Top to Bottom – SHADOWLANE

31 Aug

MF/2f; time: 52 minutes

More stars at stopovers at SHADOWLANE. ‘John Osborne’ and ‘Sarah Gregory’ here, early in their CP careers.

This must be a punishment therapy clinic. Osborne has elected to observe a punishment therapy session. Sarah, one of his operators, is going to dish it out to ‘Violet October.’ Sarah spanks her OTK, panties down, conventional.

“That was quite a session,” observes Osborne, but too strict, he thought. He will show Sarah how it is done. OTK using a spanking bench, her nurse/operator’s uniform skirt up. When Osborne gets her pantyhose and panties down, Sarah objects. She is part of the management.

When Osborne catches Violet having sneaked back into the room to enjoy the fun, he will spank both girls. He uses a square paddle. When he puts on rubber gloves and inserts  butt plugs after some lubrication: “Please, the joke is over.” The girls whine, but remain docile and keep their hair off their faces.

Sarah is going to get revenge on Violet. Back to the  bench. Violet is naked. Over a trestle (a lot of spanking equipment at this clinic) for a cane. The way Violet reacts here, reflexively, this hurt more than expected.

And finally, a therapy session. Sarah has Violet again. “We’ll start by taking your temperature.” Always a good idea. Flat on a gurney, naturally, slacks down. “Your bottom has already faded.” Rubber gloves. Lube, perfect insertion . Violet has a little temperature, so we need an enema. Slacks off, Sarah wants her to kneel on all fours for the “best angle.”

After some boob play, Sarah inserts some lube deep into Violet’s anus with a device new to us, a sort of plastic pastry frosting trigger mechanism. Great. The nasty enema nozzle has ridges and takes some erotic work to insert. Violet does some nice groaning as the liquid flows.

“Doctor” Osborne has been observing, and he assists by elevating the red bag. Violet doesn;’t want anyone to help. While the enema bubbles, Violet is spanked again, then led off to the toilet with the nozzle still in place.

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