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Top to Bottom – SHADOWLANE

31 Aug

MF/2f; time: 52 minutes

More stars at stopovers at SHADOWLANE. ‘John Osborne’ and ‘Sarah Gregory’ here, early in their CP careers.

This must be a punishment therapy clinic. Osborne has elected to observe a punishment therapy session. Sarah, one of his operators, is going to dish it out to ‘Violet October.’ Sarah spanks her OTK, panties down, conventional.

“That was quite a session,” observes Osborne, but too strict, he thought. He will show Sarah how it is done. OTK using a spanking bench, her nurse/operator’s uniform skirt up. When Osborne gets her pantyhose and panties down, Sarah objects. She is part of the management.

When Osborne catches Violet having sneaked back into the room to enjoy the fun, he will spank both girls. He uses a square paddle. When he puts on rubber gloves and inserts  butt plugs after some lubrication: “Please, the joke is over.” The girls whine, but remain docile and keep their hair off their faces.

Sarah is going to get revenge on Violet. Back to the  bench. Violet is naked. Over a trestle (a lot of spanking equipment at this clinic) for a cane. The way Violet reacts here, reflexively, this hurt more than expected.

And finally, a therapy session. Sarah has Violet again. “We’ll start by taking your temperature.” Always a good idea. Flat on a gurney, naturally, slacks down. “Your bottom has already faded.” Rubber gloves. Lube, perfect insertion . Violet has a little temperature, so we need an enema. Slacks off, Sarah wants her to kneel on all fours for the “best angle.”

After some boob play, Sarah inserts some lube deep into Violet’s anus with a device new to us, a sort of plastic pastry frosting trigger mechanism. Great. The nasty enema nozzle has ridges and takes some erotic work to insert. Violet does some nice groaning as the liquid flows.

“Doctor” Osborne has been observing, and he assists by elevating the red bag. Violet doesn;’t want anyone to help. While the enema bubbles, Violet is spanked again, then led off to the toilet with the nozzle still in place.

Bare Bottom Treatment – REDBOARD

30 Aug

F/f; time: 19 minutes

The porn star ‘Sharon Kane’ and a cute blond actress Lisa Ristini.’ ‘Amber’  is marched in to professional disciplinarian Sharon by her aunt. She has paid to have the recalcitrant girl punished.

After some argument and terrible acting, Amber removes her coat to display a sort of bustier, garters, G-string, and stockings. Outrageous. “I don’t want to be spanked.” Sharon makes her parade around. “You have a cute bottom.” Yes.

The OTK begins from lefthanded Kane. Amber stands to take off her bustier. Not just her bottom is cute. Naked but for G-string and stockings, the punishment continues. Various positions. Sharon’s interest is more than professional.

The “aunt” has been listening and watching. She mildly objects to Sharon about too much punishment, and we see the aunt, looking suddenly very buxom and sexy here, is setting herself up to be jumped by Sharon. This film in fact is marketed as part of a longer one.


30 Aug

M/2f; time: 33 minutes

Silly stuff; ‘Uncle Lee’ is spanking his niece, panties down, when an older sister appears. “What is going on here?” The big sister takes over the spanking.

FADE; into their room, the big sister will use the cane and implements. Naked, long succession of implements, various positions.

The uncle returns, he likes the results showing on the younger girl. He will use the cane–nasty, 4 on the buttocks crease before he turns to the ‘sit spot.’

Shoplifter’s Lesson – SPANKEDCHEEKS

30 Aug

M/F; time: 29 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ is marched into a store office by  a male plain-clothes security officer and turned over to a uniformed female security person, the ‘Miss Lina’ character from these films. Amelia was caught shoplifting. Her excuses that she was rehearsing for a film part don’t hold up. (There are a number of good films of shoplifters spanked in hidden store offices, and in many, girls must offer more than a spanking to be let off.)

Amelia is wearing a skimpy little blue sun dress, in fact maybe the same dress she wore in ‘Amelia Naked OTK.’ from AAASPANKING. which we found so erotic, that film ranking as maybe our co-favorite of hers, along with a GIRLSBOSARDINGSCHOOL performance.

“You’re about to find out what really happens to shoplifters.” “Punishment” is discussed.” “You’re about to have your bottom spanked.” Amelia caves at the repeated threat of the police. Lena informs her that she will  spank by hand, use three implements, and the cane. Amelia is directed to look at paddles and straps hanging from a wall rack, right there in Store Security. Amelia: “ You’re a really weird shop.” But she accepts her fate.

“I want you to strip off,” says Lena. “But there’s a man here.” After a pause, Amelia does some untying then pulls the little blue frock over her head. She wears just white panties. Breathtaking. Much to her displeasure, the male guard will take her OTK first, on the couch. Lena directs him to take her panties down. Some lapful she is, right here in the security department. After the spanking, she moves to the floor, naked n on her haunches, one of the poses she excels in because of her height.

Lena marches her to a desk and bends her over it. Amelia keeps her knees locked, and again because she is so tall, this pose has the effect of arching her bottom. Nice staging. Lena has selected 3 straps/tawses,  and she and the male guard take turns with them. Amelia sustains the usual chatter and squawking, until  they gag her with her panties.

Now Lena will cane her. About 15 strokes are shown, but they are faux-pushes, pulled punches. After this series, when Amelia doesn’t apologize with enough humility, she gets four more strokes, also harmless. Not much true spanking in this film. Amelia is rarely into welts or bruises, but her full nudity on-screen is recompense.


29 Aug

2M/2f; year: 2007; time: 30 minutes

Please don’t come after us, but again we are disappointed with this producer. ‘Mistress Jacqueline’ narrates this film. She is going to illustrate how spanking can resolve conflicts among couples. Some of the cast here are porn stars, taking the easier route in later years.

The first segment has a blonde in jeans being spanked by her male partner in a domestic setting. Routine and uneventful.

In the second, a couple  argues over a game of checkers,  the blonde gets a spanking. They try the diaper position while she is over his lap, but it doesn’t last long because it is too difficult  physically. At least there is some attempted sexy play among these two here.


We have to add, just who is the “Loser” in this film?


Schoolroom Discipline – BROOKSAPPLICATIONS

29 Aug

F/m ; year: 1995; time: 31 minutes

A ‘Jennifer Brooks’ production. We have not reviewed many of her F/m films. Ms. Brooks is a firm and resourceful disciplinarian. We will research to see if we can find some films of the F/f variety.

We have reviewed Ms. Brooks’ several appearances at NUWEST, where she herself is interviewed and spanked NW-style; also she joins the other NW models in spanking males in some films.

Here, she plays a schoolteacher presiding at the front of the classroom at a blackboard. One male student is visible, seated at a complicated school desk. He will be the object of her attentions.

He mocks her as she writes on the blackboard and falls asleep, prompting his first spanking. After some corner time (unseen students laugh), he will bend over his desk for the paddle. “Oh, Miss Brooks.” Very hard, full swing strokes on his pants. He jerks in pain.

More teaching, more mischief. More corner, then OTK very hard. Ms. Brooks takes his trousers down, taking some time to erotically struggle with his belt and buttons. Shorts down while OTK. Nice red butt.

After more corner time and a silly dunce cap, it is cane time. Danny will bend over again, he has snuck his white briefs up,  but that won’t happen. About 25 very hard strokes, the last six the hardest and counted aloud. At this point, we would have liked her to reach under to check his penis, but that doesn’t happen.

Vintage Caning – NUWEST

29 Aug

M/f; time: 25 minutes

A film in black-and-white, or adapted to appear that way, to communicate the ‘vintage’ image, a bit  awkward, as typical  from NUWEST. Five sequences of Ed Lee himself being caned by one of his cast models.

(1) Katie canes Lee, she is fully dressed here, she circles, swooshes and canes.

(2) Now, Joanne Jameson, topless, and getting more buxom than her initial teen years. Lee is bent over a horse, wearing a little half-slip.

(3) A blonde in bra, panties, and knee boots. She canes Lee. He is over a trestle.

(4) The wonderful Debra, thin and regal, wearing just a bustier and panties, her breasts bare. Lee is naked here. Debra goes a little easy on him.

(5) And Katie again, and this time she wears no pants, so we can watch her as she circles Lee. Cute pubic trim. Our reward for these F/m episodes. He is over a trestle and wearing a girdle. Katie canes hard and fast. He struggles and the girdle comes down. In some of these segments, Lee’s right cheek bleeds in the usual vulnerable place.


25 Aug

M/2f; time: 15 minutes

Another trivial little film. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’  and ‘Sophie Parker’ play two slightly unlikely students, in plaid schoolgirl jumpers, brought before their headmaster, ‘Mr. Stern,’ in the presence of their mothers, played by ‘Sarah Bright’  and ‘Katie Didit.’ This large cast is crammed into a small space. Amelia soars over everyone.

The mothers bicker among themselves, and at first you think THEY should be spanked, but not when we have the possibility of Ms. Rutherford standing by. Stern announces he is going to handspank the two girls. Parker OTK first, panties down, bottom full screen. Then Amelia, the usual glorious scene, and as usual she chatters through it. There are some out-takes where the cast dissolves in laughter. Easy to see why.

Punishment After Hours – SPANKEDCHEEKS

24 Aug

F/f; time: 22 minutes

Thematically, a sequel to ‘Denying Responsibility.’ Zoe Page has become Amelia Jane Rutherford’s boss. With clear lesbian overtones, she is using leverage she has to spank Amelia at every opportunity. Here, Amelia ‘borrowed’ petty cash over the weekend, and when she returns it, she finds a note advising her she’s caught and to be prepared for the formulaic spanking at the end of the workday.4

Amelia is on the phone describing to her friend what is going to happen. And she has found some new spanking implements in the supply Zoe keeps in the office. The ritual: Amelia removes her skirt and panties and stands, hands on head, at the wall, waiting. She told her girlfriend she just has to deal with the fear of someone dropping by.

Zoe arrives, pleased to see the bare bottom waiting for her. Zoe begins an OTK spanking, pussy flashes, and clear lust coming from Page. Amelia is sent to the wall, where she assumes the ‘frisk’ position without direction. Zoe uses the new implements, two studded straps, and a black paddle which Amelia told her phone friend would cover most of her bottom.

Jealous Behaviour – SPANKEDCHEEKS

24 Aug

M/f; time: 17 minutes
 An unremarkable film from ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ mostly because there is so much to choose from. We sometimes puzzle if there are not enough spankos out there to come up with clever yet economical ideas. Amelia and her husband return from a party, where she was flirting around, in her gold lamee short dress. He is going to spank her, using the dressing room set.

Without a whole lot of resistance, he gets her OTK and begins spanking. Her dress is so short, her almost matching panties are mostly exposed. Mild Rutherford squawk. Pantyhose down. She stands and bends over a chair for a ping pong paddle, panties come down, and he smacks hard enough to gain her attention. A big strap is next, Amelia jumps around, pussy flashes. And last, a Spencer strap.