Stand Up, Can’t Sit Down (Yevonne) – DALLASSPANKSHARD

8 Aug

M/f; year: 2012; time: 40 minutes

Longer format for DSH. Little light brunette ‘Yevonne’ calls at Dallas’ house. She has come for a “record label interview,” not knowing that she has been sent to Dallas, the professional disciplinarian, to   be punished for her habit of standing people up. The record label owner is nearby, and Yevonne is a little alarmed when Dallas marches her by the arm to see him.

It is explained. She must undergo an “examination” with Dallas, who soon explains he is a professional disciplinarian. If she wants the job, “you’re going to get a very long, hard spanking.” He has her kneel on a footstool and throws up her blue summer dress to expose full apricot panties. He whips them down immediately. Not a peep from her.

After some standing humiliation, hands on head, he takes her OTK and does his thing with the aloe. He explains it increases the sting and that he can smack less hard and longer. Yevonne will have to hold a three-minute egg timer for sessions. The first spanking starts at the 11 minute mark. A rousing 3 minute spanking Dallas-style. “That was the beginning.” She is left hands on head to anticipate the next spanking.

OTK again, she is reluctant. More aloe. The timer again. About one smack per second with a few breathers. Another corner time contemplation, then OTK. “Again?” Aloe, timer, a cute struggle.

After a lecture about her habits, she lies lengthwise on a bearskin rug on the low table. Dallas brings a stack of implements. Yevonne is made to line them up and examine them. Then, short impressive sessions with: big razor strop, kitchen stirrer, long white strap, black leather paddle, short strap, and a paddle.

Zoom on a very red and bruised bottom, one of those classic soaring beauties. You’d follow this girl in a mall.

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