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23 Sep

Various films from a new entrant on the spanking scene. We have collected some of her films at REALSPANKINGS and a few elsewhere. Ms. Cali must be a frisky model. As usual, we must create segment titles, hoping you can find them. We will keep adding.

‘Arrival’ (RSN; M/f; time: 18 minutes) Usually the initiation format for a new model at RSN. Kiki is marched in by Betty for her interview with Masterson. She is parked against the wall to wait for him. Her strawberry-dyed hair is longer here. Masterson arrives and begins making entries on his laptop. He notes that Kiki is already making a name for herself, in just hours, and has already found out that spanking is used to settle arguments.

At the wall, he has her drop her pants and panties. There is that tight little perfect bottom which will entertain us in so many segments. She must move to in front of his desk, present her bottom to him, then take off the rest of her clothes. She is quite comfortable about all this.

She faces him and tries to cover, but is quickly reminded where her hands and arms must be. He will have her bend, twirl, twist, and pose, all nudie stuff. It is supposed to humiliate, but she seems to love it and fights laughter.

A strapping begins, very hard, no more smiles. Very nice. Alternate views, side and rear. After this spanking, she does more poses, touch toes, the thrust, and then is allowed to put on her school uniform.

‘bedtime with Betty’ (RSN F/f; time: 5 minutes) Kiki reports to Betty in her nightie and slippers. She quickly bends over for the belt. Nightie up, print panties come down. Alternate views of the belting. “Have I made my point?” YES. “Hobble to the corner.”

‘butt plug’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) The scene opens with a closeup of a paddle and stainless steel butt plug on the classroom table. Masterson enters, where Kiki stares at the plug. It seems she still can’t stay awake in class, so she will have to wear the plug all day for a little extra stimulation and report to him after the last class. This should focus her attention. A sexy plotline.

Kiki drops her panties and inserts the plug herself under her tiny kilt. We don’t see it. Masterson rejoins. “Everything where it goes?” “Yes, sir.” He positions a spanking bench, makes some adjustments, and she climbs on, onto her back and into the diaper position. He begins a  fast paddling on all that bottom and thighs, as presented by this posture. There is the plug. She struggles and surges, but she is so small Masterson is able to grasp her ankles to steady the target.  Alternate views. To conclude, she bends double at the wall to display the plug.

‘Failed Kitchen Chores’ (RSI M/f; time: 6 minutes) Kiki reports to Masterson, failing to complete her assigned kitchen duties. Kiki wears the RSI school uniform–blouse, kilt, sweater, knee socks. She is sent back to the kitchen to get a spoon and a paddle.

She bends over a hassock. “Look at that bottom. It’s completely worn out.” RSI has filmed a lot of her spankings in a tight time frame. Masterson pulls her loose white panties down and spanks very hard with the implements. Her little bottom struggles, she can act. Alternate views of the spanking. Masterson leaves her bare bottom to think and returns to his laptop.

‘Forgotten Pajamas (ATP Studios; M/f; time: 10 minutes) Little Kiki is handspanked and whipped with a belt on a bed by a male whose face is censored. She wears white tights and no top. By the way the guy throws her around on the bed, it is clear how small she is.

Tights down for the belt. Alternate views of the face and rear. Miss Kiki can act.

‘Kelley Mae spanks’ (RSN; F/f; time: 12 minutes) The ‘Dean’ is out of town, so Kelley Mae will step in to attend to a bottom always needing discipline. She is on her laptop, addressing the same old dress code violation– no bra or panties. Kiki reports and must show–she rucks up her  blouse and raises her tiny kilt. Bare. It will  be 15 strokes of the strap each, for the bra and the panties. Bend over the desk. Rear view first, then alternate side view. She is made to strip naked and is sent off to class.

FADE. Kiki waits for Kelley Mae, naked, standing on a stool. It seems she went to one class naked as directed, but sneaked back to her room for underwear, then later returned naked again here to the office. Kelley Mae has her lie over a leather hassock for a doubled belt. Very hard, we will watch for this lady. Alternate views. She must then stand at the wall on a stool in a bend-over position.

‘On the stairs’ (RSN; M/f; time: 15 minutes) Most good CP producers have exploited the depiction of a perfect bottom sashaying up  a staircase. We think of NUWEST (always the pioneer) and FIRMHAND’s spiral. Here, Kiki is heading for biology class and passes Masterson on the stairs. He has his suspicions about a little habit of hers and has her strip naked on the spot at the top of the stairs on the landing. A lovely variation of the staircase theme. She is not wearing a bra or panties. Lovely and erotic,

So he sends her on to class naked and she will report to him later. FADE to Masterson’s office. Kiki is waiting for him. “There she is, the naked wonder.” He notes her uniform violations on his laptop and the “gentle pinkness” already on her bottom, which he intends to turn to purple. A lot of ritual here.

An OTK spanking first, she kicks in just knee socks. Alternate views. To the wall for one of RSN’s stress postures, a 90 degree bend-over with arms behind the back, and she will wait.

Masterson returns with more underwear. “Is your bottom cooling off yet?” “Yes, sir.” She lies over a spanking bench for a tawse while holding a bra in her mouth. Alternate views. “You’re getting a little purple. Does that hurt?” Just a squeak from her. To conclude, she must stand, arms out straight, to hold her panties. More torture, but her could have put her schoolbooks in her hands, the British way.

‘Uncle Joe’ (Universal Spanking; M/f; time: 19 minutes) Uncle Joe has caught Kiki smoking. He pulls down her slacks and panties. When he threatens to take away her phone and remove other privileges, she pleads, “I’ll do anything, anything.” This would be the time to take her up on that, but Uncle Joe doesn’t.

Handspanking and paddle at the tub and standing in it. Wet bottom. She is tiny.


Correctional Spanking

23 Sep

F/2f; year: 2004; time: 44 minutes

Two sleazy-looking girls, a blonde and a brunette, are behind bars. A guard leads them out and into a court room, one of those concocted sets we have seen at MOOD and others, over which we have chuckled. The ‘judge’ wears his robe and an academic don’s cap which actually has a chin strap!

The film is in a foreign language, which spares us in part from the awful acting. After testimony from two or three people, the girls are marched out and returned to their cell. They have been either indicted or convicted, but some judgment has been passed. The male guard who sits at a desk outside their faux cell has a collection of spanking implements at the ready.

A female guard comes on the scene, with the authority to punish the girls. They are brought out of the cell, bent over the desk, and a mild handspanking begins. Little skirts come up–both girls wearing matching white thongs. With a cane, the guard moves from bottom to bottom, hitting hard enough to make this silly film work.

Both girls must strip naked. No one objects. The girls, one by one, get on hands and knees and are cropped by the guard. Their bottoms are beginning to mark.

The female guard positions a table. The naked brunette lies flat, full-length, the naked blond prisoner is to crop her–a silly tapping, but the guard steps in more effectively with a tawse. The girls switch and the blonde takes the same.

Here, the film deviates from this normal CP fare. The girls get into the diaper position, side by side on the table. The guard spreads KY jelly on their pussies and anuses and proceeds to fuck them by hand with clear plastic dildos.

After this interlude, the girls climb down. The guard hands a strap-on dildo to the brunette. It is an impressive creature. She fucks the blonde, vaginal and anal. The camera angles and positions suggest experienced pornographers, not the occasional fumbling found where a CP film attempts to  revert to hard sex.

The girls are returned naked to the cell, where they begin to dress. Was this punishment?


Spanking Interrogation – NORTHERNSPANKING

19 Sep

2M/f; year: 2006; time: 20 minutes

Action is underway; a tall brunette, in prison smock, has already lost her panties and is being flogged by ‘Major Paul Kennedy’ and ‘Captain Michael Stamp.’ They intend to whip her until she gives up some information on a terrorist they are after.

The scene is just an office chair in an empty room; window blinds have been drawn to minimize sunlight, but the lighting is still poor for the film. When the  girl refuses to take her shirt off, the men do it for her. They could have just ripped it off, but they slowly and gently unbutton it. She is down to bra and panties. “This is humiliation!” That it is. She insists this is all illegal and that she will go public. “This is 2005, and we don’t exist.”  Covert ops.

In bra and panties, she bends over. She has one of the huge tramp stamps. They ask her if she has ever had the cane. She says no. What would be the most tactical answer to that question? Kennedy begins caning first, 20 or so snappy short strokes–it can come worse. “Sore?” “Oh, yah!” Captain Stamp takes over, 6 from him, much harder. The girl collapses on the floor and begins to  talk, but not enough to satisfy the boys.

They handcuff her to the chair and go for a meal, and expect to take a full statement from her when they return. This would have been a good time for one of those prickly naughty seats, but NORTHERN doesn’t use one.



English Teacher – REDBOARD

19 Sep

F/f; time: 44 minutes

Standard British-flavored teacher/student CP, with the slightest hint of lesbian interest. ‘Julie Bright’ is identified as playing ‘Miss Margaret,’ who apparently boards students, here American ‘Stephanie Austin,’ and she uses corporal punishment to keep her girls motivated.

Stephanie reports to Miss Margaret, wearing shorts and a jersey. For various house infractions, “discipline” is announced, which Stephanie pretends not to understand. After a faux struggle, Stephanie is taken OTK for a long and mild spanking on her little white shorts. “If you don’t start behaving, I am going to take your shorts down.” Stephanie soon does stand and drop those shorts. Margaret eagerly checks under her full white and loose panties to see what progress is being made. Good low shots. On the couch, Margaret grips her panties to hold her in place.

Touch-toes. Stephanie complains she can’t bend that far. Panties down, jersey over the head, OTK again. Seems to us Miss Margaret has developed more than a little interest. Back to the couch, but first she must hand over her panties, and the “teen bra.” But it’s a size or two more than that. Some frontals at this point.

Miss Margaret wants Stephanie to parade in front of her for posture instruction–head up, shoulders back, boobs out, butt in, and book-on-the-head. She has Stephanie put her panties back on for this march, unfortunately for us. We can only guess the director had used up all the persuasion he had for frontal  shots agreed to. A bit more spanking, there are sniffles by now. She dresses, they hug. Stephanie vows not to have to return.


18 Sep

‘Betty Blaze,’  the Betty Paige lookalike who plays a prefect at the Institute, does her share of spanking, but also took some punishment from time to time. This actress has appeared elsewhere, such as SHADOWLANE.

‘Betty and Daniels’ (M/f; year: 2003; time: 7 minutes) Betty has been sent to Coach Daniels’ office for a spanking. Daniels receives the call from Miss Dee and seems quite happy to help out.

Betty arrives, in pigtails, wearing jeans and top. She has brought a strap with her. She bends over the desk for 10 hard strokes strokes. The sequence is repeated, facial and rear.

‘Betty and Danny’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Betty sits on a high stool, in schoolgirl kit, working in an office with ‘Danny.’ She steps out for a break, and when she returns, Danny smells cigarette smoke on her.

He bends her over a desk for a very hard strapping, on her kilt, then white panties, and then on the bare. This is hard stuff, she can take it. Alternate views.

‘Betty and the pool table’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Early REALSPANKING. Masterson has his long hair–the unkempt rocker. He finds the pool table uncovered and littered with trash. He calls for Betty (Blaze) and will spank her for leaving such a mess. No argument from her, she strips her clothes right off and bends over the pool table. The pool table has found many entertaining uses in pornography. Masterson lays on with the strap, very fast. The best part of the film comes when Betty sets out to pick up the room, naked, moving and bending as she works. Masterson did quite a job with the strap in that short time.

Caught Masturbating – KELLYPAYNE

18 Sep

F/f; time: 45 minutes

More lesbian office action. ‘Kelly Payne’ catches ‘Miss Annie’ watching porn in the office and masturbating. Kelly will give her what she wants and spanks her right there. OTK, knickers down first thing. A big girl and a lot of bottom to work on. This is a long film, there may be time. A good start. Kelly makes her strip naked.

Over the settee for a strap, legs spread as wide as possible. Kelly must be perspiring, she takes off her blouse, NUWEST style. Annie will lie flat on the settee, the piece of furniture is too short to achieve this comfortably. Kelly wants her on her back and to masturbate with the computer remote. OTK and kneeling with Spencer paddle. More masturbating.


18 Sep

F/f; year: 2014; time: 12 minutes

In a continuation of this bizarre experimentation, Dr Leia the pain doctor has tied Pandora hand and foot and stuffed her in a cupboard wearing just panties. Pandora manages to untie herself and jump Leia, who sleeps through all this clatter. Pandora still displays some significant bruises from yore.

FADE. It must not have been much of a struggle–Leia is tied face down on the lab table in front of the whiteboard containing the pain stats. Pandora flogs her, using a hard little strap and paddle, unsnaps her bra, pulls her panties down, and drops hot wax on her. A bit silly from these two pros. When Leia is released, she modifies some of charts and stats. As the Bottom, she has a revised view of pain.