Dothe Girls Hall – SPANKINGSARAH

27 Jul

A professionally made storyline from STRAND/SPANKINGSARAH, featuring ‘Mr. Stern’  and other actors. With this producer, one can expect some exotic turns of the normal schoolie film. Things happen you are not expecting.

‘Sarah and Clover Thrashed’ (F/2f; time: 17 minutes) Sarah and Clover have the occasion to witness ‘Miss Grainger’ in the garden with the handyman/caretaker, at first accepting a blackmail handspanking from him, and then when he is sufficiently aroused, giving him a very jolly and experienced blowjob.

Miss Grainger arrives in the girls’ room with a paddle. They are quite amused at what they saw. “You had more than a mouthful earlier.” True.

Grainger is going to paddle the girls. She has them strip to their white panties and put on nightdresses. Both girls are then paddled OTK, hard, loud, and conventional. She has both girls strip naked and kneel on the floor and bend forward onto the mattress, which is also on the floor. The camera zooms in on two pusses. More paddling here and more standing.

‘Clover’s First Spanking’ (2M/2f; time: 20 minutes) Brunette pigtailed ‘Clover’ reports to a male teacher, having been sent by the headmaster. She is an assistant prefect. The teacher strips her of her badge and wants her blazer off.

He is going to spank her, and since it is her first time, it will only be a bare bottom event. OTK, a bit of a struggle, skirt up, white panties, closeups. Clover stands and has to hand over her panties. She walks around with no pants while he clears the table. She bends over the table. The spanking continues.

Cut to the headmaster’s office. He calls in Sarah (Stern). She has come with a phone video she made of the teacher Miss Grainger having sex with the caretaker. As we cut back and forth to Clover’s spanking underway, the headmaster watches the video and warns Sarah of the gravity of this situation. This must be kept quiet. Sarah was out of bounds, skipping class, and telling tales. She will return after class for a spanking of her own. She is dismissed, then he settles down to watch the phone video.

‘Punishment of Miss Grainger’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Students ‘Clover’ and ‘Scarlett’ got a video of Miss Grainger entertaining the caretaker in her rooms. They were impressed with his cock, and Scarlett showed the video to the headmaster and got spanked for it. They gossip and cavort, Miss Grainger interrupts and confiscates their booze and promises thrashings when she returns.

She must report to the headmaster, ‘Mr. Stern.’ She knows why she is here and he gets right to it, ordering her to remove her jacket and hike her skirt. She is going to be spanked with the”senior girls’ paddle on your bottom.”

OTK, a long and mild paddling on her black lace panties. Nice closeups, panties come down, well done for an older lady by CP  film standards.

‘Punishment of a Sneak’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) We’re a bit confused about the sequence of these episodes. ‘Scarlett’ plays ‘Miss Grainger.’ Mr. Stern, the headmaster, has called her in and shows her the phone video of her having sex with the groundsman in her flat. He has watched the video and calls it “disgusting sex.” She is amused he is studying it so carefully.

“You know how I punish girls when they are naughty?” He orders an appointment with her for each of the next three days. Now he has her on the hook-she will be spanked in sessions, he has the video to entertain himself, and he has the schoolgirl snitches at his whim. That should fill out the semester.

Student Sarah returns to the Head–she wants her phone back. She also is very amused by Grainger’s sexual antics, as well as the size of the groundsman’s penis. But now, the Head will spank her for being a snitch. Over her objection, she gets palm slaps, and a strap on her maroon knickers and then on the bare. It is an amusing depiction–she is at least 12″ taller than the Head and would seemingly be able to waffle him if she chose.

The Cane for Miss Grainger’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Miss Grainger has reported to Headmaster Stern. She is an older actress for CP films, but will pull off Top and Bottom parts quite well. She has found a bottle of gin in some girls’ room and has punished them. Stern, no fool, sees his opportunity. He will be able to spank both students and get at the pants of his teacher, because she is not authorized to spank.

“You’re here for the second part of your punishment.” We see one of the students waiting outside and listening, Scarlett. Miss Grainger takes off her jacket and skirt, quite comfortable to do this, as if it is the routine. She bends over a settee and Stern begins with a paddle.

Knickers off, the paddling continues. Zoom between her legs. Grainger is quite calm with no pants in the Head’s office. Next comes six with the cane for telling tales. “Not so nice, eh?”

On the way out, Grainger warns Scarlett: “You’re going to get it.” She is, from both the Head and Grainger.

‘Miss Grainger Regrets’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Miss Grainger is seen sitting alone under a tree on the school grounds, reading. This scene follows a caning she received from the Head. In her humiliation, she has decided to skip a school picnic. The school handyman approaches. He must have seen some of her bare bottom in the Head’s office and here is his opportunity.

They chat about her caning, and she realizes she has been compromised. All this spanking talk turns him on and he wants to try out a new paddle he has just made. Why her? He doesn’t much like the cook or the matron. Grainger can’t argue, so she drops her skirt and bends over the chair. The paddling begins on the white lace panties. The scene is filmed from above, as if from a window.

When he pulls her panties down she doesn’t object. When she wants to shift his attention off her bottom and on to what he really wants: “I am not anywhere near turned on.” But soon he is. “Get on your knees and start sucking. We have an hour.” The older guy is absolutely huge, and it would seem Grainger has been here before. She works him, and when he begins to moan, she opens her blouse and lets him cum on her estimable boobs. She loves it. One of the more entertaining scenes of this kind.

‘The Plan’  Headmaster Stern and another faculty member devise a plan to entrap ‘Fiona,’  a poor and lazy student but a clever and resourceful one. They know she is having sex with the groundsman, in return for favors. They have installed CCTV.

Fiona is caught by the groundsman smoking in his workshop. She wants the gate opened for her friends Saturday night. The groundsman runs his hand up her dress and suggests the “usual fee” for that arrangement. “Oh, not that again.” The groundsman positions a pillow, Fiona drops to her knees, opens his pants, and begins a blowjob. No hesitation, quite sure of herself. The guy is huge! Fiona keeps prattling. The guy wants her to stop with the talk and concentrate on sucking. He finishes himself off with the money shot and a facial.

CUT. Fiona is called to the headmaster’s office. Stern shows her the exam results. There are canes on his desk. When she lies about where she was yesterday afternoon, Stern flexes a cane and takes her to see the CCTV tape “We’re left now with corporal punishment.” She is sent to the “hall.”

‘First Punishment-Plot at Dothe Hall’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Fiona, a tall, thin brunette, slightly miscast as  schoolgirl, is called into the headmaster’s office. She has been caught propositioning the caretaker. We presume she has heard along with other girls about the guy’s big cock.

She agrees to accept a spanking.  “…paddled, strapped, and caned…take off your blazer.” She is so tall that when she bends over a table and locks her knees as you must do, she must drop down to touch the table. A collection of implements is laid out. The set is an attractive sunlit conference room. SPANKINGSARAH took care with scenery.

Stiff strap on her skirt, skirt up,  white panties. “Take them down.” A paddle next. “This is cruel, sir.” “You are to be caned, girl.” She has to wait for this at the wall.

‘Obey the Rules (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Headmaster ‘Mr. Stern’ confronts Clover with a bottle of gin Miss Grainger found in her room. She denies of course, but this is a CP film. “You’re going to get the strap, the senior strap.” Clover objects, she is a Junior. You offer any arguments you can think of.

First, Stern will strap her on the palms. We see again that these CP models, probably with somewhat toughened buttocks,  don’t enjoy palm slapping. Closeups of the strap show a flexible leather model, maybe 1/2″ thick.

Chubby Clover raises her skirt, bends over the couch, and receives a moderate strapping on white panties. Stern decides to warm her bottom with a handspanking before continuing with the strap. Excellent oblique angles, closeups, sound, lighting. Production values are consistent in these episodes. Clover pulls her panties down. Convincing bruises.

‘The Punishment Room’ (2M/2f; time: 17 Minutes) The Headmaster is in the process of spanking ‘Sarah,’ who  is bent over a high platform, wearing just white bra and panties. Another male member of the school staff is observing, suggesting he will get his shot. The Head smacks very hard, with his hand and paddle.

“Stand and remove your panties.”  “Down?” “Remove them…hand them to me.”

Brunette Fiona is brought in to watch. She is down to bra and panties herself and would be next. The Head begins with a cane on Sarah, just moderate, but effective after such a paddling. Sarah objects, for what it is worth. “This isn’t punishment. This is wrong.”

The male assistant then spanks Fiona in the same way over the platform, achieving the same mottled results. Sarah watches, hands on head, panties gone, facing us. Then both girls to the wall, hands on head. Sarah is right, this is more than punishment. Two men with two mostly naked students.



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