Natasha Never Learns

6 Jun

F/f; time: 30 minutes

A film made by Rick Masters, a heavy porn king, this one on the mild side, and crude at that. The credits say a real mother and daughter played the parts here. Opening scenes show amateur family photos. There were neighbors in the shots! A cute blonde is Natasha. We see her paying a visit to a schoolyard playground, where she slips into reverie about her youth.

Fade. Natasha is now in schoolgirl garb at the playground equipment, where she cavorts around. Panty shots guaranteed, not the best thought out, but  we like the flower print. When she arrives home,  her mother is angry she is late and a spanking is immediately in order. A long, mild faux spanking. At least good camera angles–face, rear, distance.

Another segue, Natasha now watches TV in a shorty nightgown, surely one of the greatest of all spanking costumes. Lots of bottom and kicking stocking feet., something Masters must like. Her  mother is on her again, and another spanking begins, this time a faux paddling, kicking bobby socks.

Natasha runs to the bedroom and looks at her bottom in a full length mirror, another piece of cinematic effort.

“Sunday”: Natasha in trouble again, skirt off, OTK, panties down for the slipper. Some doubled belt added here, the hardest yet. Over all, no frontal nudity, rather mild in all.

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