Rehabilitation Institute – MOOD

5 Sep

3F/5f; time: I hr 23 minutes

Five older girls sit in a shabby classroom, intentionally so. This is certainly not Clare Fonda’s ‘Strictmor Academy.’ The girls have volunteered for several weeks of harsh therapy to overcome substance abuse. The ‘staff,’ three women-MOOD regulars, explain that rugged corporal punishment will be part of the regimen. The girls will be dealt with in sequence, LUPUS-like as well as MOOD.

First comes the rubber gloves and cavity search. The girls strip one at a time and are examined in different postures. The girls then put on uniforms, yellow sleeveless tops and black slacks.

The girls are taken to a punishment room, where the canings will begin. As they enter, they stare at the equipment, its use quite clear. We won’t detail a blow-by-blow of each of the 5 girls’ canings; there will also be a caning of one of the staff members, who slips some methadone to one of the girls in exchange for some favors later.

The canings occur on an odd setup, very informal for MOOD, but a realistic assemblage of devices to serve the purpose. There is a platform, about the size and height of a ping pong table. On it is a box, like a small trunk. The girl climbs up on the platform and lies across the box. Her wrists are cuffed and attached to a spreader bar in front of her. A strap across her back and her thighs are tied with little  white ropes. Certainly not the most severe restraint, but the bottom is right where it needs to be.

The girls get 30 or 60 strokes of the cane from a female staffer, some harder than others, but in general, we get the usual MOOD marks. Pants and panties down, tops rucked up to expose boobs. Very Lesbian like.

Along the way, there is an erotic scene of the girls being tied down on their bunks for the night, naked on their backs, splayed. Hope someone took them to potty first.

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