Stephanie’s Playthings – Jessica NUWEST NWV-156

23 Aug

F/f; year: 1991; time: 28 minutes

‘Stephanie Locke,’ in leather, narrates: “Our victim this afternoon is Melina Christopher.” Apparently this porn actress played the part of Jessica,  or the NW graphics department screwed up the title. We’re here for the spankings. Stephanie explains that for the ‘Kyrie’ and ‘Mische’ versions of this format she didn’t spank angry, but here, she is. Before the spanking begins, she plugs her availability for Femdom services–write to SHADOWLANE, boys, if you want a spanking.

FADE to spanking action. in the large empty studio, tall brunette Jessica is being spanked OTK. She wears bra, panties, and bustier, typical NW foundation garments. Her long hair will hide her face for most of the film, mostly out of poor staging. Vigorous moderate spanking. Stephanie hauls her full white lace panties down.

FADE. Jessica has been strung up  now, the set shows some cheap furniture and the faux paneled wall. Mild whipping, Jessica keeps her legs spread and bottom out without prompting. Stephanie takes the panties down. Lots of pubic hair. A riding crop.

Stephanie pulls Jessica’s boobs out of her bustier. There is a pause, Jessica’s wrists are lowered, some adjustment is made to her manacles, then the whipping continues. For a break, Stephanie gives her a drink of water from a glass, not easy between arms pulled over her head. No water bottles?

Fast cropping to bare bottom. Boobs hang. Best facials for the closing embrace.

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