The Sweat Shop

2 Aug

MF/3f; time: 18 minutes

An early British film, in the manner of BLUSHES or ROUE and an office setting, the storyline so often used, girls without a choice. Two tall and attractive brunettes work at antiquated sewing  machines. They gossip, and apparently they have been warned–take a spanking or be fired. They have “lost a German account,”

After the tall blond female supervisor hears that they will accept punishment, she gets a cane. First she will handspank the two girls, Louise and Jane. OTK, “Take your knickers down.” Loose silk knickers, conventional vintage office dress for the girls. A certain amount of screaming during a mild spanking. Both girls bend over a stool for 10 strokes of the cane, a bit silly. And Jane gets 22 more, because it was her birthday last Friday when she caused the trouble.

As the girls console each other, whimpering and rubbing their bare bottoms, the male boss arrives and hears what happened. He calls for and canes the female supervisor on her black lace knickers. If bottoms are the criterion in this office, this lady is the winner.

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