Sunday School

1 Aug

M/2f; time: 45 minutes

A European film we haven’t identified yet, without the formal schoolgirl/headmaster relationship. Two tall brunettes report to an industrial building and enter a classroom, to be confronted by a male supervisor in dark suit and sunglasses. The girls take seats at tables and begin studying European geography with him. This would appear to be detention or compulsory tutoring; neither the girls nor the instructor appear to be too enthused.

The girls are left alone and soon goof off, together flipping through a large book of vintage spanking photographs while they play with themselves under the desk. Soon they have pulled each other’s bras down and have hands in each other’s pants. The camera cuts to various spanking implements positioned around this ‘classroom,’ in case we didn’t know where this action is headed.

One brunette, with punkish hair accents and long pigtails, lies on her back on a desk, skirt thrown up, panties discarded, while the second girl, a striking pageboy brunette, works a large black dildo into her pussy and brings her to orgasm. Ponytail kneels up on a desk, drops her head, spreads her legs, and allows Pageboy to play between her legs.

Of course the instructor hears these salacious goings-on and sneaks in. The girls scramble to compose, but now is the time for the spanking to begin.

Pageboy is bent over a desk, school skirt up, white satin panties, for a handspanking and snappy cracks with a wide ruler, which elicit yelps and leave convincing square marks. The tutor spanks miss pigtails next, when he discovers she has no panties on, he finds the wispy things on the floor and jams them in her mouth, the first of many indications this is be no ordinary spanking.

The tutor makes the pageboy kneel on a field of dried peas he pours for her. Haven’t seen a pitcher of dried peas in a classroom recently. Pigtails is ordered to undress–shirt, skirt, bra. She kneels up on a chair naked while the tutor jams the black dildo deep into her mouth. He birches her bare feet–she curls her soles and squeals.  He slaps her soles with a crop. She stands and faces us, full frontal, legs spread.

It is the pageboy’s turn to strip–the tutor helps her unbutton her blouse. No bra. He slaps her breasts with a soft flogger and frigs her under her thong while she stands helpless, hands-on-head. She takes off the remaining skirt and pants–two naked girls now on screen. he uses a crop on their pussies.

Both naked girls bend over his desk, two beautiful collectible bottoms. With the cane, he lays on sets of 3 strokes each, a total of nine. Then he moves the two bottoms closely together and canes both with the same stroke–four more. On girl gets the thick part of the cane while the other receives the whippy tip.

Everyone has had a good time in this film, the naked girls embrace while the tutor flips through the spanking photo book.

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