A Girl in Love part 1 – MOOD

9 Aug

M/f; time: 26 minutes

We continue to avoid the more harsh MOOD films, but we enjoyed this one–there is some acting. Lori comes to call on a man, a friend, she calls ‘Uncle Max.’ (Maximillian Lomp) She discusses her new boyfriend and their desire to move in together. She is soon begging for 2000 Euros, even falling on her knees, apparently as yet unaware of what Max might want.

He announces he is going to give her a “serious lesson,” in segments with 100 Euro notes dished out, and it will begin NOW. From the look on her face (well done), she has figured out Max. He wants clothes to come off. Her misery here is the best part of the film. Blouse first and slowly–surprise, she displays a well-filled bra. Even Max is surprised. “What a big girl you have become.”

Another 100 for the bra. 100 for the skirt. Lori is very nervous. Max fondles. This scene is nicely drawn out. And finally the thong. She is shy.

FADE. Lori is naked now, stretched on her back with wrists and ankles cuffed and pulled wide, on a chaise-like platform. Uncle Max will begin her torture with a long needle, hot wax and clamps.

After another FADE, Lori is tied and stretched naked face down, as Max whips and she counts the strokes. A sequel is teased as Max dangles another 100 Euro note in front of her.


2 Responses to “A Girl in Love part 1 – MOOD”

  1. George September 5, 2018 at 10:15 pm #

    I think this movie is ‘The Girl in Love’ from graias.com (see http://graiasmovies.com/movie-details/the-girl-in-love/3). Graias plays Maximilian Lomp for Mood but he also produces his own videos. The full version is 44 minutes long and it becomes much more severe, more like a Mood film, in the later half.

  2. spankingfilmreview September 5, 2018 at 10:59 pm #

    thanks; we saw there was a severe part 2; we will correct the title. there were a few NW’s we couldn’t ID, if you have had a chance. That catalogue is a hopeless enigma.

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