Schoolroom Discipline – BROOKSAPPLICATIONS

29 Aug

F/m ; year: 1995; time: 31 minutes

A ‘Jennifer Brooks’ production. We have not reviewed many of her F/m films. Ms. Brooks is a firm and resourceful disciplinarian. We will research to see if we can find some films of the F/f variety.

We have reviewed Ms. Brooks’ several appearances at NUWEST, where she herself is interviewed and spanked NW-style; also she joins the other NW models in spanking males in some films.

Here, she plays a schoolteacher presiding at the front of the classroom at a blackboard. One male student is visible, seated at a complicated school desk. He will be the object of her attentions.

He mocks her as she writes on the blackboard and falls asleep, prompting his first spanking. After some corner time (unseen students laugh), he will bend over his desk for the paddle. “Oh, Miss Brooks.” Very hard, full swing strokes on his pants. He jerks in pain.

More teaching, more mischief. More corner, then OTK very hard. Ms. Brooks takes his trousers down, taking some time to erotically struggle with his belt and buttons. Shorts down while OTK. Nice red butt.

After more corner time and a silly dunce cap, it is cane time. Danny will bend over again, he has snuck his white briefs up,  but that won’t happen. About 25 very hard strokes, the last six the hardest and counted aloud. At this point, we would have liked her to reach under to check his penis, but that doesn’t happen.

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