The Corporal’s Punishment

8 Aug

M/f; time: 28 minutes

An American extravaganza, and a silly waste, unless you need a laugh. Has the feel of a motel filming session. A middle-aged civilian guy (is this Kurt Stevens?) is going to spank a girl for military offenses. She is a huge blonde. Remember Goldie Hawn in ‘Private Benjamin?’ Imagine a vaudevillian bimbo’ish blonde who is TWO Goldie Hawn’s–tall, huge breasts, a bottom the size of a small umbrella, thunder thighs, flat stomach, working legs. Beautiful, athletic proportions, but just a whole lot of girl. If you are familiar with the skillful  Las Vegas dancers NUWEST featured in domme roles, she would be 150% of that.

The girl wears a silly stripper’s military costume–olive drab micro skirt, bare midriff, and olive drab halter. A perched little fore-and-aft cap will survive the spanking. She will be spanked for barracks misdemeanors, one of which is “late for reveille,” the concept for which we puzzled over, but not for long. Is it out all night or slow to get out of bed?

The civilian gent takes the corporal OTK, a careful balancing task. The tiny skirt comes off to expose a  G-string. The guy starts to work with the beautiful and huge target. “I’m very sorry, sir…very humiliating, sir.”

She stands and pulls her top off, instead of a bra, she wears the G-string equivalent. Bottom G-string off; closeups. Acres of fun. The guy starts with a simple five-and-dime hairbrush. Looks like someone on the set  ran to the corner store when the prop was missing. A serious brush equal to the task at hand  would have been much more fun, like a bath brush.

Bra off, about as effective as wrapping ribbon. Melons. A small leather strap, tappity-tap. The corporal is down to her little cap, dog tags, and boots. “You have a very tight butt.” “Thank you, sir.”

More OTK, some time over the desk, another small strap, nothing much happening. The entertainment is in watching this Amazonian creature move about the set.

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