To Amuse the Ladies – NUWEST

6 Jun

3F/m; time: 29 minutes

A guy will take a beating from three different girls. First, a statuesque blonde, in black latex. A guy stands in front of her and gradually strips naked. She slaps him in the face, almost hard enough to knock him off his feet.

The second domme, is it ‘Karen Bell’? She also slaps and starts up with the martinet, very hard, as the first blonde watches. Full body whipping.

Now, three girls, ‘Louise’ has joined. They are wearing just undies.The girls force him to bend over, one grabs his balls. After some whipping like this, onto the floor to lick their boots.

Over a chair, very hard whipping. Then Louise sits on his face  while others torment him. She keeps her panties on, probably for legal reasons.

And last, Louise reams him with a dildo. Their struggles to hold position suggest this was mostly authentic.


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