Sternwood Academy

18 Jun

A clunky American attempt at the schoolgirl theme from 2012; blouses, kilts, knee socks, etc. Teachers and students. A lot of detention.

‘Two girls after class’ (F/2f; time: 14 minutes). Two girls after class with a female teacher. She will spank them both, the redhead first. “Lift that skirt, pull those panties down.” The redhead must hang her panties on a hook, a certain touch of fateful resignation we love.

The lefthanded teacher spanks her OTK, using a small hard wood paddle like the business end of a hairbrush. Bruising immediately.

The redhead bends over the desk and the teacher takes some excruciating time pinning her kilt up out of the way. After this spanking, the girl has to go to the whiteboard and begin to write lines, in the most tiny print, suggesting she will have a lot of work to do. Her blond friend escapes in this video.

‘Heather texting in class’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A pretty brunette sits alone with a male teacher in detention. The acting is atrocious. “Take your panties off and hang them on the first hook.” She bends over a desk and he flips up the kilt. She gets a mild whipping with a doubled strap, one of those wicked prison varieties. She counts out 50 strokes and keeps her hair off her face.

She has to sit at her desk, bare bottom. This producer missed a good chance the British don’t let pass in their schoolies. We wanted to see her bottom peeking out. And, so far, this male teacher is being a good boy. In any number of detention films, a desperate girl will find a way to distract the male teacher.

‘Late for detention’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Two girls in detention, a third girl, a blonde, is dragged in, late. There are two male teachers presiding here. The blonde’s bottom is first for the griddle. “I will give you 100 reasons not to be late.”

She bends over a desk, her white panties come down. A small Spencer paddle is used, mild, but this will accrue if in fact 100 is to be the count. The typical white paddle bruises begin, especially on that far buttock.

Several camera angles are used, but the sound varies from each. The blonde hangs up her panties and sits, but again we  are deprived of the peek.

‘More detention’ (F/2f; time: 13 minutes) Two girls report to what looks like detention. They wear red gym tops and red panties. Don’t know where they are coming from dressed like this. One of the models is Christie Cutey. Two women attend. After the girls do some writing, one of the women pulls both their panties down, plenty of frontals. 

One at a time the girls are taken OTK for the hand and the hairbrush. Despite their fussing, this was just a moderate session. 

’Ring leaders spanked’ (F/2f; time: 13 minutes)Two girls are marched into a classroom. They wear detention  uniforms, red T-shirts and red panties. One of the models is ‘Christy Cutie,’ a well travelled bottom. The girls are already whimpering, a bit much.

Two teachers supervise. One will do the spanking. Both girls’ panties are pulled down,  lest there be any doubt about what this is all about.

Each girl is then spanked OTK, by hand and a hairbrush. Too much whimpering. Each girl must read aloud an apology she has written. Back to their desk bare bottom. This seems to have been a Punishment off the books, no record kept.

Unprepared for Class‘ (F/2f; time: 5 minutes) A female teacher has ‘Alex’ and ‘Katerina’ after class. She is going to spank both of the girls. Over their desks, kilts up, white panties down. Fast, loud strapping. Conventional

‘Passing notes’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) The American try at the schoolgirl thing. The female teacher intercepts notes being passed in her class. She makes the five pretty schoolgirls stand, face the wall, and drop their white panties. The girls are fully decked out in blazers and kilts. They giggle, even with their pants down. The pretty teacher uses a Spencer paddle and spanks the row of girls. The girls sit bare bottom.

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