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25 Aug

M/2f; time: 15 minutes

Another trivial little film. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’  and ‘Sophie Parker’ play two slightly unlikely students, in plaid schoolgirl jumpers, brought before their headmaster, ‘Mr. Stern,’ in the presence of their mothers, played by ‘Sarah Bright’  and ‘Katie Didit.’ This large cast is crammed into a small space. Amelia soars over everyone.

The mothers bicker among themselves, and at first you think THEY should be spanked, but not when we have the possibility of Ms. Rutherford standing by. Stern announces he is going to handspank the two girls. Parker OTK first, panties down, bottom full screen. Then Amelia, the usual glorious scene, and as usual she chatters through it. There are some out-takes where the cast dissolves in laughter. Easy to see why.

Punishment After Hours – SPANKEDCHEEKS

24 Aug

F/f; time: 22 minutes

Thematically, a sequel to ‘Denying Responsibility.’ Zoe Page has become Amelia Jane Rutherford’s boss. With clear lesbian overtones, she is using leverage she has to spank Amelia at every opportunity. Here, Amelia ‘borrowed’ petty cash over the weekend, and when she returns it, she finds a note advising her she’s caught and to be prepared for the formulaic spanking at the end of the workday.

Amelia is on the phone describing to her friend what is going to happen. And she has found some new spanking implements in the supply Zoe keeps in the office. The ritual: Amelia removes her skirt and panties and stands, hands on head, at the wall, waiting. She told her girlfriend she just has to deal with the fear of someone dropping by.

Zoe arrives, pleased to see the bare bottom waiting for her. Zoe begins an OTK spanking, pussy flashes, and clear lust coming from Page. Amelia is sent to the wall, where she assumes the ‘frisk’ position without direction. Zoe uses the new implements, two studded straps, and a black paddle which Amelia told her phone friend would cover most of her bottom.

Jealous Partner – SPANKEDCHEEKS

24 Aug

M/f; time: 17 minutes

An unremarkable film from ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ mostly because there is so much to choose from. We sometimes puzzle if there are not enough spankos out there to come up with clever yet economical ideas. Amelia and her husband return from a party, where she was flirting around, in her gold lamee short dress. He is going to spank her, using the dressing room set.

Without a whole lot of resistance, he gets her OTK and begins spanking. Her dress is so short, her almost matching panties are mostly exposed. Mild Rutherford squawk. Pantyhose down. She stands and bends over a chair for a ping pong paddle, panties come down, and he smacks hard enough to gain her attention. A big strap is next, Amelia jumps around, pussy flashes. And last, a Spencer strap.

Teacher Student Spanking Lessons

23 Aug

M/4f; time: 60 minutes

An odd film nlot worth much attention; a male teacher will quiz four girls on the solution of a math formula, which each fails to do, even after hearing the wrong answers of the previous girls. He will strip, spank, and mildly molest each girl in turn in front of the others.

LEDA – Strap-on – NUWEST

23 Aug

F/mf; time: 24 minutes

This film did not have a title. We have some researching readers out there. ‘Julia Jameson’ takes a small brunet(te) onto the bed on the large tile-walled stage. We can’t tell yet if the person is male or female, which for some reason measurably enhances the eroticism. We know Julia can flog and ream the best of them.

She helps the person on with panties. “Don’t worry, you’re only going to wear them while I’m spanking.” This can’t be reassuring. They will be coming off. The usual sexy talk–Julia is amused that HIS worker friends would be fascinated as to how he spends his evenings.

Julia makes the little guy kneel up on the bed while she gets her strap-on. She proceeds to fuck him hard, doggy-style. Piped studio music covers his gasping, but from his face, Julia might actually have penetrated. She crushes him flat on the bed and keeps pumping, then rolls him over onto his back without disconnecting. The gender is confirmed.

He has become, Julia calls him, “a tenderized piece of meat.” It strains a bit to imagine how this is real, but that is  not the point of CP films. More OTK, then another ramming on the bed, before the guy collapses in exhaustion.

Governess’ Choice – Discipline or Discharge – DELCOPRODUCTIONS

23 Aug

M/f; time: 17 minutes

‘Mr. Rob’  is not happy with his children’s governess, played by the bottom goddess ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford.’ He’s not a  fool- he has certainly seen her bottom sashaying around the house. He offers her the official choice–corporal punishment or discharge. In fact, he expects HER to spank the children, and he wants it done bare-bottom. He will show her how it is done.

Amelia wears a skirt, blouse, and heels, hair up. Deadly fetching as usual (there would be wardrobe credits in her films, or maybe not). She can’t convince Rob that CP is not a good thing. OTK on a leather couch. The first smack brings a classic Rutherford “Oh, God!” Skirt up, white silk panties. Big squawk. He announces a good strapping. “What’s a strapping?”

She kneels up on the couch. The director knows how to feature her. Lots of  dialogue. She is supposed to count the strokes but loses track, costing her 20 more. Panties down again. Another “Oh, God!” Rob sends her up the stairs to spank the children, and it will be without pants. We hear her calling for the boy first.

Stephanie’s Playthings – Jessica NUWEST NWV-156

23 Aug

F/f; year: 1991; time: 28 minutes

‘Stephanie Locke,’ in leather, narrates: “Our victim this afternoon is Melina Christopher.” Apparently this porn actress played the part of Jessica,  or the NW graphics department screwed up the title. We’re here for the spankings. Stephanie explains that for the ‘Kyrie’ and ‘Mische’ versions of this format she didn’t spank angry, but here, she is. Before the spanking begins, she plugs her availability for Femdom services–write to SHADOWLANE, boys, if you want a spanking.

FADE to spanking action. in the large empty studio, tall brunette Jessica is being spanked OTK. She wears bra, panties, and bustier, typical NW foundation garments. Her long hair will hide her face for most of the film, mostly out of poor staging. Vigorous moderate spanking. Stephanie hauls her full white lace panties down.

FADE. Jessica has been strung up  now, the set shows some cheap furniture and the faux paneled wall. Mild whipping, Jessica keeps her legs spread and bottom out without prompting. Stephanie takes the panties down. Lots of pubic hair. A riding crop.

Stephanie pulls Jessica’s boobs out of her bustier. There is a pause, Jessica’s wrists are lowered, some adjustment is made to her manacles, then the whipping continues. For a break, Stephanie gives her a drink of water from a glass, not easy between arms pulled over her head. No water bottles?

Fast cropping to bare bottom. Boobs hang. Best facials for the closing embrace.