard and look at the words for the pillars of behavior this reform school is designed to improve. She smirks through it. “Far too much     ‘Attitude”” observes Grey.

Helen bends over a stool, an odd fixture, rather “gym-like,” she observes.  It  is extra-tall, with rungs  up four sides, very sturdy, and with a very large square seat.  She climbs up and bends over. Grey goes to work with a thick ping pong paddle  they call a “bat” here. It can bite. He smacks very hard. Her facial shots are repeats. Shorts  down; in spite of the crisp spanking, there is frivolity. And bruises. She pulls down her own blue lace thong . A long paddling and a slightly longer episode than normal. Good low shots. Back to the blackboard. Frontals.




Spankings of Her Life – NUWEST

7 Jun

M/f; time: 25 minutes

One of Ed Lee’s mischievous films,  for us. ‘Julia Jameson’ plays a secretary working in an office. She rushes in to her desk, late again. Lee confronts her. “Well, Jameson!” No acting being done here, but we enjoy the setup.

Julia had agreed to a spanking on the next occasion she was late. Nice office policy. The OTK spanking will now begin, No excuses. Skirt up, panties down, she must make an apology after each smack.

FADE, another story. Julia is scolded by  an ‘aunt,’ in the barren studio set up as a domestic scene. She has been using drugs. She wears jeans and a black top. OTK, jeans down, loose beige panties, dirty feet. Standard spanking. Bare bottom to the corner. Julia great to watch.