Magician’s Methods – CALSTAR

2 Aug

M/f; time: 13 minutes

A glorious ageplay oldie, with ‘Sir Larry Greythorpe’  and ‘Barbie Mel.’ Larry plays a magician. He is trying to train his pretty blond on-stage assistant, and the only way which seems to work is spanking her. Sir Larry covets his naked girls and their bottoms, dancing his fingers over their bodies in all his films. Barbie undresses for him–she will be spanked naked of course, but Larry wants to examine her figure in detail, given the costume she wears on stage. First comes a strapping, mild but vintage.

FADE. There has been a poor rehearsal, another spanking is in order, more serious. “I intend to spank you, then the paddle, then the cane.” Such formal announcements are part of the ritual in this CP era. The spankings are standard. The caning is something else. “Time has arrived to drive the lesson home.” Larry snaps hard with wristy strokes. We counted 35 strokes, there were some repeats, and Ms. Mel knows the value of going dead silent. Larry checks her bottom along the way. “You’re warming quite well.”

Larry wants her to massage the marks away before the next show; otherwise, she will have to wear a bustle. And he wants her naked for a twirl. He likes his girls. As close to the dirty old man you will find. You wonder that if, on the set, the girls didn’t have some problem with him.

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