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LEDA – Strap-on – NUWEST

23 Aug

F/mf; time: 24 minutes

This film did not have a title. We have some researching readers out there. ‘Julia Jameson’ takes a small brunet(te) onto the bed on the large tile-walled stage. We can’t tell yet if the person is male or female, which for some reason measurably enhances the eroticism. We know Julia can flog and ream the best of them.

She helps the person on with panties. “Don’t worry, you’re only going to wear them while I’m spanking.” This can’t be reassuring. They will be coming off. The usual sexy talk–Julia is amused that HIS worker friends would be fascinated as to how he spends his evenings.

Julia makes the little guy kneel up on the bed while she gets her strap-on. She proceeds to fuck him hard, doggy-style. Piped studio music covers his gasping, but from his face, Julia might actually have penetrated. She crushes him flat on the bed and keeps pumping, then rolls him over onto his back without disconnecting. The gender is confirmed.

He has become, Julia calls him, “a tenderized piece of meat.” It strains a bit to imagine how this is real, but that is  not the point of CP films. More OTK, then another ramming on the bed, before the guy collapses in exhaustion.

Governess’ Choice – Discipline or Discharge – DELCOPRODUCTIONS

23 Aug

M/f; time: 17 minutes

‘Mr. Rob’  is not happy with his children’s governess, played by the bottom goddess ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford.’ He’s not a  fool- he has certainly seen her bottom sashaying around the house. He offers her the official choice–corporal punishment or discharge. In fact, he expects HER to spank the children, and he wants it done bare-bottom. He will show her how it is done.

Amelia wears a skirt, blouse, and heels, hair up. Deadly fetching as usual (there would be wardrobe credits in her films, or maybe not). She can’t convince Rob that CP is not a good thing. OTK on a leather couch. The first smack brings a classic Rutherford “Oh, God!” Skirt up, white silk panties. Big squawk. He announces a good strapping. “What’s a strapping?”

She kneels up on the couch. The director knows how to feature her. Lots of  dialogue. She is supposed to count the strokes but loses track, costing her 20 more. Panties down again. Another “Oh, God!” Rob sends her up the stairs to spank the children, and it will be without pants. We hear her calling for the boy first.

Stephanie’s Playthings – Jessica NUWEST NWV-156

23 Aug

F/f; year: 1991; time: 28 minutes

‘Stephanie Locke,’ in leather, narrates: “Our victim this afternoon is Melina Christopher.” Apparently this porn actress played the part of Jessica,  or the NW graphics department screwed up the title. We’re here for the spankings. Stephanie explains that for the ‘Kyrie’ and ‘Mische’ versions of this format she didn’t spank angry, but here, she is. Before the spanking begins, she plugs her availability for Femdom services–write to SHADOWLANE, boys, if you want a spanking.

FADE to spanking action. in the large empty studio, tall brunette Jessica is being spanked OTK. She wears bra, panties, and bustier, typical NW foundation garments. Her long hair will hide her face for most of the film, mostly out of poor staging. Vigorous moderate spanking. Stephanie hauls her full white lace panties down.

FADE. Jessica has been strung up  now, the set shows some cheap furniture and the faux paneled wall. Mild whipping, Jessica keeps her legs spread and bottom out without prompting. Stephanie takes the panties down. Lots of pubic hair. A riding crop.

Stephanie pulls Jessica’s boobs out of her bustier. There is a pause, Jessica’s wrists are lowered, some adjustment is made to her manacles, then the whipping continues. For a break, Stephanie gives her a drink of water from a glass, not easy between arms pulled over her head. No water bottles?

Fast cropping to bare bottom. Boobs hang. Best facials for the closing embrace.



22 Aug

MF/f; Time: 51 minutes

An unusual format for Dallas, in 3 segments. ‘Tiki’  is the model, a tall blonde. Graphics describe her ‘submission’  here as happening before ‘Fifty Shades.’ You’ll read around that big CP producers have been angry that the movies ‘Secretary’  and ‘Ffity Shades’  had the effect of mainstreaming their product . This film may have come from archives, because Dallas looks quite young, and Tiki has a bikini tan from the Sandra Dee period. With a bottom like hers, if thongs were extant, she would have worn one. Dark lighting, few facials, and almost no dialogue.

Tiki appears in front of a roaring fire wearing a loose chenille robe, which she drops slowly. She is naked. She has a big feminine bottom, completely white against a body tan. She rests her elbows on the mantel, and Dallas begins caning her. The scene is dark, the fire crackles. She is getting both her bottom and her pussy torched.

FADE, into the bedroom, they probably found the fire too hot to continue there. Tiki lies over the foot of the bed on pillows, beautifully positioned. Dallas starts with a paddle, which makes her squirm out of position. White strap, tawse, flogger, and a big wood fraternity paddle which makes her ask to stop. Zoom on red bottom and fondle.

In the next scene, we’re back in front of the fire; this time a screen has been placed to separate Tiki, so that she won’t catch sparks or have her pussy hair singed. Dallas wears his chenille robe now, and with two whirling floggers, gets her stinging so much she needs to stop.

OTK naked, it looks like she is exploring under his robe as he spanks. In fact, she drops to her knees and performs a spirited blowjob, graphic enough, not a perfect camera angle. This segment ends as it appears she is positioning for some doggy-style sex. You won’t see this in those mainstream movies.

In the last 30-minute segment, Dallas has been joined by either ‘Zoey’  or ‘Sierra Salem.’ The girl takes Tiki’s pants and panties down at the bed and begins handspanking and flogging. Kiki’s wrists are manacled. Dallas hovers. “You’re doing a great job, but you can  go a little harder.” A few spanks from Dallas make Tiki squeal. Zoey strokes. “You’re very very warm.”

Dallas shows Zoey how to snap with a paddle. After Dallas applies some aloe, the spanking continues. “Instructional spanking, I like it.”

White strap, black leather paddle, kneeling up on the bed for the flogger, knees apart. Head down, bottom high. Dallas joined–they both paddle, the finale for Tiki.

A Girl in Love part 1 – MOOD

9 Aug

M/f; time: 26 minutes

We continue to avoid the more harsh MOOD films, but we enjoyed this one–there is some acting. Lori comes to call on a man, a friend, she calls ‘Uncle Max.’ (Maximillian Lomp) She discusses her new boyfriend and their desire to move in together. She is soon begging for 2000 Euros, even falling on her knees, apparently as yet unaware of what Max might want.

He announces he is going to give her a “serious lesson,” in segments with 100 Euro notes dished out, and it will begin NOW. From the look on her face (well done), she has figured out Max. He wants clothes to come off. Her misery here is the best part of the film. Blouse first and slowly–surprise, she displays a well-filled bra. Even Max is surprised. “What a big girl you have become.”

Another 100 for the bra. 100 for the skirt. Lori is very nervous. Max fondles. This scene is nicely drawn out. And finally the thong. She is shy.

FADE. Lori is naked now, stretched on her back with wrists and ankles cuffed and pulled wide, on a chaise-like platform. Uncle Max will begin her torture with a long needle, hot wax and clamps.

After another FADE, Lori is tied and stretched naked face down, as Max whips and she counts the strokes. A sequel is teased as Max dangles another 100 Euro note in front of her.



8 Aug

TIME: 56 minutes

A collection of film clips of sensational STRICTLYENGLISH models, all with wet bottoms.

Tiffany Jones-Tiffany Jones Trilogy part 2

Birchington Manor–Elizabeth Simpson and Rebecca Jordan

Lucy Bailey – The House

Suzi Martell – Asking For It

Stephanie in Strictly Private Investigation

and: long views of Birchington Manor from a different camera. The girls in a tub.




The Corporal’s Punishment

8 Aug

M/f; time: 28 minutes

An American extravaganza, and a silly waste, unless you need a laugh. Has the feel of a motel filming session. A middle-aged civilian guy (is this Kurt Stevens?) is going to spank a girl for military offenses. She is a huge blonde. Remember Goldie Hawn in ‘Private Benjamin?’ Imagine a vaudevillian bimbo’ish blonde who is TWO Goldie Hawn’s–tall, huge breasts, a bottom the size of a small umbrella, thunder thighs, flat stomach, working legs. Beautiful, athletic proportions, but just a whole lot of girl. If you are familiar with the skillful  Las Vegas dancers NUWEST featured in domme roles, she would be 150% of that.

The girl wears a silly stripper’s military costume–olive drab micro skirt, bare midriff, and olive drab halter. A perched little fore-and-aft cap will survive the spanking. She will be spanked for barracks misdemeanors, one of which is “late for reveille,” the concept for which we puzzled over, but not for long. Is it out all night or slow to get out of bed?

The civilian gent takes the corporal OTK, a careful balancing task. The tiny skirt comes off to expose a  G-string. The guy starts to work with the beautiful and huge target. “I’m very sorry, sir…very humiliating, sir.”

She stands and pulls her top off, instead of a bra, she wears the G-string equivalent. Bottom G-string off; closeups. Acres of fun. The guy starts with a simple five-and-dime hairbrush. Looks like someone on the set  ran to the corner store when the prop was missing. A serious brush equal to the task at hand  would have been much more fun, like a bath brush.

Bra off, about as effective as wrapping ribbon. Melons. A small leather strap, tappity-tap. The corporal is down to her little cap, dog tags, and boots. “You have a very tight butt.” “Thank you, sir.”

More OTK, some time over the desk, another small strap, nothing much happening. The entertainment is in watching this Amazonian creature move about the set.


8 Aug

M/f; time: 12 minutes; year: 2010

‘Karen’ and ‘Agean.’ A pretty blonde seems to have volunteered for a spanking from Agean. First, he wants her to twirl with her clothes on, a blouse and short skirt. Skirt up to show white panties. Agean takes her OTK and after a brief smacking, takes her panties down. “Your very first spanking.”

After it is over, Karen is not sure it was as much fun as promised. Agean goes to get cream. He didn’t spank that hard.


8 Aug

2M/3f; time: 17 minutes

An entertaining film where the actors are in and out of character. ‘Paul Kennedy’ has three girls put on cheerleader outfits to enhance the fetish. ‘Claire,’ ‘Anna Svensson,’ and a brunette ‘Jane’ make up the three. Paul has brought another guy with him to give him tutorials on spanking. Now this is job retraining! Government funded?

Paul will demonstrate the spanking techniques and implements. Claire is take OTK first by Paul, panties down. When the guy takes over, he spanks much harder, as he will in each succeeding instance.

Paul gets out his paddles. Anna is paddled on the couch. Paul demonstrates that this paddle must be used on “one cheek at a time.” The guy again paddles very hard. Anna gasps in surprise.

Now Paul will demonstrate the cane. He explains that bottoms should be warmed up first, so Jane is spanked OTK, red panties down. Then she touches toes–six mild cane strokes from Paul, but 6 legitimate ones from the guest.

Three bare bottoms at the wall–Paul points out the different effects of the hand, paddle, and cane on the three bottoms. We hear the prompting of the director/cameraman ‘Peters.’ The film continues  now with a bit of caning for each girl. Jane and Claire get 4 strokes. Anna declines and it is respected. Jane admits to the camera that the caning is turning her on.

Some brief girl on girl spankings, more caning for Jane, sort of time fillers.


8 Aug

M/f; year: 2018; time: 9 minutes

Despite the date, this film is surely from the archives. ‘Paul Kennedy’  and ‘Sarah Gregory.’ Sarah returns  home.  “Hi, Dad.” She wears a silly pink gingham dress;  we love Sarah, but it is time for her to move on from schoolgirl stuff. Kennedy has been alerted that she was trespassing and stealing apples. When you’re wearing a pink dress and probably white panties, a spanking would be in order.

She had been warned;  next time would be bottoms-up. Dress up, OTK, tight white panties. (Ms. Gregory knows about panties, and these still have their label. ) Powerful thighs, buxom up top. Ms. Gregory has fleshed out, but she goes to the gym. Standard bare bottom spanking.