When A Stranger Spanks – DALLASSPANKSHARD

8 Aug

M/f; year: 2011, time: 64 minutes

Another odd film from DSH. The actress ‘Vivian Sweet’  plays the part of a floozy hooker-type, hitchhiking in a residential area. She wears a very tight, short skirt and stiletto heels., Dallas stops and picks her up in a silly parody of a street corner hooker pickup. Not quite “Pretty Woman.”

After a short ride, he invites her back to his place for a drink. She doesn’t bat an eye. Left alone, Vivian examines a Playboy nude statue and finds BDSM stuff in drawers. Dallas wants her to snoop. He makes her a dirty martini, and when he invites her to lie over the table, she is eager .She pulls up her dress, and at Dallas’ request, slips down her pink thong. Slowly, nice.

Dallas begins right off with a cane, which seems to surprise Vivian, “Ow-y, Ow-y,” she cries out, in an odd way. A harsh caning start for what is going to be a long session. Dallas actually canes vertically a few times.

The film was sold in segments. Dallas will now spank Vivian though his repertoire as he does. The next session is OTK. Very red, Vivian is startled. Then the leather paddle and a ‘Keith Jones paddle.’ Somehow Vivian knows: “Keith Jones gives wicked spankings.” No offense, but Dallas far outdoes him. The paddle is an oval ping pong type, a little bigger, and thin.

A hairbrush session is next;  there are bruises now, especially on that far side. Dallas has not be careful enough to evenly distribute. Vivian is looking distressed.

Over a chair for an antique strap. Lots of facials, an experienced actress. “I want to be stopped,” she confesses. She bends over an old school desk for a long strap, a 2′ length of leather. Dallas really whacks. She is shocked.

And a razor strop finale. After displaying her bottom on a leather couch, she lies lengthwise on a box on legs. Excellent facials. As she dresses and leaves, she winks: “Same time next week?” She’ll need to attend to that bottom to do this again so soon.

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