Over the Knee Tape 5 – NUWEST

6 Jun

F/m; time: 28 minutes

Ed Lee here, wearing women’s clothes, will be spanked by a brunette. “Well, Leon, now you know what we women have to put up with for years.” She spanks him here.

In the next scene we watch Lee getting the hairbrush on a bed through the doorway, the voyeur view. The girl doing the work is in bra and panties.

In the next scene, we are in the studio, with ‘Julia Jameson’  and maybe ‘Jennifer Brooks.’ Lee is on his knees. Jennifer shows Julia how she wants Lee spanked. This is hot work. Julia: “Do you mind if I take my clothes off before I begin?” OK with us.The best part of these F/m films for us.

The next segment: Joanne Jameson is whaling on the pantied butt of a blond guy. She was really one of the very best spankers at NW.

Next, ‘David’ is spanked by a tall blonde.

And last, David again with a plump brunette. An odd angle, no facials, maybe not David.

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