Schoolgirl and Her Director

26 Jun

M/f; time: 59 minutes

A German film. The feel of an early CALSTAR, zero budget, no scene changes, floozy models willing to be spanked for very little money. The scene is an exterior, windswept clearing, light brush. A guy, sort of a Trump lookalike, wearing a full suit and carrying a briefcase, setting up the ageplay and authoritarian relationship, marches a blonde along. She has curly hair and two ponytails and should have dropped the schoolgirl roles some time ago. He is going to give her a full workout, right here in the sunlight, and presumably in privacy.

Most of the punishment will be silly here, however lengthy. After some palm slapping, he sits on his briefcase and takes her OTK. He works at her loose white panties and soon they come down. He uses her school ruler on her, to little effect. She steps away to gather some branches he can use for switches. She must break them off with her hands. These switchings are also ineffectual.

The girl  begins doing exercises–bend-overs, touch toes, jogging in place, knee bends, much of it with her panties stretched at her thighs. More spanking, now in the diaper position. The nearly naked girl is rolling around in the gorse and fescue. No one concerned about ticks?

The Director eventually gets her completely naked. The sun has changed the light to afternoon shadows, nice for her white body. Strapping, belting, crawling around, all kind of silly, and suggesting very early CP films.

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