Vintage Caning – NUWEST

29 Aug

M/f; time: 25 minutes

A film in black-and-white, or adapted to appear that way, to communicate the ‘vintage’ image, a bit  awkward, as typical  from NUWEST. Five sequences of Ed Lee himself being caned by one of his cast models.

(1) Katie canes Lee, she is fully dressed here, she circles, swooshes and canes.

(2) Now, Joanne Jameson, topless, and getting more buxom than her initial teen years. Lee is bent over a horse, wearing a little half-slip.

(3) A blonde in bra, panties, and knee boots. She canes Lee. He is over a trestle.

(4) The wonderful Debra, thin and regal, wearing just a bustier and panties, her breasts bare. Lee is naked here. Debra goes a little easy on him.

(5) And Katie again, and this time she wears no pants, so we can watch her as she circles Lee. Cute pubic trim. Our reward for these F/m episodes. He is over a trestle and wearing a girdle. Katie canes hard and fast. He struggles and the girdle comes down. In some of these segments, Lee’s right cheek bleeds in the usual vulnerable place.

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