Punishment After Hours – SPANKEDCHEEKS

24 Aug

F/f; time: 22 minutes

Thematically, a sequel to ‘Denying Responsibility.’ Zoe Page has become Amelia Jane Rutherford’s boss. With clear lesbian overtones, she is using leverage she has to spank Amelia at every opportunity. Here, Amelia ‘borrowed’ petty cash over the weekend, and when she returns it, she finds a note advising her she’s caught and to be prepared for the formulaic spanking at the end of the workday.4

Amelia is on the phone describing to her friend what is going to happen. And she has found some new spanking implements in the supply Zoe keeps in the office. The ritual: Amelia removes her skirt and panties and stands, hands on head, at the wall, waiting. She told her girlfriend she just has to deal with the fear of someone dropping by.

Zoe arrives, pleased to see the bare bottom waiting for her. Zoe begins an OTK spanking, pussy flashes, and clear lust coming from Page. Amelia is sent to the wall, where she assumes the ‘frisk’ position without direction. Zoe uses the new implements, two studded straps, and a black paddle which Amelia told her phone friend would cover most of her bottom.

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