22 Aug

MF/f; Time: 51 minutes

An unusual format for Dallas, in 3 segments. ‘Tiki’  is the model, a tall blonde. Graphics describe her ‘submission’  here as happening before ‘Fifty Shades.’ You’ll read around that big CP producers have been angry that the movies ‘Secretary’  and ‘Ffity Shades’  had the effect of mainstreaming their product . This film may have come from archives, because Dallas looks quite young, and Tiki has a bikini tan from the Sandra Dee period. With a bottom like hers, if thongs were extant, she would have worn one. Dark lighting, few facials, and almost no dialogue.

Tiki appears in front of a roaring fire wearing a loose chenille robe, which she drops slowly. She is naked. She has a big feminine bottom, completely white against a body tan. She rests her elbows on the mantel, and Dallas begins caning her. The scene is dark, the fire crackles. She is getting both her bottom and her pussy torched.

FADE, into the bedroom, they probably found the fire too hot to continue there. Tiki lies over the foot of the bed on pillows, beautifully positioned. Dallas starts with a paddle, which makes her squirm out of position. White strap, tawse, flogger, and a big wood fraternity paddle which makes her ask to stop. Zoom on red bottom and fondle.

In the next scene, we’re back in front of the fire; this time a screen has been placed to separate Tiki, so that she won’t catch sparks or have her pussy hair singed. Dallas wears his chenille robe now, and with two whirling floggers, gets her stinging so much she needs to stop.

OTK naked, it looks like she is exploring under his robe as he spanks. In fact, she drops to her knees and performs a spirited blowjob, graphic enough, not a perfect camera angle. This segment ends as it appears she is positioning for some doggy-style sex. You won’t see this in those mainstream movies.

In the last 30-minute segment, Dallas has been joined by either ‘Zoey’  or ‘Sierra Salem.’ The girl takes Tiki’s pants and panties down at the bed and begins handspanking and flogging. Kiki’s wrists are manacled. Dallas hovers. “You’re doing a great job, but you can  go a little harder.” A few spanks from Dallas make Tiki squeal. Zoey strokes. “You’re very very warm.”

Dallas shows Zoey how to snap with a paddle. After Dallas applies some aloe, the spanking continues. “Instructional spanking, I like it.”

White strap, black leather paddle, kneeling up on the bed for the flogger, knees apart. Head down, bottom high. Dallas joined–they both paddle, the finale for Tiki.

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