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Kami’s Naked Shower Caning – AAASPANKING

27 Jul

M/f; time: 12 minutes

An odd little setting. A sort of shower position, with a hazardous-looking tile step/seat to stand or sit on, a clock on the wall within range of water, and a potted plant. We suggest the producer just over-decorated an open shower stall. But what the heck, we’re here for the bare bottoms.

Kami was caught writing ‘Mr. Osborne is a pervert…” on a whiteboard. He is, of course. After a long scolding, he will spank her in this shower environment. She takes off her skirt and panties for a handspanking to start.

Then blouse, shoes, bra off, naked. More spanking. Then the cane, a first six, not hard, followed by 6 more, much harder. Osborne wants her to rub  her bottom. Now he is going to sit down and watch her take her shower. Kami goes to turn the water on for the hand-held device .

Dothe Girls Hall – SPANKINGSARAH

27 Jul

A professionally made storyline from STRAND/SPANKINGSARAH, featuring ‘Mr. Stern’  and other actors. With this producer, one can expect some exotic turns of the normal schoolie film. Things happen you are not expecting.

‘Sarah and Clover Thrashed’ (F/2f; time: 17 minutes) Sarah and Clover have the occasion to witness ‘Miss Grainger’ in the garden with the handyman/caretaker, at first accepting a blackmail handspanking from him, and then when he is sufficiently aroused, giving him a very jolly and experienced blowjob.

Miss Grainger arrives in the girls’ room with a paddle. They are quite amused at what they saw. “You had more than a mouthful earlier.” True.

Grainger is going to paddle the girls. She has them strip to their white panties and put on nightdresses. Both girls are then paddled OTK, hard, loud, and conventional. She has both girls strip naked and kneel on the floor and bend forward onto the mattress, which is also on the floor. The camera zooms in on two pusses. More paddling here and more standing.

‘Clover’s First Spanking’ (2M/2f; time: 20 minutes) Brunette pigtailed ‘Clover’ reports to a male teacher, having been sent by the headmaster. She is an assistant prefect. The teacher strips her of her badge and wants her blazer off.

He is going to spank her, and since it is her first time, it will only be a bare bottom event. OTK, a bit of a struggle, skirt up, white panties, closeups. Clover stands and has to hand over her panties. She walks around with no pants while he clears the table. She bends over the table. The spanking continues.

Cut to the headmaster’s office. He calls in Sarah (Stern). She has come with a phone video she made of the teacher Miss Grainger having sex with the caretaker. As we cut back and forth to Clover’s spanking underway, the headmaster watches the video and warns Sarah of the gravity of this situation. This must be kept quiet. Sarah was out of bounds, skipping class, and telling tales. She will return after class for a spanking of her own. She is dismissed, then he settles down to watch the phone video.

‘Punishment of Miss Grainger’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Students ‘Clover’ and ‘Scarlett’ got a video of Miss Grainger entertaining the caretaker in her rooms. They were impressed with his cock, and Scarlett showed the video to the headmaster and got spanked for it. They gossip and cavort, Miss Grainger interrupts and confiscates their booze and promises thrashings when she returns.

She must report to the headmaster, ‘Mr. Stern.’ She knows why she is here and he gets right to it, ordering her to remove her jacket and hike her skirt. She is going to be spanked with the”senior girls’ paddle on your bottom.”

OTK, a long and mild paddling on her black lace panties. Nice closeups, panties come down, well done for an older lady by CP  film standards.

‘Punishment of a Sneak’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) We’re a bit confused about the sequence of these episodes. ‘Scarlett’ plays ‘Miss Grainger.’ Mr. Stern, the headmaster, has called her in and shows her the phone video of her having sex with the groundsman in her flat. He has watched the video and calls it “disgusting sex.” She is amused he is studying it so carefully.

“You know how I punish girls when they are naughty?” He orders an appointment with her for each of the next three days. Now he has her on the hook-she will be spanked in sessions, he has the video to entertain himself, and he has the schoolgirl snitches at his whim. That should fill out the semester.

Student Sarah returns to the Head–she wants her phone back. She also is very amused by Grainger’s sexual antics, as well as the size of the groundsman’s penis. But now, the Head will spank her for being a snitch. Over her objection, she gets palm slaps, and a strap on her maroon knickers and then on the bare. It is an amusing depiction–she is at least 12″ taller than the Head and would seemingly be able to waffle him if she chose.

The Cane for Miss Grainger’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Miss Grainger has reported to Headmaster Stern. She is an older actress for CP films, but will pull off Top and Bottom parts quite well. She has found a bottle of gin in some girls’ room and has punished them. Stern, no fool, sees his opportunity. He will be able to spank both students and get at the pants of his teacher, because she is not authorized to spank.

“You’re here for the second part of your punishment.” We see one of the students waiting outside and listening, Scarlett. Miss Grainger takes off her jacket and skirt, quite comfortable to do this, as if it is the routine. She bends over a settee and Stern begins with a paddle.

Knickers off, the paddling continues. Zoom between her legs. Grainger is quite calm with no pants in the Head’s office. Next comes six with the cane for telling tales. “Not so nice, eh?”

On the way out, Grainger warns Scarlett: “You’re going to get it.” She is, from both the Head and Grainger.

‘Miss Grainger Regrets’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Miss Grainger is seen sitting alone under a tree on the school grounds, reading. This scene follows a caning she received from the Head. In her humiliation, she has decided to skip a school picnic. The school handyman approaches. He must have seen some of her bare bottom in the Head’s office and here is his opportunity.

They chat about her caning, and she realizes she has been compromised. All this spanking talk turns him on and he wants to try out a new paddle he has just made. Why her? He doesn’t much like the cook or the matron. Grainger can’t argue, so she drops her skirt and bends over the chair. The paddling begins on the white lace panties. The scene is filmed from above, as if from a window.

When he pulls her panties down she doesn’t object. When she wants to shift his attention off her bottom and on to what he really wants: “I am not anywhere near turned on.” But soon he is. “Get on your knees and start sucking. We have an hour.” The older guy is absolutely huge, and it would seem Grainger has been here before. She works him, and when he begins to moan, she opens her blouse and lets him cum on her estimable boobs. She loves it. One of the more entertaining scenes of this kind.

‘The Plan’  Headmaster Stern and another faculty member devise a plan to entrap ‘Fiona,’  a poor and lazy student but a clever and resourceful one. They know she is having sex with the groundsman, in return for favors. They have installed CCTV.

Fiona is caught by the groundsman smoking in his workshop. She wants the gate opened for her friends Saturday night. The groundsman runs his hand up her dress and suggests the “usual fee” for that arrangement. “Oh, not that again.” The groundsman positions a pillow, Fiona drops to her knees, opens his pants, and begins a blowjob. No hesitation, quite sure of herself. The guy is huge! Fiona keeps prattling. The guy wants her to stop with the talk and concentrate on sucking. He finishes himself off with the money shot and a facial.

CUT. Fiona is called to the headmaster’s office. Stern shows her the exam results. There are canes on his desk. When she lies about where she was yesterday afternoon, Stern flexes a cane and takes her to see the CCTV tape “We’re left now with corporal punishment.” She is sent to the “hall.”

‘First Punishment-Plot at Dothe Hall’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Fiona, a tall, thin brunette, slightly miscast as  schoolgirl, is called into the headmaster’s office. She has been caught propositioning the caretaker. We presume she has heard along with other girls about the guy’s big cock.

She agrees to accept a spanking.  “…paddled, strapped, and caned…take off your blazer.” She is so tall that when she bends over a table and locks her knees as you must do, she must drop down to touch the table. A collection of implements is laid out. The set is an attractive sunlit conference room. SPANKINGSARAH took care with scenery.

Stiff strap on her skirt, skirt up,  white panties. “Take them down.” A paddle next. “This is cruel, sir.” “You are to be caned, girl.” She has to wait for this at the wall.

‘Obey the Rules (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Headmaster ‘Mr. Stern’ confronts Clover with a bottle of gin Miss Grainger found in her room. She denies of course, but this is a CP film. “You’re going to get the strap, the senior strap.” Clover objects, she is a Junior. You offer any arguments you can think of.

First, Stern will strap her on the palms. We see again that these CP models, probably with somewhat toughened buttocks,  don’t enjoy palm slapping. Closeups of the strap show a flexible leather model, maybe 1/2″ thick.

Chubby Clover raises her skirt, bends over the couch, and receives a moderate strapping on white panties. Stern decides to warm her bottom with a handspanking before continuing with the strap. Excellent oblique angles, closeups, sound, lighting. Production values are consistent in these episodes. Clover pulls her panties down. Convincing bruises.

‘The Punishment Room’ (2M/2f; time: 17 Minutes) The Headmaster is in the process of spanking ‘Sarah,’ who  is bent over a high platform, wearing just white bra and panties. Another male member of the school staff is observing, suggesting he will get his shot. The Head smacks very hard, with his hand and paddle.

“Stand and remove your panties.”  “Down?” “Remove them…hand them to me.”

Brunette Fiona is brought in to watch. She is down to bra and panties herself and would be next. The Head begins with a cane on Sarah, just moderate, but effective after such a paddling. Sarah objects, for what it is worth. “This isn’t punishment. This is wrong.”

The male assistant then spanks Fiona in the same way over the platform, achieving the same mottled results. Sarah watches, hands on head, panties gone, facing us. Then both girls to the wall, hands on head. Sarah is right, this is more than punishment. Two men with two mostly naked students.



Female/male Whippings – NUWEST

11 Jul

F/m; time: 30 minutes

Four F/m episodes. In the first 11 minute segment, Ed Lee is fastened, bony and naked, to racks in his San Marcos storeroom. Joanne Jameson is on hand to whip him. The action is filmed from two different angles. No dialogue. (There rarely is when Lee is on the receiving end.) Long  repetitive action. Joanne uses the dogwhip, in the ‘flurry” fashion. Lee’s bones and grunts identify him.

#2 Lee is strung up naked on the sound stage and whipped by a girl in bustier and thong. No faces or dialogue.

#3 Lee again, back in the workroom for 7 minutes. Strung up naked, Joanne whips him, and this time she too is naked. Lots of rest pauses for caressing, and maybe Lee gets his balls tweaked. We couldn’t quite tell.

#4 9 minutes. Another male, hooded, muscular and tan, is string up to bars in the big tile room set with the bed. Katie, and maybe Vanna or Julia, take turns having fun whipping the guy while they sip wine. We wanted them to overheat and strip, but not this time.

Restrained and Caned – WILDAFRICACANINGS

9 Jul

F/f; time: 27 minutes

‘Female Prison Punishment #7’ A female prison matron in knee boots has a girl strapped down on an odd spanking chair, sort of an exercise device.  The girl has no pants on and she is not in a good place. The scene is shot through bars into a cell. The prisoner is caned in this position.

Various confusing and disjointed scenes. The only tnhing for sure is the prisoner is getting one hell of a caning. Various things happen–the equipment falls apart, etc. Weird stuff.


8 Jul

F/3f; time: 1 hr. 18 minutes

A relatively early film from Clare Fonda’s site, featuring some venerable CP players–Chloe Elise, Sarah Gregory, and Lena Ramon, with Ms. Fonda. A simple storyline which is the vehicle for multiple spankings. Generally moderate and modest stuff, girl on girl. Clare’s sister ‘Aunt Lena’ is going to watch the two girls, Chloe and Sarah, for a day. They will get into trouble immediately. First, the girls must ingest some house rules.

Chloe is caught with a large lollypop, which is not permitted in the house. Tough place! She is the first to be spanked, OTK, a cute kicking struggle. Long smacking on her skirt, then on her white panties. Sarah is seen peeking through the door.

In a next scene, Sarah is accused of smoking in the house. She is spanked also, on her denim miniskirt and then on black lace panties. Ms. Gregory is young and sassy here–she has never lost her spunk over the years.

In the next scene, the girls are laughing and skylarking, when Aunt Lena returns from work. After some scolding, the girls are spanked again. Care is taken to prevent frontals, although Aunt Lena gets to see all she wants as she ceremoniously pulls down panties, bottoms facing us. This for the F/f crowd?

And another domestic scene: Lena interrupts the girls on a bed, in their camisoles and black panties. She uses a hairbursh this time.

Mother Clare comes home and she hears about the spankings which have been going on all day. Clare is angry at both her sister Lena and her daughters, setting up THREE more spankings. Why wasn’t she called?

She will spank Lena first, who capitulates in a hurry. Skirt off, OTK, panties down. And here we get a leisurely frontal of a thick triangular bush, held back from us for almost an hour. Ms. Ramon had  a different deal with the producer. And this spanking seems harder.

Now Clare confronts her daughters and spanks them both again, hand and hairbrush. They must study the house rules, bottoms on  display. We’d have to say that the most recent films from this producer are not much different.

Sanctioned Punishment – SPANKEDCHEEKS

3 Jul

F/f; time: 23 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford receives a girl (Zoe Page) at her house–the familiar SPANKINGSARAH set. Zoe wears an institutional blue uniform and carries a briefcase and two canes. It seems Amelia was caught with drugs and has elected punishment at home rather than prison. “You’re going to have punishment instead of prison…read it and sign it.” The consent agreement. The young matron shows Amelia the implements she has brought and explains that she is going to use all of them. Amelia asks if there is an easier way. “No.” What was she thinking?

The first part–Amelia goes OTK, she is  wearing a slinky black dress. A lefthanded handspanking is first. Hem up, white panties. “This is just a warmup.” Panties down. Amelia does not like it but does not resist.

“Shoes off, panties off, dress off…bend over.” We’re not sure what she said, but the dress will not come off. The matron uses a very big floppy tawse. Two more paddles and we are ready for the cane. “Count each stroke.” “Oh God, one, fuck!” 18 solid moderate strokes, and then a repeat from a different camera angle. Rare for this producer.

The matron gathers her gear and leaves. We thought there might  be a suggestion of a weekly appointment.


3 Jul

M/f; time: 14 minutes

‘Summer Severe’ A two-parter. Dallas introduces a pretty blonde who he will repeatedly insist contacted him. She is a college girl who wants some discipline to refocus herself and reduce her partying. She has specifically requested the long-handled bathbrush. Plausibility? She’s a cute one, face and bottom, we’re OK with it.

Dallas likes tension and spanking talk. He explains the procedure to her. OTK she goes, and he begins with the bath brush. Her face is to us, and she is shocked right off. And her slacks are still on. Summer kneels up on a bench, her slacks come down, and the telltale brush bruises peek out from under her red bikini panties. OTK again with the brush; Dallas whacks even harder when she keeps forgetting ‘sir.’

She kneels again. “Pull down your panties.” Major paddle-like bruises. There should be no doubt that Dallas’  reputation as the hardest spanker in the genre is confirmed. OTK again, brush on bare skin. The pretty blonde is struggling to maintain composure. She gets a scolding at this conclusion. Dallas insists this is a true  story, as if he needs to justify the LUPUS-level bruises. Hands on head to contemplate, The Summer saga continues.


2 Jul

M/f; time: 17 minutes

Mr. Stern is challenging ‘Sarah Stern’ for watching porn films. Not sure of the relationship here—is she his daughter? Anyway, he is going to give it to her. He starts with caning palm slaps and helps her undress. Panties off–a full bush. Down to just garter belt, a moderate caning, and erect nipples.

No More Spanking – BIZARRE

2 Jul

M/f; time: 25 minutes

Not the classic BIZARRE from  years ago. A bit of spanking here and mostly hard porn, so  we will condense our review. A pretty brunette model named ‘J.J. White’ plays a schoolgirl. She has been caught smoking and is quickly OTK. White print panties are down  quickly. She is begging to be let off. The male teacher gets  his cane. He makes her strip naked and puts her over the back of an easy chair. She seems just slightly amused by all this so far, despite some discernable marks on  her bottom.

She is begging and falls onto her knees into the b.j. position. She opens his pants and he is ready–a huge erection. A long b.j., some lap sitting, cowgirl position, some missionary, and a decent money shot.


2 Jul

We have collected these films separately from our many reviews of RSN. Dean Masterson struck gold with these two playful and frisky models, and he exploited the vein. There are more films which we will add. Proved here are the merits of a hard, tight, little bottom. Mostly Kiki (Cali) in these episodes.

Alice-interview‘ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) ‘Alice’ sits on the couch for her ‘interview’ with Masterson. She has just flown ‘all the way’  from Dallas for this meeting. She is 22 years old and a hot little thing–this perhaps the feistiest and most animated model interview we have seen. She has already worked for SARAHGREGORYSPANKING, TRIPLE-A, SHADOWLANE, ‘Miss Elizabeth,’ and others–she talks fasts about her CP film experience. When Masterson asks her if she is now a “hard-wired spanko,” the answer is a rapid “yes.” Her single mom spanked her hard and often on the bare bottom. She is quick to say “I love the cane,” and describes her increasing pain tolerance and the sexual thrill. “I can get Kiki and a hatachi to cane you.”

She likes ropes and bondage, creating ‘degradation’ as a Top. “I like whips…humiliation.” She notes Masterson is blushing at all this.

“Get your clothes off, chop, chop.”  “Everything but the socks, right?” A funny little remark, indicating that she has made a few porn films. Masterson orders her to pose, hair off her face, shoulders back, arms behind her back, eye contact. She resists, probably to increase the erotic tension.

Miss Betty enters and takes up the spanking position, she too amused by these frank dialogue exchanges. As they settle in place, Alice naked across Betty’s lap, they have to wait until the noise of a trash dumpster emptying outside subsides. Typical spanking, alternate view of bottom and face.

Alice bends over to display her nicely red and blotched bottom at the conclusion. Sweet. “How do you feel about all this?” “Super-naked right now.” She quivers. “I love humiliation.” We will have to look for her work at the other studios and report back, as well as expand our attention here.

‘Alice-Arrival’ (M/f; Time: 14 minutes) One of the hottest short films we have seen from RSN in the ‘arrival-interview’ format, just happened to strike a chord with us. Betty brings ‘Alice’ to Masterson for her entrance interview. She has been naughty already. He notes from her file that she is “straight from the courthouse.’ She is made to stand in front of his desk. She’s getting a year here at the Institute instead of two years in jail. We will soon see that there is another girl (Kiki) standing behind him, nose to the wall, bare bottom, arms in the official position, having just been “arrived” herself. Alice can’t miss it. She is a diminutive blonde with long curly hair and a porcelain doll face.

Because she continues to be sloppy and disrespectful in her tone, she immediately earns the strap as part of the check-in. And soon, “Take off your clothes.”  “No, sir.” This earns her 10 more with the strap, and when Masterson takes out his huge paddle, Alice’s eyes bug out and she jumps to and begins unbuttoning. Part of our attraction to this film is her acting.

Skirt off, top off, no bra, and she pauses at her panties in the time honored CP film tradition. But they must come down and she must fold her clothes, sweetly naked now and doing all the usual bend-overs. Masterson instructs her arms behind her back RSN style and has her open her stance, wider, wider. She knows why this is. She turns and bends over at a ninety degree angle- a tight little perfect bottom to go with her almost adolescent figure. This will be good.

Time for her strapping, the double dose she earned. She bends over the desk and  yells at the first stroke. Excellent facials for the first view of this. We wonder why Masterson checks the cameras so often in this sequence. 30 strokes to start, and then 15 more rapid fire. The scene is repeated from the bottom view. Kiki in the background.

Alice must remain bend-over and spread at the desk, some quivering, while Betty is summoned with her Institute uniform. Alice  to hold the big paddle in her outstretched hands. a threat for later. Still some  quivering. Kiki is marched out by Masterson and he takes the paddle. We would liked to hear her being whacked off-set, but RSN doesn’t do that. Alice dresses slowly.

‘Alice – bad day’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Alice sits fully dressed on the clunky hassock, the very same, part of that “big American furniture” Amelia Jane Rutherford laughed about during her visit. She fidgets, holding a belt. Masterson enters, puts her over a pillow and begins with the belt on her jeans. The buckle rattles. He gets the jeans and panties down. Her bottom is already quite banged up. Alternate views rear and face. Are there tears?

‘Alice-slow reader’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Alice is doing homework in the classroom, goofing off, chapters behind the other girls. Masterson will use the RSN motivation technique. She is bent over the table for a strap, alternate views side and face. “Step out of your pants, get your skirt and shirt off.” She is now naked and returns to her homework. Her spanked bare bottom peeks out from the back of her chair, the absolutely essential classroom post-spanking shot, well done here, close to ROUE style.

Masterson returns; naked Alice  is not making progress with her reading. She must lie on her stomach on the table for a thin strap. Alternate views side and rear, the latter up her legs. She quivers, she often does. Not every model has this reflex.

Alice gets the ruler’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Alice stands in the classroom corner in full schoolgirl kit, except her kilt is rucked up to show white panties. Masterson bends her over, drops her panties and goes to work with a large straight-edge/meter stick, meant more for bottoms than a desk. Characteristically, she can’t hold the position and starts the reflexive quiver. Alternate views–rear first, then side. She will stand at the whiteboard, but facing us, skirt up. RSN masters the humiliation.

‘Alice-messy room’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Alice stands nose to the wall, in sports bra and matching panties. Masterson has some hand-held device where he can view her messy room. A girl might be concerned about this opportunity of invasion of privacy, but Masterson sees all he wants of these girls.

He take her OTK and strips off her panties. He pries her legs apart with a knee, something she struggles to resist. The camera angle is properly graphic. Alternate views–rear and face.

‘Sleep-over. Alice spanked’ (M/2f; time: 2 minutes) Part of a series. Alice and Kiki have had a sleep-over at RSI and kept waking Masterson. So, in the middle of the night, Masterson drags the girls to a couch, each in their little nighties, and positions them over arms of the couch. He will  spank little blond Alice first. She squirms and squeals in her fashion, her distinguishing trait. When Masterson threatens to take his belt off, she settles down. The spanking is filmed from rear and facial. She’s a little alabaster doll.

‘Sleep over girls cont’ (M/2f; 8 minutes) Masterson continues his spankings of the girls in their nighties. They straddle the arms of the couch, diminutive enough to perch there and ride open-kneed like a jockey. Both girls climb down and remove their shorts and panties and get back up. The posture is almost fully revealing, especially for Kiki. One of our favorite spanking blogs, where the writer often finds sardonic humor or comic implausibility to images he captures for the screen, suggests that Masterson’s couch will never be the same after the presence of these two naked, aroused, and undulating girls. We would go further–that couch has long since been anointed.

Strapped in class’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) In tights and sports bra, cornered, pants down, heavily marked. Masterson works on a laptop. Alice climbs down, assumes the frisk position at the wall and gets the strap, facial and bottom views. Frontal to conclude. Shaved.