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Over the Knee Tape 5 – NUWEST

6 Jun

F/m; time: 28 minutes

Ed Lee here, wearing women’s clothes, will be spanked by a brunette. “Well, Leon, now you know what we women have to put up with for years.” She spanks him here.

In the next scene we watch Lee getting the hairbrush on a bed through the doorway, the voyeur view. The girl doing the work is in bra and panties.

In the next scene, we are in the studio, with ‘Julia Jameson’  and maybe ‘Jennifer Brooks.’ Lee is on his knees. Jennifer shows Julia how she wants Lee spanked. This is hot work. Julia: “Do you mind if I take my clothes off before I begin?” OK with us.The best part of these F/m films for us.

The next segment: Joanne Jameson is whaling on the pantied butt of a blond guy. She was really one of the very best spankers at NW.

Next, ‘David’ is spanked by a tall blonde.

And last, David again with a plump brunette. An odd angle, no facials, maybe not David.

Rehearsal – Caned For Cash

6 Jun


Two women will whip one of the girls who wish to be in this series, while 5 other girls watch. It will be a notable caning, and we will ask how the girl will be able to compete later after a ‘rehearsal’ of this severity.

The girl gets into five different positions, bare bottom, where she receives 10 strokes from each woman. First she stands erect at the aluminum frame; then standing on its step, putting her bottom into a direct line with the stroke; third, the diaper position lying on the platform part of the structure-nasty; on her stomach on the platform, head off the end and hanging low, bottom high; and last  a bend-over. 20 strokes, five positions, for 100.

No Ifs, Ands, or Butts #3 – SHADOWLANE

6 Jun

Time: 1 hour, 7 minutes

Another of SHADOWLANE’s collections of excerpts from various films. Seventeen 4-minute segments, featuring many of SL’s stars, the Vegas-like girls, some of them porn actresses of some note, and many of whom made numerous spanking films.

All the names are familiar and we will not list them. Male actor ‘Dallas’ appears from ‘Love Honor Obey.’ Samantha Woodley in ‘Mischief Makers,’ and ‘Sarah Gregory’ in ‘Bad Girls,’ just to mention some of the films which have attracted interest over the years.


6 Jun

time: 50 minutes

A collection of 10 short episodes, mostly about hypodermic injections, in the buttocks of course. No titles here; Stonefox has always been fun for us;  awful acting, stiff production techniques, but surprisinglt pretty girls and very naughty stories about young ladies caught without options  in doctors’  offices.

In some of these stories, the girls are in some sort of disciplinary status where spankings are connected to the various antibiotic injections. In others, student nurses practice on each other, an abundant theme in amateur BDSM fiction. ‘Doctor Fish’ prowls, his surgical mask helping to muffle his acting.

In the first segment, a pretty brunette in surgical gown and panties will get an injection, then an enema. The hypodermic needles used in  these episodes are big, long, with a large fluid vial, needing a plunger to inject. Hot stuff. The  girl squeals. “It stings.” We won’t see the enema.

In the second story, a girl has been caught in an Eastern country with pornography. She must strip (“It’s cold in here!”) and wait naked for a nurse, who is going to giver her an antibiotic injection. She must put on a prison uniform and will see a magistrate tomorrow. Each of these stories implies some exciting action not included. Fodder for the story writers.

A naughty and insouciant daughter gets an injection from Dr. Fish. “And you’re going to have your bottom spanked.” An OTK scene. STONEFOX was never good at staging. The injection moment is very good though.

Another injection scene, rhen two episodes among  nurses, practicing the anal thing, some hilarity.

An anal examination, closeup of the insertion of a speculum, the pretty pigtailed brunette gasps, for good reason. This is some kind of punishment. “Stand fully naked against the wall. When I  return, I’m going to give you  a strapping with the belt.” Another nurse does the injection.

Dr. Fish is instructing a nurse. The young girl bottom up on the gurney is not happy about the training. “That’s a pretty huge needle. “It has to be.” This is a school admittance physical, so the young thing must take it. She gets two shots here.

Another girl will take the needle rather than have her husband called. A strapping is scheduled.

And last, an older girl, naked on the gurney, screams the loudest when she gets the needle. The nurse then orders her nose to the wall to wait for the doctor. “How long is it going to be?”

Natasha Never Learns

6 Jun

F/f; time: 30 minutes

A film made by Rick Masters, a heavy porn king, this one on the mild side, and crude at that. The credits say a real mother and daughter played the parts here. Opening scenes show amateur family photos. There were neighbors in the shots! A cute blonde is Natasha. We see her paying a visit to a schoolyard playground, where she slips into reverie about her youth.

Fade. Natasha is now in schoolgirl garb at the playground equipment, where she cavorts around. Panty shots guaranteed, not the best thought out, but  we like the flower print. When she arrives home,  her mother is angry she is late and a spanking is immediately in order. A long, mild faux spanking. At least good camera angles–face, rear, distance.

Another segue, Natasha now watches TV in a shorty nightgown, surely one of the greatest of all spanking costumes. Lots of bottom and kicking stocking feet., something Masters must like. Her  mother is on her again, and another spanking begins, this time a faux paddling, kicking bobby socks.

Natasha runs to the bedroom and looks at her bottom in a full length mirror, another piece of cinematic effort.

“Sunday”: Natasha in trouble again, skirt off, OTK, panties down for the slipper. Some doubled belt added here, the hardest yet. Over all, no frontal nudity, rather mild in all.


How to Make Housework More Interesting – DREAMSOFSPANKING

5 Jun

M/f; time: 21 minutes

Partners Pandora Blake and Thomas Cameron make a little domestic playlet. Cameron is going to help Pandora live out one of her fantasies, a spanking and domestic labor. First, Pandora strips naked and puts on Victorian maid’s garb–a shift, chemise top, and a long skirt. No bloomers.

Cameron first has her bend over a chair and bare her bottom. He gives her one of those rapid tap-tap burning canings, which sets her moaning. Next, “I’m going to give you 18 cane strokes.” He wants her to remain silent, which facilitates repeats. Hard enough.

Pandora plays the submissive, kissing Cameron’s hand. The second half of the film has Pandora, naked again, on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor, all bottom. Nice Dimples of Venus. A salute to Ms. Blake, who pulls off this long nude scene.